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Your claim was that interacting with the web via a browser is superior to doing so on a full fledged PC.  It is not.  It simply is not possible to complete a tax return and submit the completed form from an iPad where I live.  Nor can you use important elements of many websites that use flash.
 It's not about Windows.  I prepared my return on my Macbook as they actually had a version of their software for OSX.  The twist was that their website requires that you have Java installed in order to be able to use it. How was I wrong about everything else when the only part I mentioned disagreeing with was: Which I highlighted in bold to designate the bit I was referring to?
 Dumb country? Actually Ireland has a pretty good education system with pretty good outcomes.  Amazing how you jump to such a conclusion about an entire country on the basis of the supposed actions of a single school.
 Actually he was wrong, and - therefore - so are you. A few weeks ago I had to complete an Irish Income tax return and upload the completed return via the  website.  This process can not be accomplished on an iPad.
I clearly highlighted in bold the bit you got wrong.
 A 64GB iPad 2 is not available in Ireland.  It only comes in 16GB for the equivalent of $526.  A 64GB iPad air costs $904. My daughter's traditional paper-based books cost me the equivalent of $447.  So even if the Principal in question had opted for the iPad 2 - it and the books would have cost just shy of $1000. But the real reason the Principal and iPad advocates are mentally compromised is .... wait for it .... there are no e-book versions of the text books that...
Don't buy any Apple products then, because you know what's inside....
In a previous thread you called me liar outright.  I proved your assertion to be wrong.  You did not apologise to me. Having set the bar rather low, it is hypocritical of you to demand others  meet a higher standard.
You might not, but Apple will.
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