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How incredibly unscientific of you.  Is your work environment climate controlled?  Are your devices exposed to significant heat, humidity and/or atmospheric pollutants? I have a 2012 MBPR and the screen is fine, but I don't discount the possibility that people living in hot climates with high humidity and pollution levels might experience problems I don't. You don't know the cause of this problem yet you are quite willing to state it's the users fault.  Exactly how do you...
Dear Google, would you please do what Apple says.Thanks.
What a load of pompous drivel.
 You are wrong.  Let's try a little thought experiment.  Apple releases a forced iOS update that deliberately bricks every single iOS product on the planet and says they don't want to be in that business anymore.  Most people, excepting yourself of course, would readily see that no court would rule in Apple's favour in the resulting class action.
I am not clear on what it is you are asking?  Armageddon - ha ha.  Did you see Greece has a new Finance minister - Euclid Tsakalotos?  If he can't figure some angle to save them, nobody can.  €500 M left in the banks and withdrawals of €60 a day for individuals said to be pulling €300 M out each day.  The population is going to be wanting to have more than a pea or two under their mattresses in the coming days.
You  are just making shit up then.  I am not the one making claims, you are.  You have stated as a matter of fact that Samsung phone sales in the US are "mostly of their low-end junk phones, NOT the S5 or S6". You seem to be claiming that Samsung's US ASP is the same as their global ASP.  Is that what you are claiming?  
Would you happen to know what the ASP for Samsung phones was in the US for the quarter under discussion?
 What is the source of your information on the S5 and S6 sales as a proportion of Samsung's sales in the US?
Yes I read it.  Did you?  The S6 has not been on sale for the full period reported on.  It is also only talking about US sales - a market in which Apple is clearly dominant.  I would imagine Samsung's main concern would be the global sales picture and whether the S6 has managed to reverse the trend of their declining profits.  28-35% of the US market is not 'table scraps'.  That is pure hyperbole. In other news:  Apple and Samsung BOTH make very large profits making and...
That is likely true, but  if they are making as much profit per unit with the S5, that would be some consolation to them I would imagine.  I suspect there would be some other manufacturers who would love to have that particular 'problem'
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