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I am not entirely sure what you mean.  They seller is protected in the sense they don't get an acknowledgement of payment until Paypal have managed to withdraw the funds from my account - they are then credited with the transaction amount.  As a buyer, I am protected in the sense that if I don't receive the goods (it's up to the seller to use a verified delivery method) or they are not as described or are defective, I can approach Paypal with evidence supporting my dispute...
 Yes, in some circumstances your PIN might be observed, but that information is of no use without the card.I think you are confusing chip and pin a bit with mag stripe.  As far as I can ascertain, a chip and pin card can not be cloned.  I found a reference to an instance where a very sophisticated gang did manage to compromise some terminals and were able to obtain some details from cards, but the cards they produced were not chip and pin and had to be exported to...
You are completely missing the point.  There are people who want Apple to bring back a premium model with 4" screen.  They don't want an A7 processor or less than bleeding edge GPU.  They want the A8, the very latest screen and fingerprint sensor and so forth, but in a 4" screen form factor.  If you go back and read my original post that started this - or any of the others, you will see that nowhere have I said that a 4" screen model wasn't currently available.
The record breaking quarter that has been so much in the news is due to the shift from a 4" screen to two larger sizes.  What do think Apple would see in that which would make them suddenly decide to bring back a 4" premium model?  Any production capacity given over to a 4" model would be taking away capacity to produce the larger sizes if it was just an addition to the range.
Having used Paypal to retrieve payments from dodgy vendors on several occasions, I would disagree.
I have quite some personal experience in making many hundreds of payments via Paypal over some years and I am failing to see in what way they are insecure.  Could you expound on this point please.
That statistic is for physically present transactions where the retailer accepted Pay and the customer had a phone capable of making such a payment - which is why I specified "technically could have." http://blog.infoscout.co/apple-pays-black-friday-by-the-numbers/
I don't see how it is more secure.  I would say most transactions use Visa Debit over here.  You are accessing funds in your own bank account, not credit, and I have never heard of a breach of the point of sale system whereby data was intercepted and used to withdraw funds from someone's account.  I presume encryption is used.  Without the PIN, the card is unusable. Tokeneisation would seem to provide a benefit in terms of not divulging marketing and identification...
No I didn't.  I have now taken a look and that is very slick if you use an iPhone to do your on-line shopping from.  I use a laptop so I was really thinking of my own use case.  Yes, I am serious.  What security benefit does touch ID have over entering a PIN for a transaction?  The limit only applies to tap-to-pay without a PIN - there is no limit when using a PIN. Apple might conquer Europe, but I doubt it.  On Black Friday, only 5% of iPhone 6/+ users who technically...
It will be interesting to see if it achieves any meaningful penetration in Europe, where contactless payment systems have been available for a while and chip and pin for a long time.   Pay has no security benefits over the existing payment methods so I suspect only the ostentatious will bother.
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