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So are you and DocNo42 buying one each then?
What year are you currently living in?
Wrong on both sentences.
China is not doing awfully well at the moment.  The population of the EU is about 507 Million.  The poulation of China is about 1.37 Billion, so not even 3 times that of the EU.  The average income in the Eu is about $28 k.  In China it's $2 K so in actual fact, you have it around backwards, the EU as a market is larger than China.
So in other words, it is impossible to have a reasoned opinion on anything whatsoever to do with society and politics, so you might as well not bother to pay any attention to either as you are only contemplating a mirage while wearing a tin-foil hat.  Going on employment, it has definitely recovered.  Wages haven't changed because of simple supply and demand.  Expect that to change as the labour supply tightens.
Yeah, get the shrub back.  He knew how to balance a budget.
Of course, just don't be surprised if sales and revenue decline.  It's slightly disingenuous as nothing of import is actually manufactured in the US and bought from there so there is no currency conversion and none of the money is repatriated to the US and therefore doesn't undergo any currency conversion.
Absolutely terrible that he has improved the US Economy, causing the US$ to appreciate.  Not sure why he is responsible for the problems affecting the economies of Europe and Australia.
I would much rather have an antique Patek Philippe than an Edition for that sort of money.
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