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That's curious.  Samsung are expected to announce the S6 in about a weeks time and that is touted as having their 14nm 64bit 7 Octa Exynos 7420 in it.  A bit awkward if their 14nm process isn't ready for prime time and is having yield issues. If the S6 does have a 14nm CPU in it next week, I think it would be safe to say the report is incorrect.
Honda know a bit about hydrogen fuel cells for cars. http://automobiles.honda.com/honda-fcv/
Some years ago it was the case that it took more energy to produce a solar cell than it could ever produce over it's expected life.  Ideas like that tend to stick around for a while like pumping the accelerator pedal on a car before starting it. Modern cells have passed that point. At least I am guessing that is why some people might consider them wasteful.
We'll find out in a week or so.
Not at NASAS / DOD prices.
Yeah, it's not like any of them could contribute to ideas that are patentable.
It will be very interesting to see what Samsung's 14nm 64bit 7 Octa Exynos 7420 SOC is like next week when they release the S6.  The preliminary benchmarks seem to indicate quite impressive multi-core performance.   Apple might want to leave Samsung with enough engineers to allow them to make the A9.
You don't think it illogical that all European Apple users should have all their data travel back and forth across the Atlantic? If Microsoft lose that email access case, US owned data centers might become moot anyway as either the US would need to change it's laws or the EU might ban US companies from ever even collecting any personal data on EU citizens.
They made a decision some months ago and you are half right.  The current policy will remain for existing beneficiaries until 2020 but will be closed to newcomers. http://www.irishtimes.com/business/economy/budget-to-end-double-irish-tax-scheme-1.1962188
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