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An alternative would be to use Energy Saver to sleep the monitor after a few (say 15 mins) of non-use and yet leave the Computer awake indefinitely. This way you could install Folding@Home (see http://folding.stanford.edu/) and put the amazing levels of processing power your Mac (or PC) has to socially good effect by joining in this excellent research project!
Yes, but doesn't it (as some on this thread have touched upon already) seem highly likely that the fact that you are paying full price for the iPhone, suggest that the phone company will not need to charge so much per month for voice and/or data plans. And, if they do supply a 'reduced cost' (one might say 'subsidised') monthly fee relative to voice and data plans for subsidised phones, they will expect recompense for breach of that contract and the loss of their income...
Yes, what ever the difficulties Apple are facing on this, they need to find a way before people get too absorbed into the various TV channels own online offerings! Perhaps Apple could get a great win-win arrangement by acting as a focus or central point for accessing some of these TV channel offerings (once they are in Quicktime H.264 that is!) by allowing them to be downloaded on the iTunes Store as well as offering movies etc for sale. That is, some TV shows could be...
Well, Leopard should help you there. It breaks the 3GB RAM limit per app that exists in Tiger; ie. it moves to full 64-bit memory addressing. At that point FCP should use considerably more of the available RAM and likewise for the CPU. A faster hard drive may then be needed of course to keep up with writing the output to disk but that clearly depends on what you are doing with FCP at the time and which part of the hardware system is then holding you back!
Interesting to note that the source of the cash infusion for CompUSA has not been declared; could it be part of a new marketing strategy for Apple? Might they have plans to revitalise CompUSA and move towards a big new re-opening in better locations and better stores, with their increasing product portfolio, which may well have grown larger still by the time the 'restructuring' of the CompUSA business is complete? Just a thought!
In the UK the contract periods have tended to be 12 months but have recently been extending out to 18. However, I think the tendency is not to feel any need to stick with the same supplier at the end of that period. With the early announcement of the iPhone, none of us will have a very long time to wait until our contract end dates by the time of the UK launch. I know I'll avoid the termination fee but will happily move after that. I'm not aware of the same level of angst...
There does seem to be a greater willingness here in the UK to swap mobile supplier than in the US and this survey seems to confirm that. Is there any obvious reason why there is less willingness in the US? Why wouldn't people swap to get the right phone? Is it the geographical coverage of certain suppliers that just wins out in some areas? Or is there more to it?
Or, maybe Apple could just buy Alcatel-Lucent. There's a hefty $1.5bn of income coming shortly that could help act as a sweetener!
If the shares offered to someone in a stock option were purchased back by a Company at an earlier time, when the price was lower (by way of preparation for known forthcoming stock options or as part of a routine share buy-back policy) it could/would seem normal and natural to offer them to the individual at that earlier and lower price and thereby match the amount of the Company's cash that went into their re-purchase; it would have cost the Company less cash than buying...
I think there is a good degree of consensus that the interest in the cultural/linguistic issues that have arisen somewhat outweighs the interest in this story!
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