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I suspect you're right. I'd suggest that they also need to ensure the full Dolby Digital 5.1 (or DTS 5.1) or better sound tracks are also included on movies at 720p or better video and they really will have a DVD-killer on their hands!The only other content offered by DVDs would then be the extras. But then those could be provided as downloads too!Movie rental also gets over the 'how do I store hundreds of hours of movies that I've bought as downloads?' problem.
Do we know if it's possible to connect an iPhone to a laptop? Clearly if out of range of a WiFi area, it could be useful to connect to the internet and use a larger display with more functionality (e.g. Flash etc.)
Now I've just worked out that with current offers from BA or Virgin, I could fly return to New York from London for under $483 (including airport taxes!) and if I wanted to get 10 or more DVD boxed sets of TV series, I would actually save money buying them in New York on Amazon.com compared with Amazon in the UK! Wow!
Converted to $ using current exchange rate... for convenient comparison Lost Season 3: DVD at Amazon.co.uk $90.85 DVD at Amazon.com $38.99 A factor of 2.3 more expensive in the UK on DVD at Amazon iTunes Music Store UK $66.63 iTunes Music Store US $34.99 A factor of 1.9 more expensive in the UK at the iTunes Music Store Looks like Apple are, 'relatively', giving us in the UK a good deal. Anyway, I guess it's best to think of it that way when we are being charged...
Exactly so. I think the early adopters need to also remember the R&D costs of something like this that need to be paid for. As that gets paid off, the cost can be lowered. No one (including Apple) really knew what sales rate would be achieved and how quickly they would recoup overhead costs and be able to reduce the price. They had to be more conservative on pricing to make sure of their own success and our future benefit with new developments they will make. 1 million...
Actually we often do call the Atlantic "The Pond"! Taking you at your word: Yes, you are a whiner! I suspect most people weren't buying an iPhone as an appreciating asset that they wanted to invest in. You're getting your value, getting in early and with your remaining period of ownership. Enjoy it. It was worth it to you at the time of purchase and that's all that counts. Relax. Enjoy. Be calm.
Interesting. I'd understood they sold around 200k in the first weekend of sales.
However, do we know how many they sold in July; the article says 1.8% share but how many is that? We know it is over a million though isn't it, as we weren't far into July before the first million was claimed. Given some back-to-school potential, some major holiday (Christmas ) sales potential and the ongoing word-of-mouth and rave reviews, we could expect each month (after a small 'correction' in Aug due to people being on vacation) to rise from July's numbers in the US...
That's an interesting contrast. As you suggest, DAB has decent bit rates; mostly 128 Kbps but some channels are higher still (e.g 'Classic' is 160 Kbps and 'BBC Radio 3' (also classical music) is 192 Kbps).
In the UK digital radio (DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting) is big now with good coverage across the country. It is hugely better quality than FM. So now is indeed a great time to include DAB (if that's what is planned). The difficulty to date though with DAB is that it is very consuming of batteries but maybe there is some new low consumption chipset now available for Apple to use. FM is better maintained as an option, as it's low quality (if built-in to an iPod) would...
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