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  The Microsoft Band was announced a month and a bit after the Watch.  Quite obviously it's conception and development pre-date the Watch announcement.  Which devices were you referring to as 'rest of the copycats'? Pebble  2011Sony Smartwatch 12-4-2012Sony Smartwatch 2  25-6-2013Samsung Galaxy Gear   25-9-2013Samsung Gear Fit  24-2-2014Moto 360  18-3-2014Samsung Gear 2  11-4-2014LG G Watch  25-6-2014Samsung Gear Live  25-6-2014Samsung Gear S  28-8-2014Apple Watch ...
When did AI think it was round about the same time they announced they were working on a TV.
 Would you have a link for that?
That would depend on whether or not you consider the EU to be a single market or not. Where in the US precisely?
 Where are they in stock?They don't seem to be in stock in the UK. http://www.mobilenewscwp.co.uk/2015/04/21/operators-sell-out-of-s6-stock-after-unprecedented-demand/
They have in a way, you just choose to not recognise that.  Which is fair enough. It could be that they don't want to announce numbers sold because they haven't actually been able to make enough to sell so they are waiting till they have physically made and sold enough to make an announcement worthwhile.  I did see some actual numbers pertaining to India. http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/tech/2015/04/133_177003.html And while Samsung are not releasing numbers T-Mobile...
So the sales of 200,000 seems to be because they didn't physically have 300,000 on hand to sell.  The article AI has quoted seems to be short a few salient facts.
They haven't been silent, in fact they sound surprised and happy, they just haven't released actual numbers.
This article seems a bit short on details.  Of the 300,000 pre-orders, how many are actually in the hands of carriers to sell?   Another article states that originally it was anticipated that only 20-30% of orders would be for the Edge model due to it's higher cost, but apparently in South Korea 50% of orders are actually for the Edge model and Samsung is struggling to keep up and was caught short.  It looks like it could be the same sort of situation Apple find's itself...
The Earth tends to bend RF of lower frequencies to it's will so it is line-of-sight only in theory.  Very low frequency has been used to communicate with submarines as given enough power, it can penetrate the earth and water and subs can actually receive it at immense distances while submerged.  The low frequencies AM uses propagate hundreds of km.  A bit higher in FQ and you have the short wave frequencies which bounce between the ionosphere and Earth to propagate...
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