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Is that you DED - I mean Chicken Little?
 You have gone to great lengths to give the impression that I am wrong without actually stating whether or not it would be easier or harder to break a very thin Sapphire screen vs a Gorilla glass one of the same thickness.
 Explain how Apple can lower the cost of Sapphire immensely when it requires 4000% more energy to produce and requires diamond saws to cut and expensive machinery using diamond polishes to finish the cut pieces  to a usable state?  Did someone at Apple that i haven't heard of go to Hogwarts and can just wave their wand over a large pile of Aluminium Oxide and hey presto, produce a large pile of finished sheets at next to no cost? Corning don't rely solely on Apple as a...
Obviously the spec is sufficient for streaming HD content to fulfill it's intended purpose.  Why does it need a higher capacity AC?  In what way could you utilise that extra capacity if it had it?
I pretty much always hang up on answer machines. It's nice to leave those who use them guessing, though caller ID has taken the fun out of it a bit.
Lol - I am well aware of Apple's reasons for basing their EU HQ here.
 Amazing isn't it.  Apple have their European headquarters in Ireland, even used to manufacture some stuff here, and yet, there still isn't a single Apple store in the country. Yes, i would say 50:1
Like most of the other commentators here you don't get it.  You were in a room with individuals who all probably have 6 figure incomes and you think your sample is relevant?  Were any of those individuals wearing overalls or T shirts?  I would suspect not.  Would you conclude then,  that no one wears overalls or T shirts? My suspicion is that the figures reflect the very large number of people who don't have 6 figure incomes or share portfolios stuffed with Apple shares...
Only if they keep the analogue audio out!   If you think about 4K TV, I think a rather good way for Apple to spend a bit of their cash hoard would be to create a Satellite infrastructure capable of delivering very wide encrypted bandwidth to Apple devices, because the problem I see with most media markets is that they are insular, regionalised and fragmented.  If Apple had control of a massive world-spanning content pipe I think they could leverage that to their...
 I don't know if you have noticed this but that 'problem' you mention is actually a feature well and truly paid for by the consumer and they have every right to expect longevity.  You make it sound like it's a generous Apple freebie. I don't think there should be any time limit on security upgrades - well 10 years maybe.  If the door locks on your Toyota were under software control and an exploit was developed to render them ineffective at some point via say a phone app,...
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