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The display in my son's Samsung Jet is still fine after 5 years continuous use so i don't think longevity will be a problem given the average churn rate for electronic gadgets these days.
$30 bucks to buy an aesthetically horrible inconvenience - no thanks.
I personally find the notification centre in Mavericks annoying so I have it turned off.  It's a useful thing on a phone but for me, personally, it doesn't translate that well to the desktop.
This: http://************/2014/06/09/ios-8-randomizes-mac-address-while-scanning-wifi-blocks-marketers-tracking-you/ This is a great feature and I applaud Apple for implementing it.
I hope this doesn't mean the traditional 3.5mm jack will disappear from Apple  devices.  What percentage of headphones actually in use, or that will be, are powered or will require all this other stuff?  Less than 5% I would say and I think all this health monitoring shit is just that.   If Apple had introduced a new headphone coupling along the lines of the mag-safe power connector then that would have been a brilliant move and I would even have put up with the...
I gave it a try and would disagree.  In particular, even using the advanced search option I couldn't get it to search within a country domain - even following their example. For instance, a search term requiring 30 characters:yielded nothing Whereas with DuckDuckgo, a search term of 23 characters yielded many useful results of exactly the nature you would expect -site:au olympus 12-40mm I don't like the default of 1xquick which seems to be OR when a multi-term query is...
The harm has been addressed by a Jury.   Given the amount awarded I doubt they thought the harm was irreparable.  Do you honestly believe, given Apple's continued immense success in the marketplace, that the degree of harm amounts to irreparable?
I hope you weren't inferring that I am an Android enthusiast, If so you are mistaken as I have never owned a phone that runs Android. I was just stating my opinion that Apple clearly do not have any valid basis for claiming irreparable harm.  With 150 Billion sloshing around in the bilges and with the obvious dominant success they are having in the US market - highlighted by an abundance of articles you have penned - It would make any idiot wonder what 'irreparable' meant...
A jury has already assessed the nature and severity of the infringements and awarded commensurate damages - which fall way, way short of what you might expect if they had thought they amounted to irreparable harm. Apple are trying to fly a kite with this one and and I don't think it's going to get aloft.
I have a pair of Sony headphones that are 20 years old and which sound better than any Beats.  The driver diaphragms have a layer of vapour deposited amorphous diamond for stiffness.  The Headband has Nitinol memory alloy which allows them to be folded into a small volume for portability. 300,000 subscribers at 3B is $10,000 a head.  Lol - don't think so.  Good luck with even getting the purchase price back from this deal.  It's another, though vastly more expensive, ...
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