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No, you quite obviously didn't read it, and apparently still haven't
Read my post above.   Actually, an Apple TV is $142 where I live.  So you are just like Apple and think I should have spent just over $3500 to be able to use Airplay?  I disagree and am not playing.  Also, neither the ATV or Express are battery operated and portable.  I have two HiFi's I would have liked to Airplay to, so thanks very much, but I don't feel like upping the expenditure to $284.   This deliberate restriction of Airplay to hopefully generate additional...
That's not even remotely close to the actual situation.  I thought I would try out Airplay since the Touch was there - I didn't buy it because of Airplay.   As to the design, have it your way - Allshare is clearly superior to Airplay, for what I wan't to do, due to superior functionality.
  Well Airplay would have to be one of the most egregious examples of iGreed in action.   I wanted Airplay to be great, but it turns out Samsung's Allshare is better - because it works without trying to screw the customer over.   When I got my daughter an iPod Touch, I thought great, I can try out this wonderful Airplay, and I am not saying that with sarcasm, I truly wanted it to be wonderful.  With great anticipation I configured my then recently purchased Macbook Pro...
  Speaking of thinking ahead - while Dilger waxes lyrical about TMSC and how they are planning on working on 20nm and 16nm next, Samsung has been busy actually building a fab for 20nm and 14nm  which is due to come on-stream later this year, so Samsung could be producing 20nm Exynos dies early next year.  They are already producing SOCs with ARM A15 cores.  No doubt Apple will get around to A15 cores at some point and we will be told how bold and groundbreaking their...
No, it was Samsung.     http://www.technologyreview.com/news/422857/the-first-full-color-display-with-quantum-dots/   That's might Applecentric of you to say a technology isn't worth considering unless Apple deigns to use it - lol.  I think they must be putting something very special in the water where you and Dilger live.
You do know which company was the first in the world to demonstrate a full colour QD display?   I find it odd that you declare OLED's a dead end just as several manufacturers seem poised to introduce large panel OLED TV's.  I understand Panasonic is closing it's LCD manufacturing plants as it switches to OLED.  What do you know that the tech giants don't?
  Dilger, stay away from the funny mushrooms - there's a good lad.  
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