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 "HERE is not a product that brings in direct profit" In smart person world your statement is present tense, not future tense. HERE is generating $288 Million in revenue.  Your valuation of "a few hundred million at most" is risible.  As someone who uses and really likes HERE I sincerely hope Apple doesn't purchase it and that Microsoft does.
The article states that HERE made a profit of 162 million euros. Others do not agree with your valuation: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nokias-network-profits-drop-raise-111114226.html
That is true, however, you can get slugged badly if the US rate for a particular tax is high: http://money.cnn.com/2015/01/22/pf/taxes/boris-johnson-london-mayor-us-tax/index.html 
Oh dear: http://www.engadget.com/2014/02/26/corephotonics-dual-lens-smartphone-camera/
No phone has ever had two cameras in it before, excluding of course the two I have. Good luck with having this upheld in a court dispute if anyone is silly enough to grant a patent.
As far as I am aware, the US government taxes US citizens resident in foreign countries on their earnings outside the US, even when they pay local taxes, a practice some consider so egregious that they renounce their US citizenship.  It would take but a few strokes of a pen to treat US corporations similarly. There would be no escape.  I think the clouds are gathering for large corporations internationally and there will at some point be agreements that do away with the...
The term 'overseas' is terminoligcally incorrect then as there are no large bodies of water involved.  The contrived cuteness of it all is simply astonishing.
Since Apple holds about 89% of it's cash overseas ($158 B) - I presume NYC is not in the US?
Hold on to your hats, because this might be just the start.  Australia is currently undertaking a review of corporate tax avoidance/minimisation.  Apple sold AU$27 Billion worth of goods in Australia since 2002, yet they paid only AU$193 million in tax to the Australian government - or 0.7 % of turnover.   They minimised the tax by supposedly 'purchasing' all those goods from Ireland - which must count as a miracle worthy of several beatificatons because Apple don't...
Just a wild guess, but ever heard of Incirlik Air Base?
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