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 They are lawyers?
A really, really, really long term plan. 
Glad to see Apple doing it's part in contributing to the extension of the 18 year long hiatus in global warming.
I bought my daughter a Casio Priva PX-330 and pay for lessons with a human being.
   Do either of you have children?
That's why fakes work, they copy all the details, packaging included.  They wouldn't be able to fake the screen pixel density and an app that detailed the processor as an Exynos would clinch it.  If it's not fake then my guess would be stolen - 'bought it off a guy down the pub'.  Where have I heard that one before?  I did a search and http://pricespy.co.nz/product.php?p=2522374 gives NZ$559 as the cheapest price for an S5. For the S6, $783 seems to be amongst the cheapest...
They were fake or stolen.  Cool story though bro.
As my mother liked to quote:"liar""Damn liar!""statistician!" If your statistics are accurate you could extrapolate the actual numbers - n'est-ce pas?
The Qualcomm sticker is a bit odd as it's supposedly on the S6 Edge, which has an Exynos processor.  The Edge+ is the model rumoured to be getting a Qualcomm 808.   Edit:  Ah!, it  just denotes the radio.
The car companies certainly couldn't contemplate using Apple Maps, as it's just woefully inadequate. Did you hear Apple are going to build a data centre in the west of Ireland?  Out of interest, I took a look at the reported site for the data centre in Apple Maps and in Here Maps.  If you were a contractor called on to deliver stuff to the site and didn't know the area, you wouldn't want to be relying on Apple Maps. 
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