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Which ones don't?
Those would be the ones Ive has been handing out like sweets to all those poor people down on their luck, who couldn't otherwise afford to buy one.  I must say, looks like he's been slightly busier than the reports suggested.
The headline, man, the headline! Before Ming commented, everyone would have been thinking that most of Apple's earnings would have come from the sale of accessory cables, dongles and iPods.  Now we know the iPhone is going to generate most of their revenue.  Come on - no one was expecting that! And people say analysts are a waste of space - phhhht!
The Watch patent dates from July 2014, so what other Apple watch related patents were there before that one to inspire all those devices?
Does Dilger work for Apple or one of it's affiliates?
  The Microsoft Band was announced a month and a bit after the Watch.  Quite obviously it's conception and development pre-date the Watch announcement.  Which devices were you referring to as 'rest of the copycats'? Pebble  2011Sony Smartwatch 12-4-2012Sony Smartwatch 2  25-6-2013Samsung Galaxy Gear   25-9-2013Samsung Gear Fit  24-2-2014Moto 360  18-3-2014Samsung Gear 2  11-4-2014LG G Watch  25-6-2014Samsung Gear Live  25-6-2014Samsung Gear S  28-8-2014Apple Watch ...
When did AI think it was round about the same time they announced they were working on a TV.
 Would you have a link for that?
That would depend on whether or not you consider the EU to be a single market or not. Where in the US precisely?
 Where are they in stock?They don't seem to be in stock in the UK. http://www.mobilenewscwp.co.uk/2015/04/21/operators-sell-out-of-s6-stock-after-unprecedented-demand/
New Posts  All Forums: