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With Janet Yellen, and not a few others, making comments about the equity market being overvalued, I imagine Institutional investors are unlikely to be thinking it's a propitious time to be throwing a few more hundred billion into Apple.
Oh no!  Please not slimmer. That would mean The cost escalating, the battery capacity declining and most of the ports being shed for that stupid USB-C only crap.  If you keep the current battery capacity and just reduce the electrical load, you would get considerably improved battery life, which would be of more interest and benefit to 15" users I think than chasing that minimalist nonsense.
It doesn't need a re-design.  Just updating the processor is going to involve almost no effort whatsoever so they might as well.
You got that right! 
I think the decline in music is actually due to a decline in quality.  These days everything except dance music is exclusively vocals driven.  There seems to have been a decline in musical talent and the ability to write actual music.  The vocalist has been raised on high as a cult personality and is supported by formulaic drivel in terms of the music underlying the meaningless songs they sing.  When was the last time the charts included an instrumental hit? TV may be...
Do you have a link for the permanent destruction of depth perception?  I had a quick look and didn't find anything credible.
I think it doubtful your phone will be able to power decent VR headsets in 5 years.  I was having a discussion with my son about the HTC/Valve Vive headset and he thinks the AMD HD7970 card in his gaming rig 'might' just be able to drive it.   The PowerVR GX6650 GPU in the iPhone 6 can do 14.9 GTextels/s.  The HD7970 does 118.4 GTextels/s.  When Valve demoed the Vive they were using a GTX 980 GPU that does 165 GTextels/s.  Of course there are several other GPU metrics, I'm...
Quite so. Appealing to concern for the poor suffering artists is the 'but think of the children' of music technology discussions.  Artists are ripped off by the publishers and vested music industry, not by consumers and players like Spotify. I saw a BBC news item recently: You don't have to look far to see why artists are arguably not getting a fair share of the pie.  It's usually said that artists make very little from sales of their music and actually make the bulk of...
I am not aware of Here data being in a 'Cloud'.  On a Nokia phone you download maps for countries of interest to your phone.  The data is stored locally on your device.  I have never heard of Apple Maps using third party data sets.  Where did you get that from?
This idea pongs.
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