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The whole thing is all rather strange.  I think it isn't about LTE, but has to do with production problems with the 5 octa.    
You are distorting the figures a bit by presuming no other Android phone manufacturer has sold a single high-end phone, which isn't the case so it's more than 100 M  Then you are ignoring the Samsung Note.  In Nov 2012, Samsung announced they had sold 5 M note II's worldwide.  The previous month the figure was 3 M.  So if the sales of 2 M a month have continued, the sales of the Note II might be approaching 15 M by now.  They sold 10 M of the original Note by Sep...
It doesn't support his weltanschauung, therefore it's bogus.   It's the time honoured methodology employed by governments and politicians faced with inconvenient truths - attack the credibility of the messenger and try at all costs not to engage the message.
  That appears to not be the case.   http://www.tech-thoughts.net/2012/07/global-smartphone-market-share-trends.html
Yea, I'd like to do that to the very first post too.
  This gentleman might just possibly be able to afford an iPhone:     But perhaps not quite as easily as he could few days ago.
But does that take into account cost of living differences?  I suspect US$35K will buy you a lot more in India than in the US - excepting Apple products of course.
  Was it something I said?
Old school 2.1 system:  Sources -> Pre amp -> Power Amp -> Speakers.  Sources are usually either an iPod or a CD player.  In place of the iPod, I substitute my phone, which has Allshare.  I can then stream from my laptop to the phone and the music comes out the speakers.  No Android devices involved.  Allshare works, but the software is a bit limited and inelegant.  I was hoping Airplay would be better and that I could stream to an iPod Touch, in the same way I can...
  DLNA is supported by a very wide range of devices.  Not sure if it is truly 'open', but there are open source projects based on it.  Allshare is just one implementation of DLNA I believe.     You simply did not understand what I wrote.  I am talking about connecting a device to an existing HiFi, with that device being the one I wish to stream to.  I initially thought I ought to be able to stream to a Touch, which was connected to the HiFi.  As explained, Airplay doesn't...
New Posts  All Forums: