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 Trying to argue smartphones are computers first and phones second is nonsensical.  The iPod Touch for many years was the near equivalent of an iPhone without cellular voice or data capabilities.  At no point have sales of the Touch been anything but a tiny fraction of iPhone sales.  It would seem then that the defining difference is a massive differentiator and is therefore clearly the primary function.
If Microsoft don't express an interest they are absolutely mad.  The HERE mapping and apps is the one reason I bought a Nokia phone; to use as a GPS.  I doubt I am the only person who's purchase decision was heavily influenced by HERE being part of the platform.  If Microsoft let someone else buy it they would be without any cartographic resources for their entire ecosystem as I believe even Bing uses HERE data.  I doubt anyone could re-create the HERE data set from...
In the previous article, we learned to our amazement, how the Watch was able to analyze people's DNA and alert them to potential defects - if you add the simple DNA  sequencing lab accessory. Now we learn the Watch can help people measure their blood pressure, with the addition of a blood pressure monitoring accessory.   In the next article, we will learn how the Watch is transforming medicine by doing MRI scans - when you add a simple MRI scanner accessory.  But...
The negative interest rates apply to European banks and the negative rate is aimed at persuading them to lend to stimulate economic activity rather than sit on it.  If they were giving it away i can assure you there would be no shortage of people to take it off their hands.
That is so funny.  A bit like asking a butcher if he thinks you should eat more meat.
They were idiots for buying one then.
Apple mapping vehicles are US only, I believe.  Apple Maps has a poor reputation outside the US which is where their data set most needs improving.  It would take Apple years of effort to get close to the HERE data set outside the US, which is where Apple generates most of their revenue from.
 "HERE is not a product that brings in direct profit" In smart person world your statement is present tense, not future tense. HERE is generating $288 Million in revenue.  Your valuation of "a few hundred million at most" is risible.  As someone who uses and really likes HERE I sincerely hope Apple doesn't purchase it and that Microsoft does.
The article states that HERE made a profit of 162 million euros. Others do not agree with your valuation: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nokias-network-profits-drop-raise-111114226.html
That is true, however, you can get slugged badly if the US rate for a particular tax is high: http://money.cnn.com/2015/01/22/pf/taxes/boris-johnson-london-mayor-us-tax/index.html 
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