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My understanding is that when LM is injected, it has to be cooled very rapidly so that the alloy remains amorphous and bits don't crystalise, loosing the unique properties.  I have read that a slower rate of coolling can be used in zero G to avoid this.  Obviously with large scale LM injection it is not going to be practicable to quench fast enough to have the material remain amorphous, so I am guessing that it might only be doable under zero G.
 Hmmmm.  So what do you think of this then?: On special for $1,466, reduced from $3,371
 I'd hazard a guess that to injection mold anything of a significant size in liquidmetal, you would have to do it in orbit.
 liquidmetal is very expensive, far more so than mild steel or aluminium. Then there is the processing.  Spot the problem: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/202786/file-20168667-pdf/docs/liquidmetal_design_guide_rev_1.0_24january2013.pdf
No it isn't. Hans Grohe Raindance - FTW. Luckily, I don't need to conserve water so can shower under a deluge.
Driven by a flying pig.
You should know by now that Apple never does anything that has been done before.
You are implying that the iPhone 6 would only bend when making Youtube videos and that it wouldn't bend under normal use.  I have seen several reports of bent iPhone 6s that got that way through normal use.  The strengthening would seem like a good a move to me.
All bears that are yellow should be avoided if the preceding sunset was purple and the year is evenly divisible by 2.
So when you have finished crowing about Apple's security superiority, please let me know if Apple have changed their mind about not fixing the security hole in all versions of OSX prior to Yosemite:  http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/04/09/update-your-mac-apple-fixes-major-flaw-in-os-x-yosemite-but-wont-patch-lion-mountain-lion-or-mavericks
New Posts  All Forums: