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 And there you go with one of your classic dumb-as-f**k one-liners that are so incredibly wrong, people scarcely know where to start with a response. http://www.businessinsider.com/iphone-6-survey-battery-life-2014-7 
This would have to be a first for me where some of the renders were more impressive than the actual device.  I think the thinner continuous band with a curved screen were where Apple should have been on this. 
So Swatch customers will switch to the $1000 iPhone 6 Apple Watch combo in droves?  I don't think so.  Nor do I see Omega being put out of business either. I am actually very impressed with the Apple Watch, but it's too big and heavy for me.  the price is very reasonable. Due to the woeful stream, I may have missed some details.  Does it measure blood pressure and/or blood glucose?  Most important, is it waterproof? I think for the sport range they should have used...
Because Apple are too obsessed with thinness.  Most people would rather Apple put higher capacity batteries in their phones and made them a bit thicker.  If they had done that with the 6 they would have had the room to put in the better camera.  A game changer for Apple but not if you happen to have a Nokia 1020 with it's 6 element Zeiss lens.
You were saying...
Pssssttt... I heard that if you have a 5.5" iPhone and visit Stonehenge with it at midnight on the winter solstice, a very interesting phenomenon will occur.
Thanks, but I think I'll make that assessment for myself.
 There are lots worse.  I hate them, but have you seen Nixon watches? Then there's this: 
They are not going to pay Apple billions to duplicate security they themselves are already paying to introduce.   Only a small fraction of CC transactions would be via iPhones because worldwide, they are not the dominant platform, so only a minority of transactions would ever  be likely to be done via an iPhone.  And all that is leaving aside the probability that most CC transactions these days are probably done online, where an iPhone would by irrelevant.  I am struggling...
I don't like derp.
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