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 Apple's implementation of Bluetooth is the flakiest and most inconvenient of any brand of products I own.
Apple records. Macintosh SE.  Have you any idea how many car manufacturers were using SE before Steve Jobs was even born?
You 'knew', because you were perfectly aware that claiming mimicry was completely disingenuous.  Stating that Samsung are copying Apple in using the word 'plus' is itself trolling.  You might as well claim Samsung are copying Apple by using plastics to make phones from since Apple make the 5C from plastic.
Samsung have been using 'Plus' since at least the S3 and have used that designation on many product variants so it's unreasonable to accuse them of copying Apple.
I wouldn't know.  As I said, wind power is an obvious possibility given the location.  Fuel cells would be a good backup fro when the wind isn't blowing.
The main reason, apart from political stability, Apple is locating a data centre in Ireland is because it will save them a colossal amount of money on cooling - because they don't need to do any, just open the windows.  The annually average temperature where they are putting that data centre would only be about 9° C. I doubt very much they will use solar for power as Ireland is around the same latitude as Hudson Bay in Canada, with cloud cover being the norm.  It is,...
This article rather neatly illustrates what a lot of us who live outside the US have been saying about how completely useless Apple Maps is.  Here is what you get when you try and find the location of this new data centre in Apple Maps:   No results found.  You would think that area of Ireland was rather lacking in place names judging by Apple Maps.   Here is the result I get with Here Maps with no data connection - just going by  the offline map data stored on my...
My suspicion is that the real reason for objections would be concerns over the possible negative impact on property values adjacent to the data centre.
Don't be ridiculous - Apple can't afford to pay artists.  When Apple invites artists to perform in their iTunes festival, they don't actually part with any money, they offer them strings of glass beads and increased promotional space on iTunes.  It seems fairly standard for Apple to expect music artists to work for their benefit with no financial compensation - unless you are U2 of course, then you just back up a large truck and pallet loads of cash are loaded on without...
I have always thought of Monster as a tech parasite.  A lamprey springs to mind.  I hope Apple's actions inflict some damage.
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