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I don't know about the US but here in Europe and Australia it has been very common to have card based electronic payments that function directly on one's bank account.  They are debit transactions rather than involving credit.  These days the banks have largely affiliated with Visa and Mastercard  and the cards are called Visa/Mastercard Debit and have a dual function in that they can be used in situations where previously CCs were used (Online transactions) as well as...
"Al-Qaeda prefers Android over Apple's iOS"  http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/08/02/al-qaeda-prefers-android-over-apples-ios   "Another security manual recommends using Apple iMessage: this time, ISIS"   Microsoft must actually be grateful that Windows Phone OS is not being used in this instance.
This colour shift which does not appear on my 5 years of use phone (as with the absence of any burn-in) - is it an issue with OLED TV's?  Not that anyone would dream of having a TV on for any length of time. I'm still waiting for the burn-in on my six years old Panasonic Plasma TV.
Samsung have been the second most prolific patent generator in the world, year after year.  Pretty clever and busy bees.
"LG Display plans to spend $4.2B" But what about the burn-in, the burn-in! Are they mad? How can there be high demand with such a serious problem?
https://www.google.com/patents/US20120025199 Apple's innovations never cease to amaze.  
I have sen those and addressed that in earlier post. As I said,  If you do a search for 'iPhone screen issue' it would be reasonable to conclude from the results that LCD screens are intrinsically flawed.
Any evidence for this that isn't 8 years out of date?
Could you point me to any peer reviewed articles in medical journals that serve as the basis for the modern mania with hydration? And yes, it is as simple as feel thirsty, drink -  hardware and software 3.5 million years in the making and fully debugged.
Yes, there will those who won't stint at exploiting this terrible incident for their own agenda.  Perhaps someone could ask them whether the attacks in Paris involved any encrypted communications - or any other terrorist attacks for that matter.  I have never seen any report that a terrorist incident occurred and could have been prevented had the authorities been able to decrypt something. Terrorism is the ultimate stalking horse for government officials who want access to...
New Posts  All Forums: