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You mean like UNIX?
So Apple make a host of changes which negatively affect the way Adobe products work and it is Adobe's fault? People's attitude to Adobe are so funny. Lord Steve calls them evil and all the peasants dutifully grab their pitch forks, tar, feathers and rope and set of en masse to attack them. I remember back in the '90 when Apple was in serious danger of going under, Apple was deeply concerned for Adobe to continue to making software that ran on Macs and bent over...
This article is not worth the paper it is printed on.
HTC Desire and several of their other models and the Nexus One are made from aluminium and Gorilla glass - not the Apple - 'we'll drop some marketing jargon and hope people think it's Gorilla glass' - type of glass.
I doubt it controls for price. I genuinely thought the SGSII was selling sim free for about the same price as the IP4. When I actually went and checked the prices I found that not to be the case. I very much doubt the majority of respondents to such a survey actually had a hard grasp of the real price differentials.Name me a high school in Ireland where the iOS to Android ratio among the student population is greater than 1:4
This flies in the face of a previous AI article:http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...for_apple.html So, people are not actually doing what this survey suggests they should. I think cloudgazer is correct, there is probably some inherent bias in the survey. I can also see a lot of people saying one thing in answer to a survey then changing their minds when they actually come to pay for a device and find out how over priced an IP4 is. With my provider, a Samsung...
Mea Culpa
You reckon 1/10th of $8,000,000 is "$80k" do you? As for your username...
It is not an Aberration. My son is in secondary level education - in a different country to you i would guess. I have asked him about iPhones at school and he thinks there are perhaps three in the entire student population, only one of which is an iP4, and Android phones are spreading like wildfire. Samsung's Europa being particularly popular.
So your argument would be that Apple have been sourcing parts from Samsung out of either the goodness of their hearts or they just pulled a name out of a hat at random as a supplier? I didn't say they are the only game in town, just that as far as Apple has been concerned, they were the best game in town. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Either Apple had very good reasons for doing business with Samsung, or they didn't. If they didn't, then they were stupid, if...
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