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 M experience with aluminium and sea water is that it corrodes very badly if the protective anodizing is breached.
I'll remind you of that if Australia decides to hit Apple and others with multi billion retrospective tax bills for avoidance.  You and others on here will be screaming blue murder and calling on the US to nuke Oz, no doubt, because it's so outrageously unfair.
Yes.  Journalists who work for state owned media outlets in Russia have a much, much longer life expectancy than those who don't.
 So a survey based on an 'inner circle' is touted as being more credible than some other survey.  Why exactly?
If you are thinking in terms of streaming music to a car - think again.
In the context of the Payment systems and infrastructure already in place in Australia, explain what value is Apple creating? From the banks point of view it has nothing to offer.  Security?  No, they already have that.  Convenience?  Not for the banks.  From Australian banks point of view, what incentive is there for them?  More revenue?  No, just more expense and an actual decline in revenue.
Apple pay does represent a free ride for Apple.  It can only work at all by piggybacking on the costly infrastructure put in place and paid for by the banks.  Saying Apple built up a service is like saying a hitchhiker grew a thumb.  Apple Pay only adds value in countries like the US where the electronic payment systems currently in use are insecure and outdated.  We are talking about Australia where this is absolutely not the case and hasn't been for a long time. What...
The servers Apple Pay relies on are in the US, right?
The two things that spring to mind are hedging against currency fluctuations and that US prices are usually quoted ex-sales tax whereas European and Australian prices include VAT/GST. I know B&W speakers are cheaper in the US than anywhere else.  I wouldn't really know about about other CE brands.
The Australian government has a long history of imposing retrospective taxation, often with a large penalty premium added, where it identifies deliberate and knowing tax avoidance.  I know someone who was caught out retrospectively and had to sell their house to settle their tax bill. I completely agree that the Australian government should fix the tax laws to prevent the rorting that goes on, but I wouldn't be opposed to them retrospectively clawing taxes back.
New Posts  All Forums: