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You'll be giving speeches about 'good guys' and 'bad guys' any minute.
MS are currently in contempt of court for their commendable persistence in refusing to grant US law enforcement access to data held on a server in Dublin. Apple, on the other hand, are going to store the user data of Chinese citizens on servers in China.  Contrast that with Google who wouldn't compromise their integrity and pulled out of China altogether.
 And they could have got a higher capacity battery in there.
And having had to hold their tongues in check yesterday because so many regulars were incensed, the Apple image damage control team is back in full swing dumping on anyone who has the temerity to say they are not satisfied with paying a premium price for a less than premium experience.
 No it didn't.
Lot's of companies would love a 3.75 M death spiral.
You mean like my Powerbook Ti that lasted 9 years?  I wish they had made the hinges out of Titanium instead of aluminium or casting metal or whatever it was. And actually strength, fatigue resistance, stiffness and corrosion resistance are all highly cited reasons for using Titanium. 
Apple - always copying someone.  First it was Samsung, now it's LG:  
The Phonearena battery test obviously uses a different methodology.  While the 6 still does well, it is not ahead of the pack.  I am not sure why anyone would expect the 6 and 6 plus to have extraordinary battery life.  They are extraordinarily thin with a very powerful processor, it is unreasonable to expect those two features would deliver class leading battery life.  
 The situation in India appears to be a case of an Indian court getting on it's high horse and basically summoning Samsung's CEO, even though the case does not appear to involve him directly.  It is as if an Indian court were to issue a summons on Tim Cook because an Indian business claimed an Apple subsidiary in Oman owed them money.  And it's not millions, it's $1.4 million and involves a subsidiary - Samsung Gulf Electronics - who in turn are alleging that they were the...
New Posts  All Forums: