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At $15K that is enough to buy 13 oz / of Gold.  If gold is going to appreciate you would be a bit better off with 13 oz of gold rather than the watch which won't have 13oz of gold in it..
Is paying someone else to do it tax deductible in the US then?
Kim Dotcom thought similarly and was working on a forum called Megabox via which artists could promote and sell their material directly and retain 90% of the profits.   Funny what happened shortly after the idea was announced.
You mean like supposedly most iPod owner were engaged in prior to the iTunes Music Store?
Except that if Apple were still the one's providing them, there wouldn't be any of this crap.
Rather difficult when your government requires you to submit tax returns electronically and their system for doing that requires Java as an absolute.
Why use an extreme and silly case like a pool?  Does it not rain much in Toronto?  It rains quite a bit here in Ireland and I hear it does in Vancouver also.  Rain, snow and other varied forms of precipitation are not niche events, they are significant facts of life in many places and affect large numbers of people.  Some camera manufacturers like Olympus don't see water resistance as 'niche' and go to lengths to provide equipment that can operate in near any environment...
I read somewhere that someone from Samsung said the metal frame made it very difficult to seal them and make them watertight.  Perhaps they will put the screen and hardware in a toughened active model at a later point as they have done previously.
 Yes I have seen it. have you seen the Samsung Alpha which came out before the 6? I think it reasonable to think that Samsung could equally be accused of recycling their own layout.  I imagine they might have relocated the headphone port because of the IR blaster in the top meant it was more practical and aesthetic to move it to the bottom to prevent headphone cords possibly getting in the way of the port. Looking at the Note 4 I imagine that could well happen. The...
What Apple patents do you think the new Samsung phones breach?
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