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 Korea Times is reporting Samsung have initial orders for 20M combined for the two S6 models.  Looks like Samsung have an Apple-like problem of not being able to manufacture them fast enough to meet demand at the moment. Good luck with your TSMC wish because it isn't going to happen.
 You're welcome.  Not quite sure what you mean by smartphone mount.  You can stick the air on a tripod and be using it via a smartphone from across a studio or in the next room.  It does use a M4/3 sensor so it isn't FF but you can mount almost any lens via adapters - Nikon, Canon, C mount, OM, Leica, etc, etc.  Being an Open Source platform, it shouldn't be too long before someone has software to operate it that runs on OSX, Linux etc.
 That would save you about $15,000 I should imagine.
 You mean something like the Olympus Air A01 seen on the end of this setup?:  It connects to a phone via WiFi and that acts as the viewfinder etc. 
What a lot of people don't realise is that full frame digital (35mm equivalent sensor) is the new medium format. I have a camera with a sensor 1/4 the size of a FF DSLR and I know from using it to scan 35mm slides that it outperforms that medium by quite a bit.
He is quite correct.  Usually researchers quote maximum capabilities under ideal conditions.  If a phone were to get a battery that could be charged that quickly the manufacturer could supply a charger capable of significantly more current, but that would significantly increase it's cost.  More likely you might see a compromise with a more capable charger but a charging time nowhere near the theoretical limit. The trouble with the Aluminium based battery is that it does...
I'll keep mine thanks.
I am rather surprised Apple haven't approached the University of Limerick, here in Ireland.  They have developed a germanium nano-wire anode technology for Li-Ion batteries that more than doubles their capacity.  They can also potentially be recharged in less than a minute.   I am wondering if these companies are doing it on their own, so to speak, in the hope they can make their own breakthroughs so they can patent the tech and have exclusivity over it, rather than pay...
 I already answered that question some 4 hours ago.  You must have missed it: 
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