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You are claiming the arrival of the iPhone 6 somehow caused Samsung's profits in the past quarter to suddenly tank, even though there was no iPhone 6 for the majority of the period.
There is no correlation unless you support the notion that an event in the future can influence events in the past.
You and Sog still don't get it.  Look at the specs and price of the S5 and then look at the specs and price of the Xiaomi Mi 4, the One +1 etc.  These are not low-end phone competitors.  They are going head to head with the S5 in specs and yet cost a lot less.  Those who wanted a bit more known quality bought the LG G2, Sony Z2 , Z3 etc.  Xiaomi on it's own did not nick Samsung's profits, it's the plethora of Android phones with comparable specs that did.  I don't believe...
You don't appear to be reading the relevant posts.
 You are a parody of yourself.
 You just make shit up as you go: Samsung Galaxy S3 (May 2012) - 50hr & Note 3 (Sep 2012) 69hr vs iPhone 5 (Sep. 2012) 51hr & iPhone 5s (Sep. 2013) 53hr Please note that a 2012 Note 3 bests a 2014 iPhone 6 which is 61hr. http://www.gsmarena.com/battery-test.php3 You don't have arguments,  you just rant off the top of your head making up things you believe are true.  It's like talking to a religious nutter who thinks faith is the source of everything factual.
 So none of the big screens prior to the iP6 were good enough? 
Dude(sic) People holding off to buy the 6 was obvious from the iOS market share decline...  OKaaaaaay. It's 'fewer' top end phones, not 'less' - and Xiaomi certainly do make top end phones.  Compare the S5 with the Mi 4: http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=6033&idPhone2=6518 Lenovo, LG, Oppo, One +1, Huawei, Nexus and their ilk have taken sales from the S5.  I think I did mention once or twice that it was the lack of S5 sales that were the main part of Samsung's...
I read the first sentence which was so wrong there was no point reading the rest.   Samsung shot themselves in the foot with the S5 which, apart from the screen, was so underwhelming people went and bought something else.  When I was looking for a phone for my son, Samsung didn't even occur to me since all their top end phones are rather dull so I got him an LG.  Xiaomi has increased sales in the last quarter by 211.3 % and it's Apple who are the cause of Samsung's...
Someone very recently posted the statistic that 86% of iPhone users have them in a case.  Perhaps the appearance isn't their top criteria.  But the issue I was addressing was that Samsung got it right and Apple has recognised that.  iPhones do tend to look very good indeed, and Samsung's, not so much, but that is a different topic.
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