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So why do you imagine Apple buys stuff from Samsung instead of doing as you suggest? Are you aware of the advice Confucius gave?  'Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.'
Tizen - Bringing you round icons since 2013  
  No, I didn't make your point for you, I proved you wrong.  Piss-poor try though.
 Of course they didn't.         
Yeah, wouldn't want people inadvertently walking out of Apple Stores with B&W headphones or speakers instead of the Beats equivalent.
One is to look cool, the other is to do cool.
I just made up the 36. It could well still be 56 for all I know. 
This is a really tiresome meme.  Samsung have been using Plus with various models since at least the S2 and probably before.  They really should pare down the range of phones they make, it's utterly bewildering and confusing.  They should have 6 phone models at most, not 36.
No, I think it has a digitiser for the pen.  Wired asked Samsung why they didn't do the S6 Edge+ with a pen and they replied they could, but it would be $1000.
 'Think different' in action.  Whoops, sorry about that, what were we thinking? - we now return you to normal programming.
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