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Ha ha! 
I don't think Apple are going to get into the car manufacturing business anymore than they are in the phone manufacturing business.  I don't even think they are going to sell any cars, I think they aim to charge for the use of them.   I surmise they are taking on Uber more than Tesla.  You want to go somewhere, you just pull up an app and select the destination and time you would like to arrive and are then advised of your collection time when a driverless Apple car will...
  Olympus have sort of made a move in the direction you suggest, though it hasen't turned out quite as small as you had hoped.  
That E-M5 II is also weather and dust proof, as is my E-M1.  5:11 onwards  I have had mine out on a tripod doing a time lapse with rain giving it a drenching.
Agreed, but I find I can't use a screen in high ambient light conditions and I tend to always use the viewfinder.  Often with my phone I just hope I am getting the composition right and have the focus box on my intended target.
 Yes.  The irony is that some of the DSLR bodies that carry a sensor equivalent in size to 35mm film have bloated to having the bulk of some medium format film cameras. 
 My Olympus has a neat trick.  You can set it so when you engage the manual focus ring on the lens and start to rotate it, the image in the viewfinder or on the screen will jump to a magnified view and pop back to the normal view the instant you stop focusing.  It allows for exceptionally accurate focusing as the magnification can be up to 10 times.  You have to manually engage and release the magnified view via a function button press if using an old manual SLR lens but...
What most people call 'full frame' is I think comparable to medium format in film terms.  I have a M4/3 camera and since my old film scanner died some years ago I have used it to scan 35mm slides.  I can say with confidence that a M4/3 sensor can easily resolve the film grain of 35mm Provia 100F and Velvia and has enough dynamic range to capture what's there.  A 16 MP M4/3 sensor handily bests 35mm film IMO, so to me, M4/3 is the new 35mm and the 36 Mp and up full frame...
Nope.  Shale oil is a genie let out of it's bottle.  It's dropping because the price of oil has fallen to a point where the production costs are uneconomic for some operations so they have had to scale back.  But that's the thing,  The technology has now defined the new world oil maximum price and it's a lot less than when OPEC were milking the system.  Anytime the oil price tries to rise, shale oil will become economic and will ramp up in production. The Saudi's thought...
And then the Saudis, Putin and shale oil put a couple torpedoes into the base premise and it has all rather sprung a leak.
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