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Samsung must be really worried. http://www.gsmarena.com/kantar_samsung_top_us_vendor_s6_third_bestselling_smartphone-news-12856.php
He has more talent than Taylor Swift, Dr Dre and jimmy Iovine combined - several times over.
"With a fairly mature set of 2D mapping assets"   That assertion is questionable.  Apple's map data for Ireland is risible.
Would you prefer they put an 'i' at the beginning of everything?
Or get Lynyrd Skynyrd to pen and record a pithy reply, like 'Sweet Home Alabama.' I don't approve of Apple's censorship efforts so am totally opposed to this nonsense.
I think you can do that using Airdrop. 
And you are exceptionally rude and pugnacious, always attacking the poster with no reference to the substance of their comment.  All delivered with a spittle spewing invective with expletives used in place of punctuation.
 Apple's implementation of Bluetooth is the flakiest and most inconvenient of any brand of products I own.
Apple records. Macintosh SE.  Have you any idea how many car manufacturers were using SE before Steve Jobs was even born?
You 'knew', because you were perfectly aware that claiming mimicry was completely disingenuous.  Stating that Samsung are copying Apple in using the word 'plus' is itself trolling.  You might as well claim Samsung are copying Apple by using plastics to make phones from since Apple make the 5C from plastic.
New Posts  All Forums: