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I wonder if this update will include a fix for whatever in Mavericks causes Macbook Pro Retinas to have a complete system freeze.  Nothing as minor as a kernel panic, mind, just instant sudden death.  I have had it happen three times since downgrading from ML.  I just wish a Macbook Pro Retina would run Snow Leopard - the best OS Apple has made - so I could go back to that.
My reading of the original article is that they are talking about sales of phones exclusively, so even though the chart mentions OS, I believe they are talking phones running the OS and not other devices.
 I think it has more to do with the perceived affordability.  People in the US can more readily afford an iPhone than just about anywhere else because the cost of an iPhone as a proportion of your earnings is less:  http://www.mobileunlocked.com/iphoneprices.asp?an=af&aid=227419 For you, an iPhone 5s costs 1.15% of your per capita GDP, whereas for me it would cost 2.35% - about double.  For many European countries an iPhone 5s is 3, 4 or 5+ % of per capita GDP. So it might...
There seems no doubt the iPhone rules the US market in a big way.  AI has had many, many article reiterating this fact.   One should not extrapolate from this success to the rest of the world, however:   http://thenextweb.com/insider/2013/12/02/report-new-iphones-boost-apples-market-share-except-in-europe-where-windows-phone-gains-ground/#!pK09K
Removed due to In-app purchases, in 3....2....1...
 In what way are the display resolution and storage requirements not correlated?  The entire raison d'être  of 4K - and thus the entire reason for having 4K displays in the first place - is to display 4K content - which isn't about displaying every pixel of an 8 Mb still photos at 1:1 - it's about dynamic media - which requires very large amounts of storage.  Which was the basis for my comments. You criticised my reasoning by referencing a hypothetical future and...
Considering my original argument, does that make any real difference?
 What a load of disingenuous misdirection.  Sony started the world's first 4K downloads only four months ago.  They are 100 Gb in size.  That is enough to strain most portable devices storage components - with or without your prayers to the gods of compression. Hatred?  I am writing this on an original 15" Macbook Pro Retina, I bought an Airport Express yesterday and am returning an Apple TV I bought a week ago, not to mention the 4 other Macs in the house including an SE...
Apart from the pointlessness of 4K at pixel densities beyond your eyes being able to resolve, there's the rather large size of 4k dynamic media, which is enough to bulge conventional hard drives let alone a tablets storage at Apple's pricing.
Your claim was that interacting with the web via a browser is superior to doing so on a full fledged PC.  It is not.  It simply is not possible to complete a tax return and submit the completed form from an iPad where I live.  Nor can you use important elements of many websites that use flash.
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