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You really would think Apple would have learned the lesson from the previous Shuffle, there is such a thing as pointlessly small. Utility is all. I think if you had the old and new Nanos on sale in a store side by side, the old one would outsell the new 3:1. It is too small and too fiddly for what gain? The new Touch and Shuffle are good, but the Nano is a fail in my eyes.
If they don't, Jobs' comment about Adobe being lazy would look just a wee bit hypocritical.
To demonstrate how terribly common flash is and how only the elite should have the privilege. we don't want the riff raff, like myself who only has 10.5.8, to be able to tune in, let alone the dregs of society who use PCs.
When you actually look at the physical parts on iFixit, they appear to be different, so I think you are incorrect.http://www.ifixit.com/iPhone-Parts/i...play/IF142-001http://www.ifixit.com/iPod-Parts/iPo...-LCD/IF176-000http://www.ifixit.com/iPhone-Parts/i...play/IF137-001
Arse - you are talking out of it.The iPod and iPhone screens may have been the same size, but they weren't the same part.http://gizmodo.com/299774/tested-iph...d-touch-screen
I remember being loudly denounced when I had the temerity to suggest a touch based OSX was possible, in the time when the iSlate was just a rumour. So this looks interesting. I never did, and still don't, get why people say OSX is not optimised for touch and never could be, yet Apple make products like the MB Pro and now the stand alone trackpad. Does everyone but me buy and use a mouse with their MBP? The trackpad is just a touch sensitive surface. If it were...
Comes with a years supply of extra strength Koolaid and an improved set of blinkers with even larger baffles.I wish people would stop referring to 'Apple's custom A4' processor. It has well and truly been outed as a Samsung Hummingbird. Probably the only 'custom' bit of it is the labeling on the chip.
Did you read the article this thread is based on? The phone was jailbroken to enable a feature Apple prevent. That is not stealing, neither is doing it to enable a wider choice of txt message tones, to enable tethering, better facilitate the use of the phone when traveling overseas or enabling the use of a volume key as a shutter button for the camera.
Was this sarcasm are you dwelling in a place so far from reality you were serious? I have a Macbook Pro. I can and do download software and content from the internet and have never had a security problem. Have you ever heard of something called Opensource or know the part it has played in OSX and software that runs on it? If Apple had been so restrictive with their computers, there wouldn't be an Apple today because no one would have bought any. Wake up.You think Apple...
The way I read this is that HTML5 is not all it is cracked up to be and that everyone's favourite iDevice may not work with Youtube. Meanwhile, on the good ship Android, with captain Froyo at the helm, the Chief Steward, Flash 10, continues to look after all the passengers.
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