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 So other phones with big screens that have rounded edges would of course feel just as much less bulky as an iP6 does.
Except for the A8 and the DRAM, yeah.
If you had ever heard Slartibardfast give an interview, you would know why.
Won't argue with that.  My idea of music doesn't incorporate the idea of 'business' except as a sideline.
Because they only really have image and don't have any actual musical talent and those things are pertinent to the one thing they do have?
They stopped.
And they won't be able to.  Existing formats are perfectly good enough given the realities of human hearing.  A miniscule number of people actually have audio equipment capable of accurately reproducing what is encoded in current formats.  Audio reproduction these days seems to mostly be from something like a POS Sonos at the high end and a wide variety of rather small bluetooth speakers at the other.
I love the way you fly off the handle on a rant at the slightest thing. It wasn't Apple's servers being overloaded.  If you choose to use bullshit advertising by claiming your stuff 'just works'  you are setting yourself up for quite justified criticism when it doesn't.  But thanks for your delightful and civil as usual input.
Hah!   The CIA put Ireland ahead of Germany?  You got problems....   ;-)
iBooks - Cannot Connect to the iBooks Store   I love the way things 'just work'.   Edit: Ok, solved, but that was a fix worthy of Windows.   Not there.  Must be US only.
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