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Competition is good.  The Samsung Exynos 7420 leapfrogged the A8 and now the A9 has leapfrogged it.
Yep.  Did you read how the Chinese have been awarded a contract to build a rail link between Las Vegas and Los Angeles with trains built using everything they learned from the Japanese? 
How about the processors in most iPhones, the SSDs in most Macs and the screens in Macbook Retina Pro's?
 Six posts in a row...
 Someone made a hitchhiking robot that managed to hitchhike across Canada, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands.  It didn't last long in the US before it was destroyed.
Not if someone put it in a Faraday cage you wouldn't.
And what will it do if one day there is news that iOS and Apple's corporate computers have been compromised that all iOS devices have effectively been spying for the Chinese and phoning home for the past 6 months? Apple could shift production to India or Brazil.
Apple should just pull out of China altogether.
I think if Apple really wanted them Samsung would be happy to expand capacity.  I doubt Foxconn and Apple can retool the Sharp facility because they probably don't have the patents as Samsung and LG would have most of those.
 The article does not say Seiko is going upmarket to survive.  You are making that up just as you did with your previous post where you just made up shit about declining sales for Seiko, Casio and Citizen.  The article does say "Net profit almost quadrupled to ¥3.73 billion, also a record high for April-June".  How does a person interpret that as a struggle for survival? Nothing in those links supports any of your assertions and you have still not provided anything to...
New Posts  All Forums: