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Apple Pay looks positively cumbersome.  
Why is AI not reporting the alleged attempt by China to harvest users login information and breach iCloud security?   http://uk.reuters.com/article/2014/10/20/apple-china-security-idUKL2N0SF2UX20141020   So much for Tim Cook's efforts to cooperate with the Chinese.  They don't seem very grateful.
It's all Carl Icahn's doing.  Without his helpful suggestions on how Apple should be run, none of this would have been possible.
My son has for years used some utility that does just that on his iMac.  I suspect he might be using f.lux as it would automatically engage at night.  http://superuser.com/questions/308746/sepia-filter-for-display-output-on-os-x
That's strange, I was in a Lidl store here in Ireland just this morning and they have the contactless card readers.  I have three such cards in my wallet.
I actually live in Ireland and you are wrong about the chip readers not being readily available.  Most of the terminals have a slot in the front which is not really visually obvious, while they also have a slot down the side to swipe a strip which is visually more obvious.  Those same terminals are often contactless as well so you can just tap the screen with your card.
 Well put, but you left out the part where a European would have to buy an €800 phone in order to use Apple pay instead of just using their existing contactless card which is free.  Obviously some people might buy an iphone anyway, but they are a minority. As for this piece of drivel: The author really needs to travel more. He's almost as ignorant as Sog35.
Provide a reference to an instance of this happening.
Pidgin English even.
Dear Tim   Please issue lots more Apple shares.
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