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They own: Omega, Longines, Tissot,  Breguet, Rado,  Hamilton and several others.
I will bet more than a few people understood my original comment, without the need for subtitles.
How on earth did you manage to get all that out of Apple for free?  To get that stuff, I've had to spend thousands!  I feel absolutely cheated now, except for the Beats, which were priced about right.
You misunderstood my comment.  Apple doesn't do what they do for free.  Google doesn't do what they do for free.  Spot the difference.
 Oh, the irony.
Take one valium a day, with food.
When Apple gives away it's products for free, do let me know.
What term would you prefer for targeted recruitment of people from other companies where they are gainfully doing for that company what you want them to do for yours; frying, boiling, scrambling, sautéing? It's the term used in all three of articles, so don't look at me.
 Look up what American company Hoover did with Dyson.  They ripped of the actual core cyclone technology.
Apple.  Apart from A123, Apple has been said to be poaching engineers from Tesla and Samsung. I see a certain irony with that one.  In all three instances individuals with expertise in batteries have been targeted.
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