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That sounds very interesting, do you have a link for that, I'd like to read what they have to say?
Marketing guff about them using perfectly ordinary and commonly available alloys of aluminium, steel and gold.  Do you really think Apple needs to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the materials watches are made from?  Custom just means you asked for something to be done for you and someone then did it. Do you really think the Aerospace industry had to wait for Apple to make a watch before they had access to decent Aluminium based alloys.  Rolex, Omega, TAG, Longines,...
You want there to be liquid metal so you see liquid metal where there clearly isn't any.
Read the article.  Please don't invent some nonsense about Apple understating the battery life of their own product.
Perhaps because some people feel devices should be devoted to serving their needs, not vice versa.
 Apple is already a religion and has been for some time.
Do Apple still get a percentage of the data fees they demanded of phone companies before they would let them carry the original iPhone?That to me was egregious greed and incredible cheek. I will be surprised if that $10 B estimate eventuates.  It would imply unheard of generosity by banks.
It's not the setting up that's the issue.  The watch is in large part just a proxy display device for the iPhone.  The phone contains the WiFi, Cellular and GPS transceivers.  I doubt much at all except apps is stored on the watch itself.  This thing needs an invisible bluetooth umbilical cord attached to something else otherwise about all it can do on it's own is tell the time and that your heart is still working.
 This article states it is getting about the same on-time as the other smart watches, so it would appear they don't have the advantage you claimOnly if those devices are made by Apple.
You french already had a crack at decimal time immediately following the revolution.  Doesn't seem like a bad idea at all.
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