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I have sen those and addressed that in earlier post. As I said,  If you do a search for 'iPhone screen issue' it would be reasonable to conclude from the results that LCD screens are intrinsically flawed.
Any evidence for this that isn't 8 years out of date?
Could you point me to any peer reviewed articles in medical journals that serve as the basis for the modern mania with hydration? And yes, it is as simple as feel thirsty, drink -  hardware and software 3.5 million years in the making and fully debugged.
Yes, there will those who won't stint at exploiting this terrible incident for their own agenda.  Perhaps someone could ask them whether the attacks in Paris involved any encrypted communications - or any other terrorist attacks for that matter.  I have never seen any report that a terrorist incident occurred and could have been prevented had the authorities been able to decrypt something. Terrorism is the ultimate stalking horse for government officials who want access to...
'Dave, you shouldn't have done that. You didn't have my permission to do that, I'm sorry Dave, but I have reported you to the relevant authorities, please remain seated until they arrive.'
I am very surprised AI haven't been all over this one, jumping up and down with glee.  Here's an early Christmas present for everyone:   Samsung to quit mobile phone business within 5 years.
That can be done without the complication of involving USB.  They are probably using the gyroscope, as you suggested, and then feeding the parameters to a DSP processor as in some 5.1 surround systems, which then alters the characteristics of the output fed to each channel before it goes through D/A conversion and amplification of the final output which has to be analogue.
I think I understand the article well enough. What you are attempting to engage in is goal post shifting.  The assertion DED makes, and which you are repeating, and which the article refutes, is that there are NO Android apps that make use of more than a single core.  The article clearly refutes that.  You are now apparently trying to shift the narrative to that of absolute efficiency, and competing architectures, which are different topics.  
Because speaker drivers are analogue devices.  USB carries audio digitally encoded so you would need a dedicated D/A converter / analogue amplifier pair for each speaker you wanted to drive independently.
 That is not what Anandtech say in this recent article:  The Mobile CPU Core-Count Debate: Analyzing The Real World 
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