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Apple shareholders do not give credit to anyone but Apple for anything.
Xioami won't be able to rip off the Exynos 7420 and the Qualcom 810 seems to be a minor disaster in the making heat wise.  How exactly are they going to rip off the Edge?
 It uses NFC if it's available.
 Yeah, I wonder where...? 
It wasn't a constant radius.
Nokia 1020  from 2013 had rounded edges.  Does that mean Ive copied it?
Actually, it has nothing to do with magnetrons, it's just an inductive charger that sticks to the watch with a magnet.
Sure: US Patent 6630507 Their claim seems to be a patenting of the use of cannabinoids as drugs for:  The patent is for the use of the named natural substances for particular purposes, so it is in effect a patent on particular uses of naturally occurring substances.  A bit like patenting the use of aluminium to make things from, whether alloyed with any other metals or not.  The aluminium wouldn't be patented but using it for most things would be. The interesting thing...
That would be what Apple would do though.  It is what they did with iOS and Airplay.  If you had an iPhone or iPod Touch, you couldn't stream  to those devices using Airplay, you had to go and buy an TV or Airport Express when your existing HW was clearly capable of acting as a receiver as well.
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