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Have you actually read what is supposed to have transpired? The word 'rape' should never have been used in connection with this matter as it devalues the seriousness of the word and concept. Have a read: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2010...assange-sweden
Typical Apple.
Ask.com has a feature called AskEraser which if enabled, they claim will result in search data not being retained.As for for not trusting the UK with data, that would be rather funny if you are US based. The NSA monitor everything, whether legally entitled to or not. Then there are the mandated GPS chips in cell phones supposedly for when emergency numbers are dialed: http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmem...int_by_law.php
LCD can not compete with OLED. OLED is still in it's infancy and already outperforms LCD which is a very mature technology.
I would have been impressed if they had invested in OLED rather than LCD as they are the future.
Apple should buy an Australian company called Nearmap (aka Ipernica) if they want to beat Google at their own game. http://www.nearmap.com/products/photomap-gallery They have a very innovative system using aerial photography where they can cover a city like Sydney in just six hours whereas a conventional approach by another company took 40 days. They photomapped 30,000 sq Km at 7cm resolution in just six weeks.
. http://www.gsmarena.com/display_shootout-review-541.php I have a Samsung Wave which has a Super AMOLED display. Those who have not lived with a screen of this calibre for some time are simply fooling themselves if they think anything else is as good. The Wave screen is actually slightly better than the Galaxy S because it has the same resolution but since the screen is smaller - 84mm vs 100mm - the pixel pitch is smaller making it appear slightly sharper. I am...
It's a nice dictionary definition that is now quite divorced from reality. if you called someone a tinker in the UK or Ireland, you had better be prepared to bleed. Tinkers used to do those sorts of things decades ago but these days their principle activities are most definitely less quaint.
Tinker: • Brit., chiefly derogatory a gypsy or other person living in an itinerant community. tinkerer? ;-)
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