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30 hrs?  I saw a program on NHK tv where they were looking at a convenience store in a hospital in Japan.  At one point they spoke to to a woman Dr who was just on her way home for the first time in 3 days.
I agree they missed an opportunity to have more space for batteries in the bands, but there absolutely will not be third parties offering them as there is nothing to connect them to on the watch.
  With your extensive knowledge of world history then, would you like to explain to everyone what Sayeed Qutb, who more or less founded the ideas behind modern jihadism, the results of which are such a scourge on the world - to wit ISIS, Boko Haram and their ilk - and Ayman Al-Zawahiri, head of al-Qaeda.  Some common denominator which might explain their violent attitudes.
You mean until some small independent company cracks it and Apple buys them.
AFAIK it is a 64-Bit chip being run in 32-Bit mode because Kit-Kat isn't 64-Bit.  I don't know whether you could run the two simultaneously, but I doubt it.http://anandtech.com/show/8537/samsungs-exynos-5433-is-an-a57a53-arm-soc
I have my doubts too, but... Some years ago I remember seeing a system that used a couple of microphones and some DSP to analyse the shock wave from high speed projectiles in flight to compute their originating point. I can imagine a networked squad with each member having a microphone and wearing something like these that would superimpose on their view virtual projectile traces in the air and locator marks for the source/s, even from behind cover. Could be useful. It...
Just 'devistating' These articles are getting worse with each iteration. DED has for some time in his articles been trying to portray Samsung processors as rubbish.  Once again, he references his own previous and outdated article to 'prove' his point. Claiming that Samsung's own Exynos processor will be significantly lower in performance than Qualcom's 810 is an amazing feat of prescience, since the Samsung S6 looks like it will feature the unreleased and un-benchmarked...
So if another company were actually first to introduce a retina class screen, Apple would actually be "aping"?
Software buttons don't work in the same way touching icons on an iphone screen doesn't work.  The biggest class action in history awaits.   You know what is going to happen.  Apple will come up with a very ingenious and slick way of incorporating fingerprint sensing into the screen - or more likely buy some other companies solution,  and will do away with a physical home button so the entire front surface of the phone is a slick and elegant glass surface.  The acolytes...
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