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A8 gaming is limited by the graphics processing power of the PowerVR Series 6XT GX6650 GPU, which while very impressive, is still a battery powered device that can't match current generation mains powered desktop/laptop GPUs.  My MBPR has an Nvida GT 650M  which is a 45W device more or less comparable to what's in an Xbox One.  The PS4 GPU is more powerful still, and probably has on the order of 24 times the graphics processing power of a GX6650 GPU. The other big...
 In the 'what could Apple do with all that money category', I have for some years said Apple should put up a globe-spanning satellite network to provide their own high-bandwidth content pipes.
Well I would much rather use other metrics like GTexel/s a second and such, but those metrics aren't available for the SXT6 GPU's.
They are a larger market, but they are also a different market so an Apple TV that could do games is not going to be a console killer.  Anyone who wants to play Halo 5 Guardians, or Fallout, is not going to get an Apple TV as their primary console.
The IPhone 6 GPU is good for 77 GFLOPs according to Anandtech.  The PS4 GPU does 1.84 TFLOPS, also according to Anandtech.
The Wii didn't hurt other consoles.  It was almost a different product with a different market, largely women and young children.  People often had a Wii as well as Xbox 360 and PS3, some had all 3.  Why Should I  believe that performance that probably can't match consoles from eight years ago is going to wipe the floor with the PS4s and Xbone? Content that could run on an Apple TV will only attract a different type of person to those attracted by consoles, just as with...
I think Sol is right.  When you can have screens you just hang on the wall like a painting then it makes sense to make them just a dumb monitor and have things like sound systems and tuners/processors in separate boxes that just stream  the picture to the screen.  Decent speakers require some cabinet volume, weight and rigidity to do their job well.  Screen tech has gone the opposite way so it's time to just separate the two as trying to integrate speakers with the display...
Mine has 3 tuners.  Analogue, terrestrial digital and satellite.  Cable from the dish plugs straight into the back and everything is all on the one remote.  HD satellite channels look pretty good.
I think you are right.  The guts of an iPhone 6 less the battery, radio, cameras and screen.  The BOM for the 6 is said to be $227.  Take out those, bits leaves you with $166, add a power supply for $5 and then mark up by 40% gives you $240.
I have never encountered a TV with superb sound quality, not even in the days when they had CRT sized cases to fit speakers to.  You will only get superb quality audio via a separate sound system that costs a good fraction of the cost of the TV or even more.
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