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So Samsung is making vast sums of money from selling piles of junk with negligible profit margins...   ... or all those claiming that to be the case were full of it.
A storm in a cappuccino.
Speaking of reading comprehension and the other - what is the first word of the thread topic?
And you may have missed mine.
It was a joke.
No, I think you are thinking of WordStar and Visicalc.  (Yes, I do know they date from the early/mid 80s) The shame with Numbers is that Excel that ran on Windows 3.1 last century was a far deeper and superior product.
 Microsoft didn't put up billboards displaying any bugs, the advertising agency they employed made an error.  While that is amusing, Apple releasing competing software that actually does have serious basic bugs isn't amusing. The adage - 'people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones' - seems applicable.
2.2 Pages:  Whops! - sorry, mea culpa.  I miss-remembered the bug - it wasn't to do with leading and trailing space versions of punctuation characters, it was an inability to differentiate between the opening and closing variants of quotation marks such as “ ” and ‘ ’.  To Pages 4.2 they are the same character.
Numbers has a shocking bug whereby it won't allow you to reference the same cell twice in a formula.  Absolutely pitiful.  There is a work around but it shouldn't be necessary.   As for Pages, it too has a stupid bug that just shouldn't be there.  It can't differentiate a character with an intrinsic trailing or leading space from the version of the character without, so if you want to search for all instances of  " and replace it " without the preceding space it treats...
 Thanks. That's what I figured from his fanatical manner, humbug and pretentious air of superiority.
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