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Because I didn't realise it was Flash because I use a Macbook pro - sorry.
  So if you run it just as a watch, the battery will last two days.  I'll stick to a dumb watch that runs for 20 years non stop.
My headphones areGood headphones are good headphones.  My headphones have a rated frequency response of 5 hz - 30,000 Hz.  They handle bass pretty well by not exaggerating it and being technically capable and competent at reproducing what in in the recording.  Producing intentionally non-flat, bass-heavy headphones and speakers does not get you closer to the intention of the music producer if they were any good and had half a clue as to what they were doing..  If you have...
Lightning is dead.  USB-C seems to be where things are headed.  Well, there's a first for everything.  So would that lower quality he's talking about people settling for include all those 128 kbps AAC tracks people actually bought and paid for from the iTunes store and had no choice but to settle for?  Funny thing is I think 192 kbps MP3 was more or less the standard file sharers used - well those who weren't using FLAC.  You best replicate the sound of any album, modern...
No it isn't.
You don't think that occasionally some people might consider job/life satisfaction to be a higher priority than absolute remuneration level?
Shhhhh.... keep this a secret. Don't tell anyone - 'they' are listening - it's much worse than you think.  'They' have infiltrated the USPTO too.  Taken it over completely.  'They' have even gotten into the Judiciary in the UK and Germany - replaced 'em with clones.  Remember that guy who claimed to have cloned human stem cells.  He was one of 'them' and he didn't stop there - and that disgraced thing was just a cover up so they could make it all go dark.  Be real careful...
Starting with a certain very large wafer fab in Austin Texas.
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