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    Some time ago I created an audio file that had sections that were from a 223 kbps AAC rip of the original CD track and sections that were from a lossless WAV rip.  You can grab it here. I would be very interested to hear if anyone thinks they can discern where the quality transitions.
I would bet that $45 figure includes a lot of phones that don't run Windows Phone 8.1 and which still have the Nokia name on them.
It is a loophole; which is not the same thing as tax evasion.  A loophole is essentially a legally valid exploit that leverages an opportunity resulting in an outcome that was unforeseen or unintended by those who legislated the opportunity.   In Australia, Apple paid a paltry AU$80.3 M in tax on revenue of AU$6 Billion.  That is around 1.3% in tax I think.  The tax legislation which allowed that sort of outcome, was never formulated with the intent to legitimately allow...
Obama's fixing of the loophole of overseas profits is now going to see those who argued that Apple and other companies that were 'just doing what they legally could' suddenly find some other line of argument now, I suspect. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-31085912
Ah, got you.  No, you are quite correct, if my Paypal account was hacked then I doubt there would be any protection, however, Paypal does not have my bank details, only CC details - Visa Debit and Mastercard.  I believe that if I were to raise a dispute with those companies over being hacked, that they might provide some protection. I am also protected by my transaction amount limits.  I can only see my Paypal account being hacked through use of a key logger, in which...
I am not entirely sure what you mean.  They seller is protected in the sense they don't get an acknowledgement of payment until Paypal have managed to withdraw the funds from my account - they are then credited with the transaction amount.  As a buyer, I am protected in the sense that if I don't receive the goods (it's up to the seller to use a verified delivery method) or they are not as described or are defective, I can approach Paypal with evidence supporting my dispute...
 Yes, in some circumstances your PIN might be observed, but that information is of no use without the card.I think you are confusing chip and pin a bit with mag stripe.  As far as I can ascertain, a chip and pin card can not be cloned.  I found a reference to an instance where a very sophisticated gang did manage to compromise some terminals and were able to obtain some details from cards, but the cards they produced were not chip and pin and had to be exported to...
You are completely missing the point.  There are people who want Apple to bring back a premium model with 4" screen.  They don't want an A7 processor or less than bleeding edge GPU.  They want the A8, the very latest screen and fingerprint sensor and so forth, but in a 4" screen form factor.  If you go back and read my original post that started this - or any of the others, you will see that nowhere have I said that a 4" screen model wasn't currently available.
The record breaking quarter that has been so much in the news is due to the shift from a 4" screen to two larger sizes.  What do think Apple would see in that which would make them suddenly decide to bring back a 4" premium model?  Any production capacity given over to a 4" model would be taking away capacity to produce the larger sizes if it was just an addition to the range.
Having used Paypal to retrieve payments from dodgy vendors on several occasions, I would disagree.
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