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I can hardly wait to see long lines of hypochondriacs queuing outside Apple stores.
 Samsung products are not junk.  Apple uses their products in almost every piece of significant hardware they make.  Apple have tried very hard to part from Samsung as a supplier but have clearly been unable to.  Time and time again we get AI articles about LG, Sharp, TMSC and others being rumoured to be in line as suppliers, and more often than not, they turn out to be false and Samsung eventually gets the gig.  Even when they do get a gig, the alternative suppliers...
For some people, reality is a plastic they shape to suit their agenda.
 Sorry, I just don't believe you have fathered a statistically significant enough proportion of the kids for that to be generally true.
 Do you rely on your iPhone for a moral compass, or do you use an app for that? Many people are lying are they?   I presume you have some proof, or is it just another baseless accusation?
So you are impllying I and others are lying.  Why don't you have some guts and state your veiled accusation explicitly, then I can post the serial number and you and everyone else can go see if it qualifies, as I stated, and then, if you are man enough, you can apologise.
There you go TS, I said there was a battery life issue and you said there wasn't. No surprise, the 5 I bought for my daughter is one of those affected. No surprise, the replacement process is limited to the US. No surprise, I have already replaced the battery myself.
Take a photo.  If you can't find the carpark, suffer.
Quote: Ireland here.  This is what I can get, also on Vodafone:  Don't know how I put up with it... 
Personally I don't use mobile data myself, except on a couple occasions where domestic broadband wasn't available and I used it as a substitute, but even then, the speeds you could get didn't even begin to approach the theoretical capabilities of 3G, let alone 4G/LTE.   It would be interesting to see world-wide figures for actual real-world mobile data speeds.  I doubt that more than 10% of mobile users have access to real speeds in excess of 10 mbps.  I only have...
New Posts  All Forums: