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Don't say, that, you will just be told off.  People will tell you that OSX is not designed for touch input, even though macbooks, mice and magic trackpads abound to interact with the OS via simulated touching of elements.
The iP6 has primarily been a huge success because of the adoption of a larger screen; everything else is just a bonus, so there would still be a raison d'être for the 6.
Maybe they are treating him thusly: 
The P&S makers experienced a fall in sales, Fitbit sales increased nearly 300%, so you are about 400% away from reality.
Yes. I don't see it as ugly; and it delivers.
Europe doesn't need it.  We have had NFC contactless payments for years.  For small transactions you just wave a card near the antennae to make and authorise a payment.  For larger amounts you have to type in a pin.  Neither of these is exactly slow or an inconvenience.
No, it seems to be an Apple thing.  I put the same question to Cortana and she just got me the information. 
You paid for it when you bought the phone - and not a small amount either.  If you actually had a relevant point, Apple should be consistent and charge you every time Siri looks up information for you. How much do you pay for sunlight, the night sky and the air that you breathe?
But the rub of your 'read the synopsis' entreaty is that if the feature were turned off by default, it could easily be enabled by all those clever people who did as you suggest.  There would be no negative financial consequences for the feature to be off by default but there potentially are for considerable numbers of people if it's on by default.  It seems to me the intelligent option would have been to have the former be the default.
New Posts  All Forums: