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It works the other way round.  Smaller process size means less energy required to do the work.We already had that when the original 15" MBPR was released.  All the screens made by LG developed serious flaws and people were anxiously typing stuff in the terminal to find out whether they had a Samsung or LG screen.  I was one of them. Luckily mine had a Samsung.
 You keep on going on about the S6 battery life being poor.  Could you back that up with something non-anecdotal?  GSM arena have a standardised testing methodology for phone battery endurance benchmarking, which seems like a very reasonable approach.  They give the S6/Edge a battery endurance rating of 73hr while the iP6 gets 61hr and the 6 Plus 79hr. Phonearena also have a standardised endurance benchmark.  Using that they rate the Apple iP6s at 8:15, the Samsung S6 Edge...
Back during Clinton's reign, I was hoping he would ban their imports and ban US companies from offshoring work there.  I think it would have been doable then.  Too late now for getting heavy with them at a state level, but individual corporations can still take a stand like Google did.
 Apple better not be too successful at destroying the competition, otherwise you will have what's known as a monopoly and they will get broken up, or more likely, will be ordered to FRAND iOS.  (I'm mostly joking.) Apple has not got where it is by physically making stuff.   I really doubt they are going to go into the fab business and I can't see Apple dropping Samsung as a manufacturer. They are just too good at it. In another thread the costs of going into the car...
Competition is good.  The Samsung Exynos 7420 leapfrogged the A8 and now the A9 has leapfrogged it.
Yep.  Did you read how the Chinese have been awarded a contract to build a rail link between Las Vegas and Los Angeles with trains built using everything they learned from the Japanese? 
How about the processors in most iPhones, the SSDs in most Macs and the screens in Macbook Retina Pro's?
 Six posts in a row...
 Someone made a hitchhiking robot that managed to hitchhike across Canada, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands.  It didn't last long in the US before it was destroyed.
Not if someone put it in a Faraday cage you wouldn't.
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