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My example was not meant to be serious. I actually even meant a physical book and not an e-book. I was just using something extreme to highlight the awful complications that regional DRM throws up for consumers.
I came across this rather good piece by a journalist who is a self proclaimed Apple avoider: http://blogs.zdnet.com/perlow/?p=12464 He mentions buying an iPad but being more than slightly annoyed by Apple telling him what content he can have on the device. Specifically thousands of adult titles from Amazon and other publishers The other one that beggars belief is regional content restriction. This is the worst form of DRM that has ever been foisted on the world. ...
AI - please note for future reference that Quadra 610 needs to be spoon fed so would you please ensure your subject headers comply with his requirements - thank you.
Apple have been stuck in sub 64gb land for years for their portable devices and there is still nothing in sight that I am aware of that will get them out of this rut, anytime soon. The prices have hardly dropped either. I want an ipod Touch with 128 gb+. I don't care if it is thick, or heavy due to a large battery. Nand is a promise that doesn't look like being fulfilled.
Did you read the bit that said "at least six...". You have taken that part and interpreted it as a confirmed and fixed quantity equal to 6, which is not what was said at all. While a journalist might relatively easily find out the names of the employees forming the top echelons of a company, getting a full list of all the employees would be extremely doubtful, let alone trying to determine the current whereabouts of all of them. The article could as easily be trying to...
My interpretation is that PF may have assumed that those who would otherwise have just cherry picked tracks will be forced to purchase entire albums in order to get the tracks they want. Before iTunes, this is the model that prevailed.
Once was enough, thanks. This isn't about artistic integrity, it's about greed.
If you are going to transcode for use on an iPhone you should use AAC. What is your definition of 'toy'? I doubt you could hear a difference between a 224 kbs AAC file played from an iphone via a dock and the original .flac played from anything you care to nominate. If you want a lossless format on an iPhone or iPad, just transcode the .flac to Apple Lossless. I am pretty sure you can stream from an iPhone/iPad to a home audio system using an airport express. I think it...
Apple are doing their best to hold back Android handsets. It reminds me of the tale of King Canute trying to hold back the sea. Samsung are featuring some new handsets with a feature they refer to as multi-touch.. Considering the proportion of Samsung components in Apple devices, anyone care to place bets that they don't take on Samsung over patent infringement?
Yay! we agree on something. If AI isn't in fact owned by Apple, it might as well be.HD eh, really?
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