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Who?So when Samsung made the 64 bit A7 - where is there any evidence they stole any of the IP or even so much as let other parts of the conglomerate know that Apple's next processor would be 64 bit?
In what way are Samsung not a reliable supplier? Doesn't Samsung invest in the USA and employ Americans to make their processors for Apple?  Why are so many people ecstatic at the idea Samsung might loose all of that business with a possible negative impact on jobs and investment in the US?
Have you used an LG G3 in real life?  Anandtech have.  In their review of the G3:And from their mini review of the G2:The G2 has 36% more volume than the 6 but has 65% greater battery capacity.  It manages a 5.2" screen in a body that is the same length as the 6 and is only 4mm wider and 2mm thicker.
 You were right.
Thinner bezels, a much bigger battery sounds like last years LG G2. The new iPhones are really nice.  Apple are going to sell a lot in prosperous markets.  I would imagine not a few people at Samsung are feeling a bit nervous and quesy right now.
 So other phones with big screens that have rounded edges would of course feel just as much less bulky as an iP6 does.
Except for the A8 and the DRAM, yeah.
If you had ever heard Slartibardfast give an interview, you would know why.
Won't argue with that.  My idea of music doesn't incorporate the idea of 'business' except as a sideline.
Because they only really have image and don't have any actual musical talent and those things are pertinent to the one thing they do have?
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