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What unit of measure does your acronym MM stand for?
OSX already has a touch interface, It's called a trackpad! If the trackpad functionality of my Macbook was transferred to a touch screen, and the keyboard. likewise - as it is on the iPad, you would have an interface to OSX that is little different to what you have at the moment. A bit of finessing and cleverness would be required of the OS for sure, but to say all the OSX applications would need to be re-written is untrue. They aren't re-written for a Macbook.
That picture does not have banding on my screen. Go to the main page of the article all these comments are based on and have a look at the left hand version of this image where banding is plain as day, then compare that with the image I posted. If you see banding in the image I posted, then your screen settings are probably set at thousands of colours instead of millions. I just went to the control panel of my Macbook and set it to thousands of colours and sure enough, I...
Please leave the sarcasm on, it comes in handy around here.
I have had a look on the Android forums and quite few people are reporting not being able to reproduce the results contained in the article. You might want to look at that thread:http://androidforums.com/nexus-one/4...bit-color.html Someone even took a photo of their Nexus One displaying that Nasa Mars image: I don't see any banding, do you? Just waiting for the rapid back down or obfuscatory excuses from Soneira.
Some people are adaptable and can change what they do and how they do it to suit the circumstances. Faced with a video skype call - the only sort I do - I would just hold an iPad at right angles, as I am sure anyone else would too. I don't have the screen on my Macbook at the same angle when making a video call, as I do in normal use. Also, if the iPad were being used on the stand with the keyboard you would have a good angle also. Funnily enough, I have been known to...
Apple would never put a camera in any of their products that had enough resolution to do that, so it would never be a problem.
Does Apple or AI think we all came down in the last shower or something? Parents are giving their children internet access devices and are then complaining about adult content in the App store? Who do these concerned parents put pressure on, with regard to the rest of the adult content on the internet? They must be busy writing indignant letters and emails 24/7. I for one do not believe Apple would be concerned at all about complaints of this nature, given that they are...
So would I, that is partly why I use a Samsung Jet in preference to an iPhone. The main reason being the camera. I got that photo here, where there are plenty more comparison photos of the Wave vs several other phones:http://www.unwiredview.com/2010/02/1...samsung-s8000/ They do not say what the brightness settings were, but I would guess they probably set each phone to its maximum brightness
I wonder how the Samsung Wave would fare, compared next to an iPhone? The top one is a Samsung Wave and the bottom one is a Nexus One. I think Samsung make the colours a bit too punchy and should include user adjustable settings for contrast and saturation. But that said, I will bet 99 people out of 100 would prefer the Wave display over the iPhone.
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