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Better be careful with that line of attack unless someone asks the question how could the NSA intercept shipments of iPhones destined for particular individuals and install their spyware on them then pop them back into the shipping process so the altered phone reached the targeted individual?  To do that you would almost think you would have to be running Apple or something.
Agree on everything.  I don't use cloud anything and The NSA's claims they don't spy on western businesses and pass on commercially useful information to their own is not credible.  Boeing/EADS bidding being one example.
I meant political repercussions and the commercial consequences such actions would have on consumer attitudes towards the US companies that breached the privacy of their data.  The US is already skating on thin ice with Merkel and the presidents of most South American countries.  Anything as serious as the US government forcing US companies to break the laws of other countries is not going to be met with just mild rebuke.
The facility would likely be owned by an Apple subsidiary located in Europe.  Quite likely in Ireland.  The data would be subject to European data protection legislation.  If European branches of US companies are ever caught breaching EU legislation on data protection, at the behest of the US government, there would be serious repercussions I would imagine.
 The problem is not readily reproducible.  On one day it happened twice then it has gone weeks without incident then happened again out of the blue.  I thought the latest OS update had included a fix but then it happened again two days ago.  I haven't reinstalled the OS - that's just so windows, but I might try that.  There are no peripherals involved.  The Apple support suggestion was reset the pram and boot in safe mode.  I can't see how either suggestion would help.  If...
 How unlike you not to post some juvenile pic to show your playground wit. I have been using computer systems since the days you wrote programs  for them on punch cards.  This is a failure of Mavericks.  I have not had  a Mac OS fail like this since you loaded the OS from floppies. You take the attitude that customers should be happy when premium priced products fail and that they should accept the situation without murmur and feel grateful to Apple for taking their money...
Nice to see most people having such minor issues with Maverics.  It's a complete POS as far as I am concerned.   I have had 4 complete system freezes on a 2012 15" MBPR.  People joke about Windows and the blue screen of death, but that was an order of magnitude better than this.  At least windows realised it had carked it.  Mavericks is so flawed it doesn't even know anything noteworthy has happened.  When you restart, it doesn't  realise it didn't power down gracefully...
This has nothing to do with patents, it's to do with companies conspiring to keep down the salaries of their most important employees while the upper echelons of the companies reward themselves with annual remunerations of over $50 M a head.
Another bunch of predictable comments.  You know Samsung had a retina class screen on a phone long before Apple did? Same thing happened when the Galaxy Pro tablet was announced - Samsung was just copying what Apple was yet to do.
This is a stupid idea for anything more than bare minimum security needs.  If you don't believe me, I'll demonstrate with a gas torch or cigarette lighter.
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