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Apple - always copying someone.  First it was Samsung, now it's LG:  
The Phonearena battery test obviously uses a different methodology.  While the 6 still does well, it is not ahead of the pack.  I am not sure why anyone would expect the 6 and 6 plus to have extraordinary battery life.  They are extraordinarily thin with a very powerful processor, it is unreasonable to expect those two features would deliver class leading battery life.  
 The situation in India appears to be a case of an Indian court getting on it's high horse and basically summoning Samsung's CEO, even though the case does not appear to involve him directly.  It is as if an Indian court were to issue a summons on Tim Cook because an Indian business claimed an Apple subsidiary in Oman owed them money.  And it's not millions, it's $1.4 million and involves a subsidiary - Samsung Gulf Electronics - who in turn are alleging that they were the...
You keep on proving my points for me.  Not only do neither you, nor anyone else, have any proof whatsoever that Samungs semiconductor  manufacturing has ever stolen and benefited from IP used in products they manufacture for others, you have also laid out a reasoned argument as to why they wouldn't.  There is no point in stealing something you can't  use. You are wrong.  Samsung does have a 64bit processor - the Exynos 5433 in the international version of the Note 4.  It...
Thank you for proving my points for me.
Do you think it is possible to manufacture a processor without knowing how many bits it is?  You manufacture processors without testing the final product?  They can't count the memory address lines?  
They have been extremely reliable as a manufacturer - it's all the others who haven't been. What have robotics got to do with preserving US jobs?  Robotics taking over all jobs is a nightmare scenario that has been advocated since the 90' and it always seems to have shortcomings and fails to eventuate - thank goodness. Still, if seeing Samsung pack up in the US and all those US workers loose their jobs is what everyone really wants, well let it happen.  I find that...
Who?So when Samsung made the 64 bit A7 - where is there any evidence they stole any of the IP or even so much as let other parts of the conglomerate know that Apple's next processor would be 64 bit?
In what way are Samsung not a reliable supplier? Doesn't Samsung invest in the USA and employ Americans to make their processors for Apple?  Why are so many people ecstatic at the idea Samsung might loose all of that business with a possible negative impact on jobs and investment in the US?
Have you used an LG G3 in real life?  Anandtech have.  In their review of the G3:And from their mini review of the G2:The G2 has 36% more volume than the 6 but has 65% greater battery capacity.  It manages a 5.2" screen in a body that is the same length as the 6 and is only 4mm wider and 2mm thicker.
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