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I have a Samsung phone. It has a retina class AMOLED display behind Gorilla glass. The body is aluminium. The build quality is superb and every bit as good as Apple's. It doesn't copy anything to do with Apple, did stand out, I wanted to buy it and did.As for copying. At the time of launch it had a message centre, could act as a Wifi hotspot and you could stream media to and from it from DNLA capable devices. Apple's iOS didn't copy these features until about a year...
Why is everyone so focused on Tim Cook? He hasn't the aesthtics or vision to replace Jobs. Jobs said that his chosen successor was Jonny Ives and that he had engineered the power structures within Apple so that Ives would have more operational power than anyone else. http://www.appleinsider.com/articles..._at_apple.html
5 years to fix an issue! Why even bother.
Apparently enterprises in Switzerland are adopting the Note on a large scale. They have sold over two million so far. Ineptitude it was not. I was on a train in Switzerland recently. Sitting across from me was what 20+ years ago I would have called a yuppie. He was using a Note and also had an iPad. The Note got a lot more use.
Thanks for having an honest listen.
re SACD: It is known that some SACD releases involved re-mixing and mastering so it would not be surprising if there was an audible difference in some cases. A fundamental Psychoacoustic principle is that, all else being equal, if there is a volume level mismatch between two samples, test subjects will report the louder one as being of higher quality. So your night and day SACD experience could be simply down to loudness. The tests I have done have involved care and...
I haven't used foobar personally. I did sighted comparisons between my iPod playing compreesed tracks vs a CD player playing the originals. My pre-amp is a Meridian 201 and allows for inputs to be volume matched. I would cue up the devices so they were playing the same track in sync time-wise, as much as possible, then used the remote to switch between sources. For moderate to high compression rates i couldn't hear a difference. Thinking my hearing was possibly not...
See my post above. Audiophiles have been stumped. It is not a lie. Public listening tests involving many listeners using foobar and its blind ABX module have proven that except for a microscopic number of tracks which tripped up the codecs. Take a look at the tests and the results: http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/...p?showforum=40 I created a file which interleaves 223 kbps AAC and source. No one, particularly HiFi buffs who say the difference is like night and...
For over a year now, I have been searching for someone who can prove they can hear the difference between 223 kbps AAC and the uncompressed source. No one has yet managed to. I am sure your listening pleasure is enhanced by the belief that you can hear a difference. So that is good. But objectively, you are probably just like myself and most other people and cant really hear a difference.
ALAC is unnecessary for high quality audio. Anything above 160 kbps AAC sounds good to most people. Anyway, the whole cloud concept is hugely oversold as it is of very doubtful utility in many cases.
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