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I did not mean 'cloud cuckoo land' in terms of wanting to invest in Apple bonds, I meant it in the context of doing so by converting another currency to A$, which would be taking a big gamble on exchange rates.  You could potentially lose far more on effective principal depreciation than you ever got in interest.  As I have said a couple times, I only see such a bond being attractive to those who already possess A$ and only if the rate offered is attractive, given the...
 Australian interest rates are historically the lowest they have ever been.  Back in 2011 they were more than double what they are now and back then you could get 6.5% on a term deposit and the Australian dollar was at more than parity with the US$, but I appreciate you were speaking in general terms. The A$ is pretty low now.  As an investor, you would have to be living in cloud cuckoo land to buy A$ to partake of this purported bond for the miserly interest rates Apple...
I'd like to see a store here.
Right wing nonsense.  Apple avoid a massive amount tax on their activities in both Australia and Europe.  Are Apple products any cheaper in those regions - nope, they're more expensive.  Taxes avoided by large corporations by doing the international fandango, have to be made up for by higher taxes on the local populations and businesses that can't do that dance.  The piper has to be paid.
So wind the world commerce clock back to the 70's then?  There's something to be said for that.  At least most western governments seemed to be able to almost live within their means prior to globalisation and the great corporate tax dodge dance.
Why are Apple being such dicks ripping off Australians, and in this instance, wanting to ride free on the efforts of Australian banks and expecting to be paid for the free ride?
Not sure I understand why they are doing this.  I can understand issuing bonds in Swiss Francs and Euros as interest rates are almost non existent, but that is not the case in Australia where it's 2% .  I can't see Apple bonds offering even close to that.  I can get 2.5% on money just sitting in a bank account.  Apple's bonds would have to match or exceed that to interest me.
I always find it ironic that Apple has it's only remaining manufacturing facilities here in Ireland and uses Ireland to huge advantage to minimise taxes for most of it's sales outside the US and yet there is no Apple Store in the country.
I have been living in Ireland for a while but will probably return in a couple of years.
It isn't.  About the only things really overpriced in the Australian economy are housing and wages.
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