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1) Yes2) No3) Yet to be seen, probably no4) Possibly5) No6) Big no Someone said there is now no reason not to switch to an iPhone, but there is - cost - which is a legitimate concern for people who are not on 6-7 figure incomes.  I recently purchased an LG G2 for my son, it cost  €350 ($453).  An iP6 would have cost €800 ($1,036).
They are interchangeable and there is no functional difference when paying as they use the same terminals. Doesn't the 'Location' field to the left with the users details provide a clue?  I live in Ireland where chip equipped, and NFC cards have been in use for ages.  I was recently in Australia and NFC seemed to be pretty ubiquitous there. The US is so astonishingly advanced in most areas and yet seems surprisingly backwards in others, like card and currency security. ...
Yeah I can't understand how I could possibly have 3 NFC equipped cards in my wallet without Apple being involved /s
Hit a nerve, Snarkmeister?
 Sherlock Holmes - in the 'Files that came in from the cold.'
Those two statements are not mutually exclusive, quite the reverse.
 Nokia have a new model, the 735, which has a 6.7 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera for selfies and Skype calls.  It also has very impressive battery life.  I imagine it will appeal to quite few people given it's about a quarter the cost of an iPhone 6. Panasonic have probably just raised the bar for cameras in Phones with their just announced DMC-CM1- just a bit  f/2.8 Leica DC Elmarit lens and a one inch 20 MP sensor on the back and a 4.7" Android phone on the front...
I really don't know what you are talking about.  The phone I mentioned I sold within a few weeks because I found the camera disappointing.  I lost about €15 on it.  I have been transferring photos, pdf's and music files between my Macs and phones via Bluetooth for the past 6 years.  Bluetooth file transfer is commonplace and is still going strong.
And why wouldn't it be?
Don't you get rain in Thailand?  We get lot's here, which is reason enough. Only 0.0001 % of people?  Is that why Apple put so many water damage stickers in iPhones?
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