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No I don't.   Comes under the heading 'first get an iPhone'  I don't want a watch to do any of that.  I'll trade 30+ years of hassle free longevity for that useless to me crap, thanks. Quote: Service:Apple Watch Sport    $229Apple Watch    $329Apple Watch Edition    $2,800 Battery replacement:     $79 Most Li-ion batteries have lost 50% capacity after 3 years, so that's 10 batteries over 30 years costing $790.  If it's all the same with you and the other Apple...
Because the world isn't as simple as you are and because doing so could well hurt some companies the existing laws were designed for.  For at least 20 years I have thought Australia should re-write their tax laws from scratch.  Unlike you, who seem to have a few roos loose in top paddock, I don't think corruption among the pollies is a reason why it hasn't been done.  I suspect it's more to do with it probably costing a shed load and because there wouldn't be a single vote...
Make sure Pine Gap is at the top of your target list.
I suggested several topics back that perhaps Australia should introduce a turnover tax where companies were reporting unbelievably low levels of profit. If it was up to me, I would just say, 'Geeze, it's a pitty you bas***s didn't make any profit on that $10 Billion of stuff you sold here.  Tell you what, seeing as were sympathetic blokes, you can give us $3 Billion anyway and we do hope you will be able to turn things around and be able to run your company profitably.'
 I asked you to name the politicians who you said use the same tax minimistaion schemes Apple uses. Unsurprisingly, you haven't done that, because it was your typical boldly stated BS. Providing an article that doesn't name a single politician as being a tax minimiser doesn't back up your statement and is utterly irrelevant. Now you are making further statements about the level of corruption amongst Australian politicians.  I have no doubt that there is some corruption,...
Which Australian politicians are exploiting those loopholes?  Name them and describe their tax minimisation schemes. You aren't, perhaps, confusing Australian politicians for US ones where I understand a large proportion of the Senate and Congress are millionaires? Prove what you are alleging or YOU STFU!
Yes it has.  It has engineered outrageous business practices and structures which quite obviously are not for practical or realistic operational logistics and which very, very clearly have been constructed solely for the purpose of minimizing tax.  Australian tax law has an element requiring a certain adherence to the spirit of the law, and not just technical legality. While it is a very easy and obvious thing to just say fix the legislation, in practical terms it probably...
Yep.  Rechargeable Li-ion batteries in the 'quality' watch space is a joke.  That applies to all smart watches.  They are built to die an early death.
 What a load of BS. I bought a Citizen eco-drive in 1993 in just that price bracket.  It has run essentially continuously for over 30 years, never needing a battery or servicing or a single cent spent on it.  I seem to recall the battery/capacitor is some amazing concoction of gold and titanium.  Here is the back of it after 3 decades:  That is my idea of quality.  The Apple Watch is ephemeral crap in comparison.
 M experience with aluminium and sea water is that it corrodes very badly if the protective anodizing is breached.
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