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The term half-baked implies something half finished.  If the OP, meant what you state, then you are both applying  an arbitrary and meaningless definition as to what constitutes an adequately functional processor.  There seems to be an implication that the stock Arm Big Little design Samsung is using is somehow inadequate.  That seems to be somewhat of an odd notion given that in Anandtech's benchmarking of the S6 Edge it bettered an iPhone 6 model in 16 out of 22 benchmarks.
And because paper is gone, the planes were still there.
The Exynos 7420 is anything but 'half baked'.  There are rumours that Samsung are working on custom cores for their next effort and have already achieved a 45% improvement over the stock ARM A57.
As predicted; out of Vietnam - a gold plated Watch for $1000. http://www.gsmarena.com/a_goldplated_apple_watch_out_of_vietnam_costs_just_1000-news-12074.php 
Can you please provide a link - with actual numbers - showing Sales of iPhones in Korea currently being higher than sales of the S6?  The only actual numbers I have seen are those provided by Atlas Research, and those numbers do not show what you claim, quite the reverse.
Wouldn't it have been a rather good idea if Apple had put a USB 3 port on the power adapter, rather than squeeze another $19 out of people who had already forked over $1300?  About 90% of the issues would never arise then.
BF was perma-frosted (banned)
 iPhone 6 sales are not beating S6 sales in Korea.  The Atlas Research report had 2nd week in April figures of 35,003 sales of iPhone 6s vs 79,586 for the Samsung S6/edge.  Furthermore, The Atlas report that claimed iPhone 6 sales had declined only marginally, doesn't appear to be quite accurate as it failed to take into account the near 50% drop in iPhone sales in the weeks prior to the S6 launch, possibly due to anticipation of the S6 launch.   iPhone 6 sales were 65018...
My camera has an SD card, USB port/cable and Wifi.  Of the three, by far the fastest and most convenient method for transferring photos is to just pull the SD card and pop it into the slot in the laptop. I feel sorry for Neil.  He has given an honest review from the point of view of someone trying to do an active real-life task with the new Macbook and found that it isn't well suited to what he was trying to do.  I think he was trying to make a point that for people who...
New Posts  All Forums: