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They made a decision some months ago and you are half right.  The current policy will remain for existing beneficiaries until 2020 but will be closed to newcomers. http://www.irishtimes.com/business/economy/budget-to-end-double-irish-tax-scheme-1.1962188
Yeah, but they would need triple the amount of power just to cool the thing and the economies of scale given the population size might not warrant it.  Here in Ireland, they just need to open a couple of windows given the annual average temperature is 9° C.  For Sydney it would be double that. This article is quite interesting as it explains why Ireland is attractive for air cooled data centres: http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2013/04/08/dublin-free-cooling/ I...
You are not getting access to the cars computer.  Brakes, pollution, liability just being the tip of that iceberg.
Yes it's legal, but when you entice multiple employees from the same company who all are working on one thing, and that being what the company is best known for, it might become rather hard to argue that you weren't in fact trying to acquire that particular companies IP via those individuals.  If you weren't after their IP, you could have gotten your chemists, metalurgists or whatever from numerous companies.  Getting them all from the one specific source implies there is...
In other news, 70% of in app purchases via staples own iOS app didn't use Apple Pay.  What percentage of total online purchases from Staples does this 30% represent?  I find it curious that Vemana is very quick to divulge detailed figures that are couched in terms that reflect positively on Pay, yet refuses to mention figures that are not flattering.
Of course they will, they're not Google!
 The cat's out of the bag and you won't get it back in it.  Prohibition has a very poor history of success;  alcohol, drugs, just-say-no - doesn't work.  People tend to ignore stupid laws and anyone who thought they wanted to use one as a weapon would either make or acquire one by surreptitious means.  The only thing you would accomplish with a ban is deny large numbers of people, companies and organisations the vast range of legitimate, useful and fun uses. Your's is the...
Does anyone happen to know if the touted Thorium based nuclear cycle is actually practicable, or is it just wishful thinking?
 Amazon obviously think otherwise:  Good luck to the birds and how high can you jump? Seriously, the Chinese are already trialling a similar system. Google are trialing automated drone delivery in Queensland and have delivered packages to farmers in tests. Even DHL are having a go:  Seems a lot of fairly large companies don't share your views.
If they made the screen out of Trivex®, it would be shatterproof.  it would scratch more easily though.
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