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How's Apple's Street View doing it for you?
The CC companies share their fees?  Could you provide a link for that because me reading of it is that they charge a fee on top of what the CC companies do. Apple is different because the are not offering anything to the merchants - who pay the fees.  They aren't offering anything to the consumer either except a minor convenience.  If Apple were to try charging a fee to iPhone users for each payment they made, I think they would switch back to just handing their card...
 No I don't. Paypal and the CC companies actually do something to earn their keep, otherwise people would not use them.  What is Apple going to do that warrants anyone giving them money in exchange? The CC companies and Paypal don't need Apple.  They are not going to forego billions in income and hand it over to Apple just because Apple are offering a different conduit for transactions.
Yes, it's still around.  I believe ergot is used to stop bleeding if it's excessive after the placenta detaches  as it's a powerful vaso-constrictor.
I used to get shocking migraines and had this wonderful inhaler which delivered an inhaled form of ergotamine tartrate.  I have a very soft spot for ergot and the considerable amount of pain it relieved.
Ireland is a neutral country also.  I haven't noticed Apple ][ being too upset as a shareholder that Apple has managed to save many billions in taxes be availing of this terrible neutral country he so disapproves of.   I mentioned the purported Ive comment to my son, and he replied: "Are Apple about to go into the chemicals and pharmaceutical industries then?"   What does Apple make, or has ever made, that you might envisage passing down to your children or...
Well this confirms for me something I had always suspected about DED; he doesn't know what a naked woman looks like.
 Some key differences alright, like Switzerland is actually a democracy while the US isn't. If Ive did say that, it makes me somewhat curious as to why exactly he thinks that.  Over the last ten years I would say I have spent more money in Switzerland than I have on Apple products.   I rarely wear a watch and doubt he or Apple could persuade me to wear one, or pay  Apple prices for one.
 Obviously you never receive money via Paypal.Paypal make a huge chunk of their money from transactions involving currency conversions.  They shaft users on that one by the considerable difference between their exchange rate and the CC/bank exchange rates.  They then also charge unconscionable fees on top of that. If I wanted to buy something in Australia costing AU$1000, paying in Euros, Paypal would charge me €742 in terms of just the currency conversion.  They would...
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