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Sony is a brontosaurus.  The nerve impulses signalling it's dead just haven't reached the brain from the hindquarters yet.  Sony deserves to die.  I woke up and stopped buying their trash a decade ago.
When they no longer have 4 models in the top 10 best selling handsets worldwide and no longer make a profit.  When are all those handset manufacturers not even in the top ten going to pull out?  Personally I don't believe Canacord's  nonsense of Apple garnering 93% of all profits.  Manufacturers like One+ Oppo, Sony etc, would be pulling out of the market if they weren't making a profit, but according to Canacord they aren't. Their so called analysis just doesn't ring true.
So where are the actual numbers?  You can't compile such a ranking without knowing how many of each model sold.
Nothing stopping you...
Utter nonsense. How many iPads do you see? 
So, do you think TSMC will be making the A9 then?
Interesting to see in the news today that Intel can't do 10nm and are sticking with 14nm.  I imagine the 6S will sell very well but will represent the pinnacle for some time.   I suspect the only reason why Apple would bother with TMSC at 16nm is if Samsung don't have the capacity at 14nm for both the A9 and Exynos 7420\30.
If Apple users find their devices no longer do what they as users want them to do, then Apple has done them a disservice.
How incredibly unscientific of you.  Is your work environment climate controlled?  Are your devices exposed to significant heat, humidity and/or atmospheric pollutants? I have a 2012 MBPR and the screen is fine, but I don't discount the possibility that people living in hot climates with high humidity and pollution levels might experience problems I don't. You don't know the cause of this problem yet you are quite willing to state it's the users fault.  Exactly how do you...
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