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Nah, I reckon water and air are more widely agreed upon.
    Well done for so eloquently proving his point and for handing him the win on a plate. LoL
Anyone else notice how that Nielsen graphic is visually misleading?  Android is noted numerically as having 51% of the market but the area of the graphic given over to the OS is only about 33% at a guess.  
Samsung claim the S III is selling well:     http://www.electronista.com/articles/11/07/03/samsung.breaks.own.record.with.galaxy.s.ii.sales/   and:       I know from other forums that the S III is a very popular device with many people choosing them - so is the iPhone.  The US is probably Apple's safest market.  I am not surprised many AI posters do not have personal anecdotal evidence of the popularity of Samsung devices, as they do not have the same prominence in the US...
If it was indeed a private API, then you are correct and I would withdraw the part of my comment that refers to this incident.  However, where in the original article is there mention the API was private?  The only mention of that I have seen is someones supposition.
It equally shows Apple's slack efforts at testing their products before putting them in the hands of users.
I know it's Apple, so they won't do it, but I think I would not be the only person who would like the retina screen as an option on the older style Macbook Pros.   The new Macbook Pro Retinas should really have been called Air Pro.  I can just about swallow the fixed Ram and SSD, but the battery situation is more of a worry.  Having to pack up your machine and send it away somewhere just to get a new battery put in is ridiculous - as is the price for doing so.  It...
I use Duckduckgo as my default search engine for over 90% of my search needs as a consequence of their admirable privacy policy.  
Your cut is being used to pay the salaries of the Judges who are having to deal with the various Apple - Samsung disputes. ;-)   The fine isn't really big enough to bother Google but the damage to their image will be far greater and richly deserved.
I suspect this bit from the article may hold the key:       It implies that Noise Free believe Apple's subsequent patent filing, and the tech used by Audience,  is based on their code obtained through reverse-engineering a device lent to them under confidentiality.   If true, expect an out-of-court settlement and Apple sailing on serenely.
New Posts  All Forums: