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Tinker: • Brit., chiefly derogatory a gypsy or other person living in an itinerant community. tinkerer? ;-)
Monitors are a bleeding edge technology?
Don't feel bad - I have always questioned the manhood of iPhone users. I'll try and break this to you gently - no, it means they prefer other women with iPhones.
Isn't a lot of the stuff on a SIM card encrypted? A ton of stuff works on PCs, but not on Macs. Sure they could swap data between devices but you would find umpteen devices which you could not do so with a Mac because the vendor couldn't be arsed writing a driver or App. Companies as big as Samsung don't even write Mac versions of their apps to support their own phones, such as enabling such basics as firmware updating. The idea of a universal mechanism for exchanging...
Australian actually. I now realize why you have such a chip on your shoulder and inferiority complex concerning European phone operating costs - my condolences.So how would your phone number belong to two different carriers simultaneously? How would international prefixes work?. Would you still have to add the international prefixes for every local call, if so, that would be a pain, and if not, how would calls from your home network find you`?Given the hassle of...
Well given that AI posted this article at 21:26, that would make the time in london 05:26 if the AI clock is relevant to California. So the answer to your question is likely to be 'asleep'. Seriously, Americans have a very poor reputation when it comes to their knowledge of geography, but I had no idea it was so bad that you weren't aware the earth is roughly spherical.See aboveWere insane eh? You lot have far more serious deficiencies - see above.OMG, someone speaking...
While its strength to weight would allow it to be used to make something as strong, but lighter, it would cost more as well. I think Apples main interest is in using it for small complicated parts that are very highly stressed, like hinges. This rather 'awkward' video attempts to demonstrate differences between thin sheet liquidmetal and thin sheet anodised aluminium: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Kczwxy3_TM While the liquidmetal is clearly superior, it just desn't seem...
I like carbon fiber. I don't see the batteries as being a surmountable problem. They are already based on lithium, the lightest metal. Speaking of which, I wonder why Apple don't look at applying the unibody idea to magnesium instead of Aluminium. There is a glut at the moment and it's cheap. It's Lighter than Al and stiff. I know it is reactive as all hell, but maybe they could coat it with Titanium nitride or some other surface treatment to get round the problem.
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