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500 GB SSD $1,399.00 (Apple store) 500 GB 2.5" HDD about $80 (amazon) In 2011, the average price per GB for SSDs was 32 times that for HDs. People on AI have been predicting the demise of HDs in Apple products for years, because they see it as inevitable that Flash memory will continue to decline in price. It hasn't happened, it's like Nuclear fusion - always just 30 years away. The predicted demise of the iPod Classic hasn't happened yet either, obviously because...
Your reality distortion field must be set to warp factor 8.
Oh dear, did someone just deposit excrement in the vaunted sandbox. Android is so virus prone....You can't trust Google....Facebook is evil....Apple protects us from all the nasties of the world.... It isn't nice when any entity does this sort of thing, no matter what platform. Perhaps some people will stop being so supercilious when it comes to the 'dangers' of using Android, but I doubt it.
I have mentioned that several times; with their own fleet of satellites.
I predict that if Apple works out how to turn water into gold cheaply, and if the current price of gold remains at around present levels, then Apple will be able to make a lot of money. That wasn't an analysis, it was stating the bleeding obvious.
This is all tosh. Apple do not produce devices for sole use in the USA. They make stuff for world markets. While some people may have fibre to their home, this is only a tiny fraction of possible consumers outside the US. The worlds telecoms infrastructure simply is no where near ready to deliver TV via ip on any scale. As for iTV, Apple will have to think of another name for the UK market I suspect, lowercase i or not. With Apples cash on hand, they could...
$1 an hour would constitute 17% pay rise over her actual wage
I bet you get more than 83c an hour though, which is what she gets.
Check out http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/ The community there have a collection of killer samples that defeat some compression algorithm's. The search function may well lead you to them. They even seem to have a thread discussing the same topic as this thread - Neal young's tosh.
And so the patent ping-pong continues. Like a spoiled child, no doubt Apple will come rushing back with a new spurious patent infringement or two to put before the court. I wonder if judges are allowed to roll their eyes in dismay?
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