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 Olympus's sensor shift IS has overtaken what Canon in lens stabilisation can achieve at all but long focal lengths.  1.5 to 2 second hand held exposures are possible with an E-M1 - or around 5 stops or more.  Which is why I mentioned it being near magic.  I am well aware in lens IS has been around for quite some time. And if they did they would be following in existing footsteps: http://www.gizmag.com/samsung-liquid-zoom-lens-plans/16851/ in 2010. 
Massive sensors, image stabilisation by shifting the sensor, using huge pixel counts to allow for uncompromised digital zoom - you realise these are all things pioneered by Nokia very effectively and available now in their high end phones?  But lets not give any credit to any company except Apple.  As is well known, they are the only company capable of innovation.
The trouble with this approach, as I see it, is that you most need stabilisation in low light, when the camera is going to have to resort to a slow shutter speed.  A slow shutter speed makes it rather difficult to take multiple exposures in a reasonable time frame.   It will be very interesting to see if this makes it into production and how effective it will be.   Olympus make cameras with OIS that is bordering on magic.
Exactly what does this data mean - is it measuring the use of every iPad and tablet in the US or is it measuring the nature of devices making use of products purveyed by Good?
Somebody pass Dilger a tissue please...
So when this gets to court, what will be the plaintifs' answer to the question: 'In what way does your device prevent you accessing the services of duckduckgo.com via a web browser?'   Case closed.
   In what way is Samsung lazy then, given they have developed, not one, but two phone OSs?
Who's copying who now.
In the very early days of AI, the very purpose of this site and the principle activity of it s creator, was to entice people at Apple to leak inside information to be made public.  By implication, the punishments you think appropriate should surely have been visited on Kasper and all the other US citizens involved at that time.  You have more than a few roos loose in the top paddock.
 Could you provide two links to reviews of the Wave S8500 that say the Bada OS sucks.
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