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Apple do not offer a healthy dividend, which in part could be linked to their problem.  Most of their money is out of reach because they choose to not pay US taxes.  While they continue to do this most of their earnings are out of reach of investors.  It's hypothetical wealth. If Apple repatriated most of it's overseas generated income, paid the tax on it and disbursed it to share holders as massively increased dividends, the share price would likely very easily achieve...
One reason would be because it is not exploiting the creative depth of field and low light potential you can get using a large sensor and wider apertures like f2.8. and larger.  It's basically making the DSLR work in the capability range a phone can manage instead of showing off it's real potential and then trying to get a phone to work outside it's area of competence.  It's like putting a Nissan Micra up against an Alfa 4C in rush hour traffic and finding the Nissan...
See on the right, just under the user name where it says 'location'?  So no, I don't work for any phone company, let alone a US one.  I'm not defending their pricing.  There is always the option of if you think something is too expensive, don't buy/pay for it, which would be the main reason I don't have an iPhone and don't use or pay for mobile data. European carriers have been just as bad.  Thankfully the EU took legislative action to limit the practice.  That is probably...
 Short memory? http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/182878/apple-removes-all-bose-products-from-its-online-store
Perhaps the carriers should be 'fixing' the problem of the high prices Apple charges for its goods and services by telling them to lower them.   In all seriousness; if Apple thinks roaming charges are a problem they should create their own wold-wide mobile network or just buy Vodafone, then they could address the 'problem' in the correct way, by providing a cheaper alternative themselves, not by telling other companies what they should be charging.
No I haven't.  The article mentioned the 'facade' being overhauled, which was the main focus of my quip.
Rather ironic, really.
The Statue of Liberty is tired and outdated.  I vote to paint her all white, like Apple packaging and replace that clichéd flame with an internally lit Apple logo.   I think that would be utterly appropriate on several levels.
Well I'm still on Mavericks so I'll likely wait a little while longer and see what is stuffed this time.  Once upon a time, most Apple OS releases just worked. 
Apple have never, that I can recall, used an industry standard data/power port on an iOS device.  They probably never will as they make too much money from having proprietary connectors which gives them inflated Apple priced sales as well as income from licensing to third parties. I find it ironic that the micro, then nano sized sims were said to be necessary to reduce precious space in iPhones - LoL!  Now look at them. The OnePlus 2 android phone has a USB C port.
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