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I hate to break this to you, but it may well be.  Haven't you noticed AI dodging the iCloud hack story all day?
I agree.  I had to ask my kids what it meant when they first used it.
DeD will be so jelly.
I agree. If they could put the battery in the band, that would probably allow for some serious storage.  Flexible lithium polymer batteries have been demonstrated.  Solar cells on the band as well and the thing could never need tethered charging. I have always considered my Citizen eco-drive watch to be probably the most amazing and  impressive piece of technology I have ever owned.  Nothing made by Apple comes close.  A few minutes of ambient light is all it needs to...
I was referring to this part of the article: 
I like the idea of this trying to play in the elite mechanical watch price bracket.   Now let me see, will I buy that Omega Seamaster or the iWatch that will be superseded in 12 months?  Damn, that's a hard choice.  I wonder what Ming-Chi Kuo would do...
I can hardly wait to see long lines of hypochondriacs queuing outside Apple stores.
 Samsung products are not junk.  Apple uses their products in almost every piece of significant hardware they make.  Apple have tried very hard to part from Samsung as a supplier but have clearly been unable to.  Time and time again we get AI articles about LG, Sharp, TMSC and others being rumoured to be in line as suppliers, and more often than not, they turn out to be false and Samsung eventually gets the gig.  Even when they do get a gig, the alternative suppliers...
For some people, reality is a plastic they shape to suit their agenda.
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