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 So DeD head is hinting Apple copied those elements from Samsung then.  They have been on show before anyone saw any aspects of iOS 7. The Note III doesn't have 64bit architecture and it's no slouch in performance terms.  It's GPU outperforms the 5s according to Anandtech.  But seriously, the performance of all the high end phones is so impressive that arguing which one is a few percent better in specs or performance is willy waving.
 No, saphire has significantly less light transmission than good optical glass and cameras systems usually go to some trouble to exclude IR and UV as it isn't helpful for taking normal photos.  Every lens element would have to be saphire if you wanted to pass invisible wave lengths and those would be uneconomical to manufacture.
Whatever use Apple had in mind for liquidmetal has long since been shelved in favour of an alternative design that doesn't require it.
I doubt this is for home buttons and camera windows - not at that price.  Apple must have something else in mind.  The watch?
Perhaps Lauren Jobs should write an 'Open Letter' to Tim pointing out she owns 8% of Apple's shares and damn sight more than Icahn and urge him not to give the greedy prick the time of day.  Bravo Bill!
Apple should just buy Vodafone and some other profitable big companies and reduce their hoard that way and tell Eyebrows to go ....
People like Icahn have only one goal and that is to line their own pockets. It is inevitably at someones else's expense. He should be told to FOAD.
You are right, so of course Apple made it $399.
Not really.   I know someone who was put on it for post-operative pain relief and they said it worked well.
Given the state of world economies at the moment, advocating the opening shot in a major trade war isn't going to do Apple or anyone else any good. Given the mood of some politicians in the US towards Apple's tax exploits, I would have thought it unwise of Apple to constantly be calling for more and more effort by the federal government on it's behalf.  I am surprised Obama didn't tell Tim Cook that if he wanted a speedier response to litigating patent issues, he ought to...
New Posts  All Forums: