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Galaxy S5 at launch - £550, iPhone 5S 32 Gb at launch - £629 I think the A7 isn't a flagship model and is just a rushed stop-gap based on the A5 while they work on the next flagship, the S6.  PC advisor thinks it will be £399, a tad more than the A5 which I think it is destined to replace.
That would not be fair, but is that what is happening?
You were incorrect in your assertion, sorry.  Shifting goal posts and equivocation won't fix it.
 On Amazon.co.uk, the iPhone 6 16Gb is 38% more expensive than a 16Gb S5. Even now, on Amazon, the 5S 16GB is quoted by Amazon as having a rrp of £699, which would have made it 46% more expensive than the S5 
You don't suppose the company that ranks second in patents granted annually would think to include a slight delay between the trigger gesture and the shutter being triggered? Excuse me for a moment while I draft my patent.
 In my opinion, estate agent's don't secure you a higher price, but that's another topic.  It was just an example of one of many instances where commercial transactions are done on a percentage basis and not a fixed price.  If Ericsson are applying the same formula to all it's customers, then I don't see Apple have anything to complain about.
Why should Apple make more profit than any other manufacturer and charge more for their phones than anyone else?  If you answer 'because they can', that would be one answer.  What's this 'forced'?  If I complained about the high price of an iPhone and said I was being 'forced' to pay, I would be shot down in a heartbeat. Why do real estate agent's get away with charging sellers a percentage of the sale price of a house when the effort involved in selling is probably fairly...
Poor Apple, they can barely turn a profit and are struggling so hard to survive. Please give them a break before they go bankrupt.
Shouldn't that be 'seriously ARM?'  Perhaps the A in ARM stands for arsehole? Ding, ding indeed - the 5430 uses HMP. (Heterogeneous Multi-Processing), so try again. http://www.anandtech.com/show/7313/samsung-announces-biglittle-mp-support-in-exynos-5420
You realize you are insufferably condescending right?
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