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Think of it as really just an iPad with wings.
Well they are - by volume - it might  be as little as 28% gold, but the karat definition is by mass.  http://leancrew.com/all-this/2015/03/apple-gold/
The profit margin on the Steel version could possibly be even higher at $1000. The material cost for the case and strap is likely negligible.
No, they aren't lying.  So long as the definition of 18K is that 75% of the mass is pure gold, and Apple gold fits that definition, they are telling the truth.
That photo was of my 5 year old OLED phone screen, not a TV. A study of what?  Samsung have introduced new OLED tech and processes every single year for at least the last 6 years.  Did this study look at and measure Samsung OLED screens as used in their phones?  Because that is the topic of discussion.  Just earlier today I was reading something about this issue - pre-dated this thread - and came across a discussion relating to OLED TVs and the conclusion was their...
The bullshít is so thick you can smell it 2K upwind.
Will photos do - like the one I provided above, taken literally a few minutes before posting?    This blue fade seems to be an urban myth as far as I can tell.  Reminds me of the 'don't get a Panasonic Plasma TV' brigade 'because of the screen burn-in yo'.  I have one of those too.
Yes, but if you go into the settings and choose the professional photo mode the colours are as accurate as an iPhone 6, so you are looking a bit desperate there. http://www.anandtech.com/show/9111/samsung-galaxy-s6-and-s6-edge-preview/3
Blues worn out in 2 years you say.  Here is a 5year old Samsung OLED: 
Has anyone noticed that Samsung seem to be favouring some Microsoft products and services on the S6 rather than Google's offerings?  One Note, Skype, One Drive.   I would hardly call One Drive bloat ware when you get 115Gb of free storage with it for 2 years.   Might be fun to have an S6 Edge and install windows 10 on it if that ROM Microsoft have developed gets out.
New Posts  All Forums: