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That was originally Apple's modus operandi, but in the iOS era they are all about making every cent they can.  They even run their own retail network to make the money that for normal manufacturers is made by distribution, transport and retail chains.  By not selling the vehicles directly, they will be able to maximise their profit margin per vehicle as they will need to make far fewer of them and they would be earning Apple money almost all the time they were in motion,...
What battery tech is exclusively available on Apple devices?
I don't know about all the others, but you get 15 GB of free One Drive storage with any Windows phone that lets you backup OS and content.
Spheres?  They'll be getting a call from Dyson's lawyers.
Yeah, and the scale is so big they can easily turn to Icahn and give him the bird and say 'there is no 'spare' cash - FO"
Sorry to hear that.  Best wishes!
Having taken cars apart and put them back together again, I am aware of that. Magneti Marelli,  FIAMM air horns on Fiats.  Quite an experience when your upper half is deep in the engine bay and someone leans on the horn as a joke.
Nor do they have much of a history of letting their OSs run on other peoples' hardware.  I still think my idea from the other thread is possible - that the car's won't be for sale to the public, but hired as needed taxi/Uber style.
Do different car manufacturers have compatible systems in their cars?  Why would car manufacturers allow or wan't to give Apple access to their systems?  I can just imagine Honda's reaction to an Apple request to take over their engine management systems.  I doubt the reply would be printable. If Apple really want to play with cars, I think they are going to have to make their own.
iTank - goes where others fear to tread.
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