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 That is not what Anandtech say in this recent article:  The Mobile CPU Core-Count Debate: Analyzing The Real World 
One example?  I could sit here all day coming up with examples.  Tell you what.  Take any high end console or PC video game and watch the credits at the end for the 5 to 10 minutes they might take to scroll.  I doubt a single one of the hundreds of professionals listed did their work on an iPad, could do their work on an iPad or would do their work on an iPad if it was even a slight possibility.
Dude, there are plenty of large corporations that still run systems written in COBOL and I wouldn't doubt Fortran and ADA as well.  Mobile is simply not relevant for much of the real world.
My son is writing a game engine.  Not doable on an iPad.
Ok, you got me.  I was very recently reading about the new Exynos 8 Octa 8890 with custom cores, an integrated modem and claimed 30% improvement in specs over the 7420. But, even now, the 7420 still has the same multi-core performance as the A9:  Exynos 7420 4404 vs A9 4404 in the 6S.
 MS don't even need to develop their own chip, I'm sure Samsung would be happy to sell them their Exynos processors which are up there with the A9.  Given that MS are trying to make W10 cross platform and run on their ARM based phones, a lot of the work is likely already done.
I know it doesn't, just as the post it was in reply to didn't, being also a likely manufacturing/assembly issue, as I pointed out in a post above.  Yes, a link to that article was posted earlier.  What were the conditions that led to the burn-in in the example provided?  The author doesn't refer to the example or reference it in any way. I don't say burn-in can't happen with OLED, clearly it can, my stance is that it isn't likely to be an issue with a normal usage...
The same could be said about you.  You state that something annecdotal is not evidence, then reply with a link that contains no less than a hearsay annecdotal story about burn in caused by abuse, which you are now complaining I don't accept as evidence.  Do you know what 'irony' is? I don't know about your 'tons' of articles, I just read the three you provide links for and they don't reference anything that amounts to anything I would regard as meaningful evidence. ...
 No, of course you don't, IPS panels are always perfect and never suffer any issues whatsoever....  It's good of Apple to have acknowledged the problem and instituted an official repair program.
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