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I thought the idea was originally ARMs - you know - the BigLittle thing.  Not to mention Intel and AMD of course.
Yea, but here we have the  head of the shirt company loudly and publicly declaring that only the one size of the two particular styles of shirt they make are viable.  Then the same company turns around and does exactly what they, by implication, criticised other for doing - releasing shirts both smaller and larger than the sizes they had earlier claimed were the best.
I agree.  I was only pointing out that they actually had a 64bit processor on the market because the person I was replying to was making the claim they had yet to make one.  Can Samsung technically make a 64 bit version of Android or do they have to wait for Google to provide one? They do appear to be well on the way to Tizen 3.0 which will be 64 bit.  Personally I don't think phones need 64 bit processors as they are overkill.  It's a solution looking for a problem but it...
The revisionism going on is just amazing, isn't it?  Then of course there was the iPad, where Apple came up with the one and only size that was effective to use - until they saw Samsung, Nexus and other 7" tablets being adopted with glee by the public because the segment of the population who wanted to carry a tablet about with them found the smaller size preferable. Steve Jobs thoroughly trashed the idea of the 7" tablet - then Apple saw them selling well and joined the...
In the full suite of tests on the Anandtech site, the A7 was better in 18 benchmarks while the Exynon 5433 was better in 14.  Why is that pathetic?  It is clearly an extremely capable and fast processor, so is the A7.  Why do you feel the need to use stupid, emotive laden and inaccurate terms like 'pathetic'.  It's like looking at lap times on various circuits and claiming a Nissan GTR is 'pathetic' because it had a slower lap time around slightly more than half the...
The Note 4 introduced in October 2014 has a 64 bit Exynos 5433 processor, but it is run in 32 bit mode.
I sense desperation - clutching at straws are you.
I would agree with that.  My point was that Samsung is 'aping' when they introduce a feature that first appeared on an iPhone but Apple is never said to have aped when they introduce features that previously appeared elsewhere.
Nope.  Samsung were first with a 301 ppi display in their S8000 Jet.
In early 2010, Samsung released Bada.  It had a drop down notification pane with quick toggles for bluetooth, WiFi, silent mode.  It had copy- paste, multi-tasking, WiFi hotspot and tethering.  iOS and the iPhone 4 had none of these things until November that year. Apple didn't develop or invent the fingerprint sensor tech, they bought an Israeli company, PrimeSense, that had done so, but magically, it becomes an Apple 'innovation'. Apple didn't innovate with retina...
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