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I took that into account I think.  To be able to call the gold 18K 75% of it has to be actual gold by weight.  Apple Gold has ceramic particles that are low mass compared to gold and the more usual alloy metals like silver and copper so only abot 50% of the volume of the Edition case is actually gold. Asia is a very gold conscious region.   India and Thailand in particular have quite a thing for gold.  I am very curious as to how the Edition will be received in Asia if the...
 I would agree that the gold in the gold band should be taken into consideration when talking about the $17 K version, but the watch only weight seems valid for considering the base model Edition. 2:  I delegated the calculation to my son.  I gave him the weights of the two watches (69g and 30g)  and the densities of Gold and Aluminium at 19.3 and 2.8 respectively.  He then solved for the two unknowns of the weight of the non case parts and the volume of the case,...
I wasn't talking about the bands.  I had some caculations based on the weight of the edition vs the weight of the equivalent sport (these are given on  Apple's web site), taking into account the watering down of the gold by 50% by volume with ceramic.  Looks like I was too generous. http://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonykosner/2015/03/08/apple-watch-edition-will-not-be-worth-its-weight-in-gold-but-could-start-at-2999/
The gold in it is worth about $840.
Actually, his location says 'currently in Switzerland'  which implies he isn't Swiss.
My 15" MBPR was quite expensive.  It's not unreasonable to expect a bit of quality when you pay so much.  I am now on my second power adapter where the insulation on the crappy low quality power cable has broken and failed near the MagSafe connector.  Apple tried to stiff me on replacement of the first one under warranty and I had to quote EU consumer legislation at them before they reluctantly agreed to replace the adapter.  When this one goes I suspect I will have to...
Sounds great.  I'll have to set my calendar to remind me to tell my pilot to get the jet ready so I can fly to the nearest country that actually has an Apple store.
 It's not that they really have that much difficulty with USB; saying they have gives the necessary cred to high five Apple and denigrate the non-Apple.   The same song and dance was used to sing the praises of the money-grab lightning port vs the 30 pin connector.
Which doesn't invalidate what I said.  You just have to remember that for that device,  Right is the new Up.
Look at plug - Observe presence or absence of USB symbol indicating top of plug - insert plug accordingly, getting it right first time.  That has been my real world scenario.  Most USB plugs have an orientation indicator that can be felt, so even looking is often optional.
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