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So can anyone actually name an instance of this 'super-malware' or is the title perhaps ever so slightly misleading?
 When the Macbook Retina Pro first came out, Apple used two sources for the display panel - Sharp and Samsung.  The Sharp made panels failed in large numbers and the machines had to all be swapped for ones with Samsung panels, so it isn't always better.  It must have cost Apple a huge chunk of their profits on the early MBPRs
Tim Cook: "Let them eat cake."
His conclusion is wrong.  People do indeed move around.  There was a second meaning to my query relating to his assertion that all Irish people have obnoxious personalities.
What makes you say that?
 I am surprised you don't want to see them executed, which was your suggested punishment for whoever in China leaked some info which AI was happy to report on.  It is hard not to surmise that you are making some biased value judgement based on ethnicity or nationality.Yeah, the USA needs more people behind bars.  You better watch out, someone might pass a law making having a thoroughly obnoxious personality a crime and then you could be joining them.
Of course this would be to fix a problem that doesn't exist. Don't know why they bother, really.
Denying what I said by confirming it - lol!
Enjoy your $1100 toaster.  For making toast, I would rather something a bit cheaper.
It's fair enough to say there are plenty of potential users for whom this machine will have adequate specs, but it is also fair to say the price is too high for something with those specs.
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