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 It's probably far worse than you think.  I doubt these celebrities were just given a few trinkets in the hope they wore them in public.  They likely are also being paid hefty fees to ensure they do wear them in public.
Is the Eucalyptus pulp Australia supplies to China from sustainable sources?  If there is anything Australia shouldn't do it's cut down any more trees.  The devastating deforestation that has already occurred in Western Australia has had many ugly repercussions, including increasing soil salinity, the spread of fungal die-back and I suspect possibly decreased rainfall in an already quite arid region.
This a very admirable move. I wonder if growing hemp might not be something they could also look at as that can be turned into paper without vast quantities of noxious chemicals. 
The fee is high in comparison with what is usually charged for electronic financial transactions in China.
Bromwich reminds me of Dr Smith in Lost in Space.
I'd call it pretentious and effete.  Suits Lagerfeld to a T.
Are. Don't you mean 'your'?  Such bad grammar - tsk tsk.
Putting aside your facetious pedantry.  If a competition is underway and has not yet concluded, it is not uncommon, and is perfectly correct to say that a party in said competition is 'in a winning position'; 'winning on points' and numerous other such usages.  I very much doubt I have made my last purchase.  'Wins or loses' imply a past tense so are inappropriate concepts.
Define a Samsung Troll.  I have a Samsung phone and a Samsung external USB HD.   There are 2 iMacs, 3 Apple Laptops, 3 iPods, an iPhone and an airport express in the house.  Oh, and a dysfunctional Apple SE in the loft. I think Apple is winning slightly. So  Samsung are providing all these phones to carriers around the world and only get paid when the carriers sell them?  Samsung have made an announcement, but they haven't provided any numbers.  If you had bothered to...
 You can get an iPhone 5S gold plated for £560.  It is quite likely some people will buy a SS Watch with Milanese bracelet and have them plated, tacky or not. 
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