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He is quite correct.  Usually researchers quote maximum capabilities under ideal conditions.  If a phone were to get a battery that could be charged that quickly the manufacturer could supply a charger capable of significantly more current, but that would significantly increase it's cost.  More likely you might see a compromise with a more capable charger but a charging time nowhere near the theoretical limit. The trouble with the Aluminium based battery is that it does...
I'll keep mine thanks.
I am rather surprised Apple haven't approached the University of Limerick, here in Ireland.  They have developed a germanium nano-wire anode technology for Li-Ion batteries that more than doubles their capacity.  They can also potentially be recharged in less than a minute.   I am wondering if these companies are doing it on their own, so to speak, in the hope they can make their own breakthroughs so they can patent the tech and have exclusivity over it, rather than pay...
 I already answered that question some 4 hours ago.  You must have missed it: 
Would you like a tissue? Can you explain why you and almost everyone, except tmay and asdasd, keep quoting the 800 K while studiously ignoring the somewhat larger figure of 4.6 Million Android Gear smart watch sales in 2014, which together with the 400 K pebbles gives 5 million smartwatch sales?  I would call stating there are links that support your position while seeing no need to be bothered posting them, rather shameful.  But hey, you were only out by 4 million.
  Hundreds of comments on smart watches?  Given my post count and time registered on this site,  it looks like I make an average of 254 comments a year.  I hope you understand if I call BS on that without bothering to go and count, Would it be like you posting hundreds of comments about Samsung products you never intend buying?  When I searched under your ID and the word Samsung I get 546 hits.  You wouldn't be a bit of a hypocrite would you? If you think I am trolling...
 There is a good example of intellectual dishonesty, right there.  I asked for a citation of Apple negative comments and you come back with my comment that was about smart watches as a class of product and was entirely brand neutral. Care to try again?
Lets see how intellectually honest you are.  Go through this thread and cite my Apple negative comments.  
Ferrari forgot to invite me to purchase a Ferrari La Ferrari - that doesn't mean I am not interested in one as a topic of interest.  I am extremely unlikely to buy a Samsung S6 or an iPhone 6, that doesn't mean I don't pay attention to what they are and can do.  Your notion that someone should not comment on something unless they intend to buy it is quite stupid.
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