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Sorry, what was that?
Remind us again in what countries iTunes Radio is available.
It's got a lot to do with resale value.  A classic mechanical watch has a very significant resale value.  A watch with innards subject to Moore's Law will not, I think.  If a gold iWatch holds its value the way an Omega Seamaster does, I will be very surprised.
Taylor Swift not on Spotify?  Doing my subscription right now.
I have some gold I would like to sell you.
That only applies to LM made by a particular company.
At least it incorporates the use of liquid metal, unlike a well known company I could mention.  The processor is probably not as power hungry as you might think as it seems to adopt ARMs Big-Little tech, or something close to it.
Gazelle are an Apple Insider 'partner'.  Their claim originated via AI and reads like an advertisment to me.  No numbers, of course, just percentages.  So a claim of "AppleInsider partner Gazelle, trade-ins of Samsung devices were up threefold on a weekly basis" tells you nothing except maybe 600 iOS users who had switched to a larger screened Samsung because of their eyesight were now switching back.  That isn't credible evidence to me.  What you call 'proof' looks like...
Million, upon million of Android users were just patiently waiting months and months for an iPhone rather than just go get an LG G3 for barely more than half the price of a 6? You are completely delusional.
You are claiming the arrival of the iPhone 6 somehow caused Samsung's profits in the past quarter to suddenly tank, even though there was no iPhone 6 for the majority of the period.
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