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Let me see if I have got this right: People will actually pay you money for saying a company did well this year and you therefore expect they might do even better the following year? Where can I get some of this action?
Er, the xBox was already there, It wasn't purchased to do that job. Vuze was free, so getting the functionality cost nothing.
I am not surprised sales of the Apple TV are flat. I have Vuze on the Macbook and an xBox 360 hooked up to the TV. This all pretty much provides the functionality of the ATV.
No shÃ*t, I never would have thought... A product sized just for Colombo. There is an HP netbook with a 16:9 10.1" screen, so I think that would be about as narrow as anything Apple is likely to use: Dimensions: 10.3″(H) x 6.54″(W) Oh so pocket friendly, that. Really? I would say more fool anyone who buys a mobile phone too big or too expensive to put in their pocket - but I am sure that will go down like a lead balloon.You reckon? Does seem to be well colour...
http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...ealth+national Which companies specialising in medical equipment can match what Apple can do with OS-hardware synergy? The sort of device the medical industry would find useful would be beyond the scope of specialist manufacturers to produce - as evidenced by the National Institutes of Health people approaching Jobs. They obviously recognised this truth and acted accordingly. I think the iSlate will have a very pronounced...
Yes, Spain is the obvious choice.
Do people who use the stupid term 'cannibalize' ever stop to think? Can you fit a 10.1" device in your pocket or are you going to be seen holding it to your ear while making a phone call? So much for impacting iPhone sales. Have you ever heard of the iPod Touch? The whole concept of cannibalism of one's own products is daft. You give the consumers choice - a range of products - and they choose whatever most suits them. So long as they buy one of your products and not...
He was not rude.
Not chalk. That is what you get if you lightly scratch a piece of slate with a sharp object - in this case the pointy enfd of a sharp stone.
iPad - for that inconvenient time of the month.
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