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I have quite some personal experience in making many hundreds of payments via Paypal over some years and I am failing to see in what way they are insecure.  Could you expound on this point please.
That statistic is for physically present transactions where the retailer accepted Pay and the customer had a phone capable of making such a payment - which is why I specified "technically could have." http://blog.infoscout.co/apple-pays-black-friday-by-the-numbers/
I don't see how it is more secure.  I would say most transactions use Visa Debit over here.  You are accessing funds in your own bank account, not credit, and I have never heard of a breach of the point of sale system whereby data was intercepted and used to withdraw funds from someone's account.  I presume encryption is used.  Without the PIN, the card is unusable. Tokeneisation would seem to provide a benefit in terms of not divulging marketing and identification...
No I didn't.  I have now taken a look and that is very slick if you use an iPhone to do your on-line shopping from.  I use a laptop so I was really thinking of my own use case.  Yes, I am serious.  What security benefit does touch ID have over entering a PIN for a transaction?  The limit only applies to tap-to-pay without a PIN - there is no limit when using a PIN. Apple might conquer Europe, but I doubt it.  On Black Friday, only 5% of iPhone 6/+ users who technically...
It will be interesting to see if it achieves any meaningful penetration in Europe, where contactless payment systems have been available for a while and chip and pin for a long time.   Pay has no security benefits over the existing payment methods so I suspect only the ostentatious will bother.
What percentage of your in-person transactions do you use Pay for?
How are Apple Pay and Paypal competitors?  One is geared towards online transactions via websites like eBay while the other is chiefly for making contactless in-person payments where there is a capacity to do so.
The people complaining about the lack of a 4" screen option essentially want a 4" version of the 6.   They want a 4" premium phone.
You left out the proposed executions for leaking some photos.
Yay, I'm back on dialup.
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