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What Apple patents do you think the new Samsung phones breach?
So you think the two patents in question are of such epic importance to potential customers that had Samsung devices not had them, a lot of their potential customers would have gone and bought iPhones instead, just because of these two features? Personally, I doubt that.  Samsung previously had a quite fun unlock method where you could teach the phone a unique symbol/pattern that would unlock it.  It could be a Z, an O etc.  Of course you could set your symbol as just a...
Apple shareholders do not give credit to anyone but Apple for anything.
Xioami won't be able to rip off the Exynos 7420 and the Qualcom 810 seems to be a minor disaster in the making heat wise.  How exactly are they going to rip off the Edge?
 It uses NFC if it's available.
 Yeah, I wonder where...? 
It wasn't a constant radius.
Nokia 1020  from 2013 had rounded edges.  Does that mean Ive copied it?
Actually, it has nothing to do with magnetrons, it's just an inductive charger that sticks to the watch with a magnet.
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