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You are like a broken record with your endless railing against the 'evil' of governments.  As it so happens, I would say blackmail, extortion and corruption are next to non-existent in Australian politics.  The US seems to have an absolutely nonsensical electoral system seemingly designed to disenfranchise voters.  some Stanford university researchers have concluded that US is effectively not a democracy.  Perhaps you and your fellow Americans should do something about...
I am sure the Chinese intelligence service is not terribly bothered by this.
 It has been reported.
 Might be better if they just bypassed the cable companies and put satellites up that could push data to  devices.
It took Apple 30 years before they could manage to make an iPhone, so your implied criticism is a bit rich.  The O-ring was still ten years away from being invented when Rolex managed to make a watch waterproof. It would take little effort for Apple to make a watch waterproof, thanks to the state of current technologies.  Einstein said: "If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants."
Do read the article.  It might help your understanding of the actual issue and then you could attempt to make a comment that makes sense.  Pay particular attention to the date 1984 in the article.
So let me see if I've got this right: Lot had a couple blokes round who he didn't know from Adam.  A bunch of yokels came to his door and wanted to get man-friendly with the blow-ins, so Lot tried to buy them off by offering them his two virgin daughters instead - as you do - because they were just women, not entitled to have an opinion in the matter, or feelings, and though being family, were far less important to him than the unknown blow-ins feelings. Later, Lot decides...
What competitor would Samsung be trying to woo A9 14nm business from?
 As I said earlier, one reason Samsung may have used such a high resolution on the S6 is for when it used with the Gear VR headset where each eye sees half the screen. Apple wouldn't need such a high resolution AMOLED.
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