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Pidgin English even.
Dear Tim   Please issue lots more Apple shares.
Nokia 1020.
Except with books. I downloaded Apple's own iOS 8 iPhone user guide.  Apple disingenuously labels the directory the files end up in as 'epub' yet it clearly is not an epub and is not viewable on non-apple devices that can handle epubs.
 Your infrastructure example is fiber internet.  Only a minority of people have access to that.  Outside of that I have seen scant evidence of 4K capable infrastructure.  In the UK and Ireland the largest commercial broadcaster is SKY.  They don't appear to be about to provide the infrastructure:  and http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/4k-satellite-201408203887.htm Ok, how do I get 20 mbps?  I am 1.5 km from my nearest fiber cabinet and can only get 7.2 mbps due to a line...
 My viewing distance is only 3.5m.  Is that a lot? I have a 50"  but I really need to close the distance a bit for a 1080p channel to appear much different to a SD one. The seating distance for a 40" and 4K is just under 1.8m or 6'.
Where are people watching 4K on existing infrastructure?  Here in Europe, most people get their TV via satellite with some terrestrial broadcasting still going on.  There is not enough bandwidth in either medium for 4K.  Only a very small number of the satellite channels are even HD.  Fiber/cable are the only really likely options and there is still a long way to go before a majority have access to either of those. The main thing limiting access to high speed internet is...
Psssssssst!..........They are responsible for the 9/11 attacks and the Global financial crisis too, but keep it under your tinfoil hat.
Maybe because they are not the same and are in no way equivalent.
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