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Maybe they all know that the 'one more thing' Apple TV - or whatever it is - would rely on deals with content providers and they know the negotiations aren't going as they would have liked.  
The best thing about the new iMacs is they provide even more vindication for having bought the 15" Macbook Pro.  
It also puts the lie to the idea that Apple performs a feat of incomparable economic magic and manages to have enormous margins that are not based on selling at a hefty premium.  Which is perfectly OK, as more than enough people seem to have no problem paying for the premium.  
100% ?
The whole myth that Samsung doesn't make any profit making phones is extraordinary. It is based on 'analysts' calculations. Since Samsung is very, very vertically integrated, how would the analysts have a clue as to Samsung's true margins?Normally we take analysts spoutings with more than pinch of salt - except where they say something like Apple makes all the profits.http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/27/us-samsung-idUSTRE80P1KY20120127Sort of puts what you claim in...
Samsung were making phones long before Apple. If anything, It's Apple that couldn't resist the appeal of the mobile market.
So really not the slightest proof Apple intends to 'switch from Samsung'. Given Cook's past supply chain genius tactics, is it any wonder TSMC wouldn't have a bar of commiting to Apple? Fool me once...
I have a patent on eye rolling - see you in court.
http://www.anandtech.com/show/3774/welcome-to-valhalla-inside-the-new-250gb-xbox-360-slim/3   XBox slim: Less than half the noise of the original XBox and less than half the power cosumption.  A measured 87W watts to play Halo 3.  Pretty good value cost wise, I'd say.  The failure rate is around 10-15 %.   I still have one of the ultra noisy, power hungry Xbox 360s from 2007.  The failure rate was terrible.  It failed within 12 months, was repaired under warranty,...
Well in the case of Australia, they have a long history of retrospective tax legislation.  If they feel companies have been exploiting loopholes in artificially contrived ways to 'legitimately' evade tax, they have been known to to close the loophole and charge tax retrospectively.  I don't agree with the practice, but you did ask.
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