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In the very early days of AI, the very purpose of this site and the principle activity of it s creator, was to entice people at Apple to leak inside information to be made public.  By implication, the punishments you think appropriate should surely have been visited on Kasper and all the other US citizens involved at that time.  You have more than a few roos loose in the top paddock.
 Could you provide two links to reviews of the Wave S8500 that say the Bada OS sucks.
For some years now, every time one of you golden ears pops up and claims you can hear a pin drop on the far side of the moon, I have posted a wav file that I created that contains 223 kbps aac segments spliced in to the lossless original and asked them to identify the time codes corresponding to the splices. No one has ever been able to discern which bits are compressed and which aren't. So until someone can do that, I will continue to believe that very few people, if...
When choosing whether to buy a phone or not, I never once thought to myself: Hmmm, I wonder whether it has data detectors or not? And then made a decision whether to purchase it or not based on that criteria. I guess I personally don't value that feature very highly.
  The average income in India is $1219, in China it's $2,100.  The idea that Samsung is garnering the lions share of it's very substantial profits by selling $100 phones into these markets is ludicrous.  Then there are the sales figures: So that's 40 million in six months.  If you want to consider that low sales , fine, but I wouldn't agree with you.  There have been  other sales figures announced which do indicate Samsung sells a lot of high end phones. They sold a...
It must be some very specific patent because I have a Citizen eco-drive that has been running continuously since 1993 that has a the solar cell beneath the watch face.
You have to wonder why didn't DED just correct these erring articles if it is so important.
I don't see how this is patentable given the amount of prior art going back years.  I'ts not a new idea.
'I think it's logic Jim, but not as we know it.'
Apple has of course done the right thing putting the interests of carriers first as they are their biggest customers.
New Posts  All Forums: