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Personally I don't use mobile data myself, except on a couple occasions where domestic broadband wasn't available and I used it as a substitute, but even then, the speeds you could get didn't even begin to approach the theoretical capabilities of 3G, let alone 4G/LTE.   It would be interesting to see world-wide figures for actual real-world mobile data speeds.  I doubt that more than 10% of mobile users have access to real speeds in excess of 10 mbps.  I only have...
So you would be better off if you earned less. Steve was doing Steve a favour. The sort of employees under discussion are the calibre of people who create trade secrets - that is why they are sought after.  They should be entitled to earn as much as they can get.
Engineers aren't paid enough and that is a major reason why there are arguably not enough students in the west choosing it as a career.  But you have a point, by shafting all their engineers, Apple could afford to pay the rest of the Apple Hierarchy more, the poor things, only being able to buy a new private business jet every other year.
Apple did not spend billions on TouchID.  Talk about hyperbole.
 Simply Lol! You are so out of touch with the real world it's funny. 
Second largest?  In what; one country?
I think the main reason for this result is that Samsung miscalculated badly with the S5.  It was bland and boring in appearance and just too much like the S4.  They were to complacent and too conservative. They goofed with staying with plastics for the body.  Pretty much every model in the entire Nokia range has a more pleasing design and most of it's Android competitors look better.   The upper echelons at Samsung seem to lack courage and vision.  If they don't do...
Errr, somewhere around 300 Russian journalists have been killed since 1993 for 'telling tales' that some people would rather weren't heard. I think it quite interesting that the Russian government just recently announced a competition within Russia for a way to identify Tor users.http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/07/russia-publicly-joins-war-on-tor-privacy-with-111000-bounty/
 Thank you for your concern but I am in Ireland and I have never had a phone on contract and always buy them outright.  Sorry, but my experience is that Samsung engineer solid products.  The phone my son currently has is a Samsung Jet which has seen constant use for 5 years.  I still use my Samsung Wave which is 4 years old, is still going strong and is in very good condition.  The perpetual stream of bias-informed misinformation on AI about the supposedly shoddy build...
The real sloppy work at issue is you not checking your facts and publishing yet another chicken little article informed by ignorance. You are some hypocrite to be complaining about personal attacks.  You once called me a liar. I subsequently proved that I wasn't but you typically didn't apologise..
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