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Obliterates?  Actually it seems to confirm what was stated in the original article I linked to.  Of course you will now invoke the usual smokescreen of shipments vs sales argument and warehouses bulging at the seams with unsold Tags and Rolexes
They might be sliding in the US, but the predicted negative impact on Swiss watchmakers does not appear to have happened.  Their sales have actually increased slightly, which is astonishing given the recent severe appreciation in the value of the Franc.https://www.firstclasswatches.co.uk/blog/2015/06/has-the-apple-watch-affected-the-swiss-watchmakers/
Oh Really? So When the same company announced iOS Phone share increasing, then that must have been because Apple were paying them to say that?   As usual, if news from a source is seen as positive towards Apple it's veracity goes unquestioned but if the same source says something construed as negative about Apple, the source is derided and said to be incompetent. 
 You might have a bit of a wait there mate.  I can't see any reason why Australian banks should accommodate Apple in any way.  They want a slice of the pie for bringing absolutely nothing to the table.
Your dedication to you work is, er... um... interesting.  You must be getting hungry by now.
For all we know  you could work for Icahn and are employed to write positive things in relation to Apple no matter what.
If Apple weren't so true-to-form stingy with their dividends, I think there would be a lot less volatility in their share price. 
Now $113.  Perhaps you might want to rephrase that.
Maybe because the system you describe requires a mobile data connection and many models might not get the feature and many owners might not want the added expense of a mobile data plan just for their car.
This is a truth that is going to hurt a lot of people because many small investors, like retirees living off investment returns, have flocked to the stock market in recent times as they have been the only asset class providing returns and the current value of equities has become grossly inflated in the US and other markets.  When the bubble bursts there is going to be some serious pain. http://www.ocregister.com/articles/pimco-656718-erian-people.html
New Posts  All Forums: