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The Intel Core M 5Y31 in the Macbook gets a Passmark score of 2,484 The Intel Core i7-6600U in the Surface 4 gets a Passmark score of4,747 At a guess, I would say Passmark did the benchmarking.
Because some people like having a file system.Funny thing is, OSX isn't 'touch aware'  yet most of my interaction with it is via a touch pad.
 The article says they knew about the prior work and cited it so it clearly is not a case of parallel invention.  But you are right, Apple should just take out a license. 
It will be like waiting for Godot then.  Apple are not going to be allowed into the Chinese market while they insist on transaction fees that are higher than those the incumbent operator charges.  Even if they matched the rate, I don't see any incentive for UnionPay to let them in as there would be nothing in it for them and they could only lose revenue.  It's not unlike the situation in Australia.  The banks see no reason to let Apple freeload on their infrastructure and...
Who operates and manages them and wrote the software running on them?
Cloned no, as it wasn't a new machine.  I did do a time machine backup though.  That allowed me to restore to Mavericks, but every attempt at migration to El Capitan ended up with a dead Finder, so I had to do a clean install and migrate manually.
It was.  After updating, I had no Finder and it was stuck in a 'finder has unexpectedly quit' loop.
Ah, yes, such attention to detail ... months to get the sound just right.  Must be soothing comfort to the legion of people in the Apple support forums looking for help for the myriad ways their El Capitan upgrade has shafted them.  There are so many posts that only about one in 20 is getting an answer.   A little more attention to detail in the OS department might be more appreciated than how swish a mouse sounds.
Apple do not offer a healthy dividend, which in part could be linked to their problem.  Most of their money is out of reach because they choose to not pay US taxes.  While they continue to do this most of their earnings are out of reach of investors.  It's hypothetical wealth. If Apple repatriated most of it's overseas generated income, paid the tax on it and disbursed it to share holders as massively increased dividends, the share price would likely very easily achieve...
One reason would be because it is not exploiting the creative depth of field and low light potential you can get using a large sensor and wider apertures like f2.8. and larger.  It's basically making the DSLR work in the capability range a phone can manage instead of showing off it's real potential and then trying to get a phone to work outside it's area of competence.  It's like putting a Nissan Micra up against an Alfa 4C in rush hour traffic and finding the Nissan...
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