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  The average income in India is $1219, in China it's $2,100.  The idea that Samsung is garnering the lions share of it's very substantial profits by selling $100 phones into these markets is ludicrous.  Then there are the sales figures: So that's 40 million in six months.  If you want to consider that low sales , fine, but I wouldn't agree with you.  There have been  other sales figures announced which do indicate Samsung sells a lot of high end phones. They sold a...
It must be some very specific patent because I have a Citizen eco-drive that has been running continuously since 1993 that has a the solar cell beneath the watch face.
You have to wonder why didn't DED just correct these erring articles if it is so important.
I don't see how this is patentable given the amount of prior art going back years.  I'ts not a new idea.
'I think it's logic Jim, but not as we know it.'
Apple has of course done the right thing putting the interests of carriers first as they are their biggest customers.
You can also add to that people who don't care about the brands and just look at functionality:cost ratio.  My ex would be a good example.  She walked into a Vodafone store and walked out with a Galaxy S2.  She then replaced it with an HTC One. She 'could' afford to buy any phone she wanted, as could I, but chose something cheaper that would do all she needs it to be able to do.
10.2?  I have been using Macs since I bought an SE new and OSX since OS 10.0.  If you include the SE in the loft, I have 6 Macs in the house - 4 still functional.  I am not the only person having this problem.  There are several threads on the Apple discussions forum where other people have reported this problem also.  Not once did I have a problem with Mountain Lion. It only manifested after installing Mavericks, so I think it is reasonable to suspect it is not a hardware...
I have a Macbook Pro Retina that has now completely locked up at least 9 times since installing Mavericks, despite installing all the subsequent OS updates in the hope Apple has sneaked a fix in. Speaks volumes about the worlds most advanced OS.
Another Chicken Little article.  What do we get from DED tomorrow - a long winded article spinning an incredibly improbable chain of possible events that lead to his spurious conclusion that the New York apartment building blew up because someone in it had a Samsung phone?   Or... It's been proven that Samsung phones are out of phase with the Earth's ley lines and that if too many Samsung phone users were to visit Yellowstone NP at the same time, the combined ley...
New Posts  All Forums: