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Australia is also having a bit of an issue with some large companies and their creative tax practices, which include Apple.  I think countries could look at applying a tax as a percentage of local revenue if the profit they declare locally seems unreasonably low.
I am a watch Luddite.  For me personally, I want a watch that tells the time and which requires no input or effort from me.  I am not even terribly fussed about how it looks.  I have a Citizen eco-drive that has been running near continuously for 30 years.  I don't have to make any special effort to charge it, it has never malfunctioned and of course being solar powered, it has never needed a battery replaced.  All I ever have to do is change the time due to daylight...
I think it just measures the tackyness of the gold Watch, actually. 
Because the difference in power requirement between a quartz movement and a smart watch is several orders of magnitude.
The profile was obviously a take on the Ferrari GTO and E-Type Jag.  The Alfa Montreal was not dissimilar. Let me see... Cast iron block straight six tractor engine with Bosch Fuel injection?  Oh! - you mean like in all those BMW M3s and such? ;-) Comparing the engine in the Montreal to anything in an American car of the time is beyond embarrassing:  200bhp 7000 rpm 2.6L quad cam all alloy V8 with dry sump and sintered tungsten alloy crankshaft with capacitive discharge...
Perhaps they aren't as quick on their feet or quite so pragmatic. You do seem to have missed the Patek Philippe announcement - which I think you would agree has nothing whatsoever to do with Android: http://business.asiaone.com/news/swiss-watch-brand-trims-prices-asia-pacific-markets
Samsung have translucent and flexible OLED displays now. 
 When I read that article about Apple Exec cars, I was astonished by how inefficient the Aston Martin V12 in the DB9 is compared to the engine in my Honda as it only produces 74bhp per litre vs 99bhp. Datsun was also Nissan's brand name in Australia for a couple decades.  Coincidence that they reduce their prices just as the balance of trade figures are announced revealing Swiss exports have taken a big hit from the sudden and massive appreciation of the Franc?  I would...
Stop being so disingenuous.  Were the situation reversed and the EU had iTunes radio but the US did not, do you think that fact would not be commented upon whenever the topic came up?  No one in the US would say a word and the issue would not attract any posts?
 I don't agree with you.  You are saying even if the machines can be shown to be better drivers than humans, they still shouldn't be allowed until they are nearly perfect, which is illogical since humans are allowed to drive and be imperfect. Say the annual road toll in the US is 40 K a year and the AI guided cars are shown to result in 15% fewer fatalities.  You are saying it's somehow better to have 40 K dead than 34 K dead?
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