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http://www.geek.com/apple/iphone-6s-are-being-bent-in-peoples-pockets-including-mine-1605177/ Interesting to me is that the reporter said it was a 6 and this wass all before the CR tests.  They also are not claiming as severe a result as most of those pouring fuel on the fire for sensationalism. I think this could be a genuine user experience.
When DED applies his usual train of logic, it will seem that they are and that it's Google's fault.
Police officers work for the public and need to be publicly accountable.  The person in question doesn't, and shouldn't be.
We just recently had a very well publicised incident in which quite a few young Americans demonstrated they had material on their devices they would have rather no one but themselves had access to.  That material did not involve any illegal activity and no one in law enforcement or the government should ever be allowed access to it.
Yours is the logic that says all people arrested by the Police are ipso facto guilty, otherwise the Police wouldn't have arrested them. Pure genius - clap.....clap.....clap......clap.....
You'll be giving speeches about 'good guys' and 'bad guys' any minute.
MS are currently in contempt of court for their commendable persistence in refusing to grant US law enforcement access to data held on a server in Dublin. Apple, on the other hand, are going to store the user data of Chinese citizens on servers in China.  Contrast that with Google who wouldn't compromise their integrity and pulled out of China altogether.
 And they could have got a higher capacity battery in there.
And having had to hold their tongues in check yesterday because so many regulars were incensed, the Apple image damage control team is back in full swing dumping on anyone who has the temerity to say they are not satisfied with paying a premium price for a less than premium experience.
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