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My guess is the BMW CEO is worried that they will show Apple how it's done and then find out later that a Chinese company is making cars for Apple.
24k marketing.
 I must have missed the release of the benchmarks for the iPad Pro.  Where are they posted?
Sticking the pencil lightning connector into the iPad seems like an accident looking for a place to happen.  Due to the leverage, I would have thought even what might seem a slight knock would be capable of snapping the connector.  Surely it would have been safer to provide a short flexible cable with male and female ends to charge the pencil with?
 You are babbling. This iPad isn't competition for those 80% of low-end laptops.  Apple in not now in that market.  The laptops that comprise that 80% are this sort of thing:  The iPad pro will not be £517.  Based on the US - UK price differential of a Macbook Air 13" the iPad Pro will be £679 - pretty much triple the price of an eighty percenter. For £350 I bought my daughter a 15" Toshiba laptop with a 5th gen  i5 processor in it which has a CPU benchmark of 3511 vs the...
My audio systems still use RCA ports and only have provision for analogue inputs. :-)  The TV is more modern and has HDMI inputs though.
This claim must be based on 80% of laptops having very low spec Intel and AMD processors like Celerons and Pentiums.  I was recently shopping for a laptop for my daughter and was astonished that a laptop with even an i3 processor seemed like a high end speed demon compared to the majority of what was on offer. Samsung put a new fast memory controller and DDR4 memory in their S6 phones which is why they didn't include a memory expansion option as it would have negated the...
The anecdotes that sprang to mind didn't strike me as either foaming at the mouth or even slightly unreasonable so I think your perception is inaccurate.  
Where would you expect to see them?
Maybe they want access to a proper file system.
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