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For some people, reality is a plastic they shape to suit their agenda.
 Sorry, I just don't believe you have fathered a statistically significant enough proportion of the kids for that to be generally true.
 Do you rely on your iPhone for a moral compass, or do you use an app for that? Many people are lying are they?   I presume you have some proof, or is it just another baseless accusation?
So you are impllying I and others are lying.  Why don't you have some guts and state your veiled accusation explicitly, then I can post the serial number and you and everyone else can go see if it qualifies, as I stated, and then, if you are man enough, you can apologise.
There you go TS, I said there was a battery life issue and you said there wasn't. No surprise, the 5 I bought for my daughter is one of those affected. No surprise, the replacement process is limited to the US. No surprise, I have already replaced the battery myself.
Take a photo.  If you can't find the carpark, suffer.
Quote: Ireland here.  This is what I can get, also on Vodafone:  Don't know how I put up with it... 
Personally I don't use mobile data myself, except on a couple occasions where domestic broadband wasn't available and I used it as a substitute, but even then, the speeds you could get didn't even begin to approach the theoretical capabilities of 3G, let alone 4G/LTE.   It would be interesting to see world-wide figures for actual real-world mobile data speeds.  I doubt that more than 10% of mobile users have access to real speeds in excess of 10 mbps.  I only have...
So you would be better off if you earned less. Steve was doing Steve a favour. The sort of employees under discussion are the calibre of people who create trade secrets - that is why they are sought after.  They should be entitled to earn as much as they can get.
Engineers aren't paid enough and that is a major reason why there are arguably not enough students in the west choosing it as a career.  But you have a point, by shafting all their engineers, Apple could afford to pay the rest of the Apple Hierarchy more, the poor things, only being able to buy a new private business jet every other year.
New Posts  All Forums: