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SACD vs CD double blind fails: AES paper involving extensive trial: http://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=14195And yet again:http://db.audioasylum.com/cgi/m.mpl?...blind+shootoutMy iPod, and now my Samsung phone, are both sources that sound marvelous through my systems. I still like CDs, they make handy sources to rip from
Audiophiles tend to 'say' lots of things. I have no doubt those people believe every word of what they say. When I say I can't hear the difference between an iPod and decent CD player, most audiophiles get a bit irate, calling into question the quality of my equipment and/or ears. I have in the past recorded the outputs from the CD player and iPod - same track of course, and then edited the recordings into a single file, posted it on a file sharing site and asked the...
I shall utter the three words that strike mortal terror into the hearts of audiophools - double blind testing.
You don't seem to get what the majority of posters and the sales figures are saying. The Touch is a little boy who thinks he's a man. He's no iPhone and hes not remotely big enough where it counts to satisfy discerning appreciators of music.It does. Indistinguishable audio quality from a decent CD player with lossless or high bit rate encoded tracks.
The audio quality of a classic iPod is indistinguishable from a fairly high end CD player - at least my 3rd gen one is.. There is an internet meme that iPods have poor sound quality because Apple, in one of their typically stupid penny-pinching strokes of meanness, shipped iPods with possibly the lousiest sounding earbuds of any manufacturer. Many people came to judge the sound quality of iPods on the supplied earbuds, rather than try it with a decent pair, so the iPod...
Ahhh, one of my pet peeves. I wanted to get my daughter an iPod for Christmas but had significant problems finding one. You see, I think the new Nano is ergonomically a piece of .... Too small, the wrong shape and without the click wheel. I wanted the previous old version, because Apple got that right to the point of near perfection. I eventually found a 16Gb refurbished one in the right colour for the price of the current model 8GB Less is not always more,...
This scheme is excellent news - for China. While the rich, wealth and gadget obsessed US, thinks that better education will flow from gadgets and money, China will continue to use blackboards, chalk, pencils, paper and books and turn out students that outperform and excel.
That doesn't surprise me in the least. Priceless; floundering without even the attempt part, I knew there would be amusement potential.
I would like to see you try and address the arguments he made with a bit of logic and counter argument. I know that expecting rational thought and discourse from an Apolyte is a bit much, but it would at least be amusing to see you flounder in the attempt.
In times past, people could visit a circus and peruse the freak show with frightened wonder and voyeuristic horror. These days you can just visit AI and observe the round the twist, barking mad, crazy as a coot, hairy palmed loons dance and cavort with froth and spittle flying in all directions as they voice their rapture at the news the company that has already fleeced them for the their overpriced toys, is further seeking to line it's pockets at their inevitable expense,...
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