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They only stone female adulterers, and in many cases, they do so without evidence or cause.  You are sick making.
I will reiterate: I do not deny there is a report claiming blues fade in OLEDs.  I do deny that the report in question is in any way relevant to current generation OLED technologies or that it is in any way valid to quote it as evidence when referring to the performance of modern OLED screens which are 7 or more generations removed to those the report was based on - that is why it's FUD. Or putting it another way; acknowledging the existence of the report is not the same...
Hypothetically speaking, could Tim Cook direct that all Apple entities in Indiana only hire Gay people and only serve them, thus comprehensively discriminating against 'straight' people?
 Don't know why you attributed my comment to staticx57, but anyway: 1)  I did not claim there had been no reports of blue fading in OLEDs - you are putting words in my mouth, thanks for the gesture, but I can manage that for myself.  What I did was imply was that unless those 'reports' actually pertained to studies done using current OLED technology that is actually used in phones, then it probably isn't relevant.  In fact, I have actually found where this FUD 'report' you...
So how does you having burn in on an LCD Cinema Display (commiserations, by the way) imply that we should be wary of the same problem on a Samsung OLED display which is new tech that has just been released and for which there is no longevity data for - and it's on a phone? Why not worry about burn in on iPhones which also actually have LCDs? Sol spouted some FUD about OLED screens having issues with blues fading after only two years - I posted a photo of my 5 year old OLED...
...just so long as the effort expended by employees to keep their employers costs down is all on their own time.
Do you want me to get my son to take a photo of his old 2009 Samsung Jet and I'll post that as well?  That might even be Samsung's first model with an OLED screen.  AFAIK it still displays blues fine.
The S6 screen is brighter than an iPhone 6 according to Anandtech, so I would say it's no longer a problem. 
I would be very surprised if the Edition is a hit in Asia.   The perception will likely be that there is less actual gold, given the size, than would normally be expected of an 18K gold watch like a Rolex, etc.  As you say, it may all come down to perception.
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