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Yeah, sure. http://hdguru.com/lgs-ultra-high-definition-4k-oled-tv-price-leaked/
This is a load of nonsense based on a test done with the very first consumer OLED device, a near experimental TV released by Sony in around 2007.  There have been 7 - 8 generations worth of development in OLEDs since this single test was done.  My phone is near 5 years old now and there has been no degradation in the Blue in its OLED display. Here it is next to my MBPR.  The blue is still fine after 5 years of daily use: 
What, specifically, is it that you allege  I 'interpolated' trade secrets to, exactly?
Yes, really.  One of the main charges is that the employees Apple lured away misappropriated trade secrets, and that is mentioned in the article.  Apple hasn't been shown to have directed these employees to bring trade secrets with them, but the fact they targeted this one company for a significant number of individuals rather than approach those from a number of different companies does tend to allow a reasonable suspicion that it isn't just engineers with general skills...
 It does have a basis in fact, one of which is that Apple have chosen to settle a similar case brought against them by A123 Systems: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/37155/20150304/apple-wants-to-settle-poaching-lawsuit-filed-by-electric-car-battery-maker-a123-systems.htm
 Verifone have had a solution designed to do just that since 2008. 
Should I? I haven't followed the link so I don't feel qualified to comment.
Was that an attempt at comedy? Guns make it easier to kill people than just about anything else one could name.  The murder rate in the UK is 1 per 100,000 population. In the US it's 4.7.  That doesn't seem to support the idea of guns leveling any playing fields between the weak and the strong.  Rape statistics don't support your gun defense assertion either, in fact it's a complete nonsense.  The number of Police reported rapes in the US is 27.1 per 100,000 versus a near...
 Absolutely no argument there at all.  This started because I said I had a polycarbonate bodied Nokia and thought it would likely have fared as well.  Surprisingly, my Nokia also has a MB, Gorilla Glass 2 screen, and a large battery.  Having fired .22 LR ammunition from a rifle, at tin cans, wood and other sundry stuff, I would have no confidence in my Nokia or a 5C not being penetrated.  I haven't fired a 9mm but I have a suspicion the original assertion would not stand...
It isn't a gun free zone.  It is almost a hand-gun free zone though.  Farmers and some others can get firearm licenses and shotguns are probably the most common weapon as the restrictions on rifles are tougher. The UK has one of the lowest rates of homicides via firearm of any country at 0.04 deaths per 100,000 of population per annum.  Lets call that 1 death per 2.5 million people.  The US has about 71 homicides by firearm per 2.5 million.
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