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The funny thing about a lot of audiophiles is they think they have superior auditory senses, despite being unable to prove it - as in the case of the file I posted earlier.  No one has ever been able to hear the difference between the compressed bits and the source bits, despite most audiophiles claiming a huge, giant, massive difference between even 320 kbps compression and uncompressed.  The other characteristic of Audiophiles we have seen demonstrated here is the...
Are you for real?
Don't correct a professional - they know what they are doing.
What happened to value being determined by the market?  No matter how valid his opinions, they surely don't outweigh or are any more valid than the collective opinion of the market.
It won't do them any good either.  Saddle yourself with gobsmacking amounts of debt so you can make me richer.  You should take your own advice.
So Carl wants Apple, to use shareholders money to buy back shares from some other shareholders so hopefully spurring the share price to rise so he - who obviously wouldn't sell - and some other shareholders can potentially make a killing - or Carl, who by then will own an even larger percentage of Apple, can get himself onto the board and start running Apple the way it ought to be run. Call me a cynic but I really don't think Carl has Apple's best interests at heart.
Investors don't usually see those central bank rates, which are intended to encourage banks in the Eurozone to lend.  The Swiss rate is negative to disuade foreigners from holding Swiss deposits and causing appreciation in the value of the Franc.  I could get 0.75 % on amounts over €20K, so getting a 50% lower rate of return does not appear in any way attractive.  Thanks, Apple, but I'll stick with a 3.65 % term deposit rate thanks.
And if that did eventuate, the algorithms would simply be adjusted.
I find the newly announced Olympus E-M5 II of far more interest.  There are not too many people who print larger than 1.8M x 1.2m, which you can comfortably do from a 16 MP M4/3 sensor so 50.6.mp is a lot of overkill for most people.   Anyone who wants to shoot 4K video seriously would be far better off with a Panasonic GH4 which is also a M4/3 camera.
 I bought a Kyocera 28cm ceramic frying pan from Japan and it is the best non-stick I have used.  Good thing is it works on induction as well as other types of stove.  I do have some reservations in that there seemed to be a lot of warnings in Japanese about presumably not exceeding 1100w with it, but I haven't had any problems. edit: actually, I think the warning might just be about scorching the food and suggesting not to exceed 1100w
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