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Actually, you don't understand the situation.  Ericsson is claiming they offered Apple the same Frand rate as others are paying but that Apple refused to pay those rates. http://www.fosspatents.com/2015/01/apple-ericsson-spat-shows-some-big.html
 If the assertion that Ericsson wanted to have a court determine what is fair is accurate - what is wrong with that?
Interesting to note how AI is missing some interesting bits.  The Article doesn't mention this:  http://phys.org/news/2015-02-sweden-ericsson-sues-apple-patent.html#jCp What on earth are Apple trying on here?:  Not up to industry standards?  Are they claiming the patents are somehow invalid or are they complaining the patented tech is somehow of low quality - in which case - why use it?
Google have next to no presence in China because they took the moral high ground and pulled out of the country when China demanded they censor their search results and Chinese government hackers attacked them and their clients.  What China does these days has relatively little impact on Google.  http://www.businessinsider.com/google-pulls-out-of-china-2010-3?op=1&IR=T
Google did the right thing morally.  No one seems to ever give them credit for that around here though.  Effectively thumbing your nose at them in glee is a bit tasteless.   The advantage Apple has over Google is simply that they indirectly employ a lot of Chinese people and they spend a lot of money there.  Perhaps Tim was able to explain how unhelpful to this continuing state off affairs some of their legislative proposals might be.   I suspect the Chinese have not...
It's quite ironic that Apple use Ireland as a tax haven and save many billions in the process and yet there isn't a single Apple store in the whole country, while there are 38 in the UK.
He'd probably say something sensible about getting the US fixed first.
He wants the gay man to shut up and concentrate his efforts on making him richer so he can go around dragging his moral knuckles on the ground in financial comfort.
 Your last sentence - a level of gobsmacking hypocrisy only reachable through religious belief.
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