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My Samsung Wave box has the inner box slide out sideways and there are semi-circular cutouts so your fingers can easily grasp the inner box.  My Nokia box is the same in going sideways except it has a tab to pull the inner box by.  Both are far less likely to spill and both will show the device on top when it's only partially open, giving forewarning to be careful.
 My son actually still has my still perfectly functional S8000, though it is retired.  Oh, you were alive when the iPhone 4 was released were you?  Wow, I'm so impressed.  Did you enjoy watching Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, live on TV?  I must say It was a real privilege to actually shake his hand when he, Michael and Buzz did their world tour after they got back. As for re-writing history, you seem to be quite practiced in the art.  You say the Jet screen looked...
You're meant to buy the USB C to USB adapter - that will be $20.46, thank you Sir - and then buy the USB to Ethernet adapter - that will be another $31, thank you Sir.
There have been a few occasions where it would have been handy to be able to connect my Macbook Pro retina 15" to ethernet.  Given the cost of this machine I think Apple should have included a voucher for a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter rather than slug for an extra $31.
You're wrong.  So since that's what you always say you must always be wrong.
We have 23% Vat in Ireland and a iPhone 5S 16GB is still $89 cheaper here than that quoted price in China.  Import tax?
Yes, unless this a court and you are a judge.
  I believe it's called 'trying it on'.
Not really.  We mostly make guesses and have opinions and we 'think', but only Judges 'find'.
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