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Yeah - trying to avoid buying from Samsung
 Are you actually  DeD head? You claim the WWDC where iOS was previewed was nearly two months prior to the release of Tizen 2.2, which you say borrows the round horizontal sliders from iOS 7.  The WWDC started on June 10th.  Tizen 2.2 was released on July 21nd.  That is not "nearly 2 months"  in my Weltanschauung. But ok, Samsung's lightning fast coders might barely have had time to copy those rounded sliders you seem so irate over - except, yet again, they must have been...
  Apple is finished - game over.  Obviously from what you have said Samsung knows what Apple are up to nearly a year in advance, they might as well give up. On the other hand, you could be wrong.
Samsung might have got an architecture licence from ARM: http://www.eetimes.com/author.asp?section_id=36&doc_id=1319096
 He was communicating in a second language,  What's your excuse?
It is not easy for competitors to 'duplicate' Samsung's products as Samsung hold a lot of patents and no one can make the base components in competing volume, quality and price. Just look at the lengths their competitors have had to go to to steal their large panel OLED TV tech - major scale industrial espionage and hijacking OLED TV display models in-transit to trade shows.
 You are right, the battery performance of the Note 3 is nowhere near the 5s.  In GSMarena's  battery test the Note 3 scores a 75Hr endurance rating vs a 54Hr rating for the 5s. Isn't it remarkable how Samsung electronics can post a 13.1% increase in profit (Q3) over 2012 vs Apple's 25.1% profit decrease for the same period on the basis of these supposedly low margins.  The notion that Samsung's margins are razor thin are utter nonsense in the face of their financial...
 No.  All display technologies rely on optical illusions.  It is the quality/effectiveness of the illusion the viewer perceives at a normal viewing distance that matters, not 20x macro photos blown up to show what the individual pixels look like.
That has to be nearly the 20th time you have said that or something similar.  We got your whinge months ago.
New Posts  All Forums: