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Which would be an absolute tragedy because it would mean I would have to actually put the key in the door lock for the first time in 10 years.
Does the watch have a normal lithium rechargeable battery? If so, It might be a problem in terms of investment value as lithium rechargeables start to degrade from the minute they are manufactured.
Naturally occurring pharmacologically  active substances found in plants have been patented.  The DEA has even patented cannabinoids as an antioxidant and neuro-protectant.
They are similar to the iPhone 6, yes, but they are also similar the top phone which is their own Alpha that predates the IP6:  It's a bit of a mashup really.  As for the rounded edge profile, that seems a near necessity dictated by the edge version, which given the likely difficulty and time necessitated in creating such a display, was quite possibly designed prior to the IP6 announcement.  If you discount the different materials, the IP6's rounded edge profile with a...
The edge version isn't similar though:  Glass that tapers into the edge profile is not something Apple came up with.  Nokia did it earlier. Those speaker grille holes look rank.  Samsung really should get an Italian design house to do their flagship designs.
Software and DNA are things that should not be patentable.
Lenovo ain't got nothing on the NSA and GCHQ.  The hack of the Dutch SIM card and security chip manufacturer Gemalto is potentially of far more concern.  Even an iPhone wouldn't be immune if they really pulled it off.  http://www.techtimes.com/articles/35393/20150225/gemalto-confirms-hacking-spies-no-massive-sim-key-theft.htm Then there is the compromised hard drive firmware one...
This is principally a rumour site, in case you hadn't noticed.  If you want certainty, I suggest you try elsewhere.
Too good to be true?  I wonder how you will view the news that Samsung say they have developed a 10nm process and that they can see the way to adapting it to reach 5.3nm after that?
If it charges inductively, it will likely take longer than you would think.  I had a waterproof razor that charged via induction and it took a long time compared to one with a direct electrical connection.
New Posts  All Forums: