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Too heavy.  It wont be implemented.  Mass is mass.
She is an American.
Lol, AI is trolling again. This really looks to be Apple partner Foxconn's work, more than Nokia's. https://gigaom.com/2014/11/18/non-microsoft-nokia-launches-android-n1-tablet-and-z-launcher/ If it weren't for the name Nokia, this tablet would otherwise have Foxconn on it.  If Nokia were behind this, they wouldn't need to license anything.
Wrong.  The consumers are the users.  This is about the ISPs wanting to be able to charge both the consumer and the content providers and squeezing revenue out of both ends. There are reasons most countries have a largely public road transportation infrastructure and why heavy users are not penalised because it is for the greater good of society not to.  If you allow the charging of the content providers they will increase their prices to cover costs and the consumer will...
Doesn't matter so much for the large volume data I am thinking about.
Given B, why should anyone pay for A?
I have for some years now thought that Apple should spend a good part of it's loot on building a global satellite network that could deliver a lot of ones and zeros, really quickly.  Apple could bypass the vested interests and bottle necks of this world with a killer feature no one else could match.
Go live in Somalia, I hear your ideology works well there.
What a long winded attempt to avoid admitting you were 100-200% wrong.
Right idea, wrong government.
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