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The word you want is 'mired'. It has an Irish connotation too - boggy ground - making it perfect.
This. I said the same in an earlier thread.
Go and join the Taliban and then you can vent your spleen in the company of like minded individuals. Are you even aware of what website you are on, it's name, and what that name implies?
This topic keeps cropping up - Apple's development of products seemingly frustrated and limited by available bandwidth.When the iPhone and iGreed were simultaneously introduced, where Apple sought a share of the ongoing connection/subscription revenue, I thought that Apple should just build/buy and operate it's own telecoms network with a near worldwide presence - like Vodafone. That way they could provide as much iBandwidth as necessary for the devices they sell, and...
Er, no. I have owned a Sony K750i which had a 2MP camera. My Samsung Jet and Wave have 5MP camera. The latter two produce images of far higher quality than the former. They K750i was fantastic in it's day but it's no contest However, I briefly had a Sony C905 that had an 8MP camera. It produced better images than the K750i but not by as much as I would have expected, which is why I offloaded it in a hurry and bought a Jet, which at 5MP produced much better images than...
Reality distortion field alert - it's definetly spreading. My Samsung Wave was released on June 1 and has a better screen than the iP4 which was released on June 24. It's Apple that is playing catch up - which it didn't manage to do.
I wish you hadn't said that. I have happily been using nothing but a track pad to operate my Powerbook Ti and now my Macbook unibody and now all of a sudden you point out to me that the OS was not designed for fingers, so what I have been doing for nigh on a decade is all wrong. \
I would call that a precision strike - well said.
Get yourself a Samsung Galaxy - or whatever the local version of it is over there - and enable it as a WiFi router. Then connect your IP4 to the galaxy via WiFi. The Galaxy will be connected to the net via 3G.
I have been using DLNA to stream content to an Xbox and to and from both Sony and Samsung mobiles. In the case of the Xbox I have been doing so for over year. Suddenly Apple decides to hypocritically eschew the existing open standard - DLNA - and introduce a competing propritry system which is all of what - 2 weeks old? - yet it is immediately declared the 'leading contender. Honestly, Steve Jobs' 'reality distortion field' appears to have mutated and is now...
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