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Interesting username you have there.  I wonder, is this an example of nominative determinism at work?
I disagree.  As an example, the Macbook Unibody I am typing this on.  Everything seemed fine for months until one day I had a requirement to install software from a dual layer DVD.  It wouldn't read it.  It was fine with CD's and single layer DVDs.  The fault could have easily gone undiscovered for well over a year by someone until, like me, they needed to use a dual layer disc.  How would I or anyone else be taking advantage of Apple in such a case?  Turned out the...
  Got that part right.  Only not quite in the sense you meant.   Thieving little darlings have just nicked over $2 Billion worth of Samsung and LG's large OLED panel production secrets.   ww.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2012/06/117_113978.html
  Personal insults, how unusual of you to employ such a decisive argument winning stratagem.   Oh, wait...  
  If you had looked at the posters location and factored in the time zones, you might have worked out why I hadn't replied, but it seems your gloating ego overrode the higher functioning parts of your brain in it's chortling impatience to declare some sort of a win.   I am also an Apple user, but not a 'fan'.  I gave Apple the credit they are due for their marketing regarding pushing Retina.  My reply was aimed at someone who was insinuating Apple were responsible for...
  Actually, Samsung had a phone with a retina class display a full year before the iP4, in the Jet S8000.  So Apple did not invent 'retina' or innovate it's introduction.  I certainly give Apple credit for marketing the idea and making a big deal out of it.  Samsung certainly missed the opportunity there.   IBM were way ahead of Apple with the idea and introduced high ppi monitors for image critical applications in 2001.
  If we assume he wouldn't be working for Apple unless he was competent, then it follows he is probably doing his best with the material available to him.   It is not his fault if the material he has to work with is of poor quality.  With these continual failures in Apple's legal battles, it seems clear Apple is waging a war in which they are shooting blanks.  Apple might think everyone else has copied them, but obviously the other companies have been as careful at...
Given the weather here this week, I can imagine him having the heater on, maybe not full blast, I can also see how he might have got it wet.  
Probably because last time Apple tried the 'Look and Feel' one on Microsoft, it didn't turn out too well.  
What is your proof that she is biased?  You do have proof for your slander, I hope.  
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