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 Samsung, Toshiba and a host of Chinese and Taiwanese companies could easily fill the void.  You don't think the stuff bought from US tech companies is actually made there do you? The OS is a bigger issue, as it's the OSs, not the hardware, that is important here.  But once again, Samsung have Tizen and would absolutely love the EU market all to itself, as it and Bada are just about the only OSs I know of that didn't originate in the US. Of course this is all a...
Yes, I am totally for that.  Are US shareholders going to be pleased that Apple, Microsoft Google etc, might lose access to the EU market entirely?  It's a market of 500 million affluent people and is vastly more significant to US tech companies bottom lines than China.
Oh I don't know, I think there are a lot in the Eu Parliament who are a lot more pissed than you obviously think:  This issue has been brewing for a while and this exact scenario the EU raised concerns about almost exactly a year ago.  I think it is likely to lead them to actually do something. http://www.zdnet.com/amid-nsa-spying-scandal-the-gloves-are-off-for-eus-justice-chief-7000017132/. They really can not ignore an open declaration by a US court that US laws hold...
American authorities seem to have this real problem grasping the idea that the laws of the USA should pertain to the USA and no other country.   If the US courts want to push this and enforce it.  I would like to see the EU forbid US companies from holding any data relating to EU residents.  Goodby every US based tech company - see ya.
So this hypothetical headphone adapter - which Apple would uncharacteristically now bundle - would be exactly equivalent to the one they included  with the iPhone 4 then.    I imagine you must fertilise your garden with unicorn droppings.
They are using US tax loopholes more than Irish ones.
You mean in the same universe where Apple bundles a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter with Macbook Pro Retinas?
So just like the US then ;-)
The display in my son's Samsung Jet is still fine after 5 years continuous use so i don't think longevity will be a problem given the average churn rate for electronic gadgets these days.
$30 bucks to buy an aesthetically horrible inconvenience - no thanks.
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