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In video playback, yes, but in the general usage test, no. The reviews of the two devices state the iPhone 4 managed almost 3 days while the Wave managed 3 and a half. I think the iPhone 4 test was even slightly biased in that it didn't include navigation, as the Wave test did, but I'm not going to quibble about 10min GPS receivers are easily the biggest battery killers in phones in my...
Funny how that 'theory' doesn't pan out in the real world. The Samsung S8500 Wave, which has a Hummingbird processor, gets better battery life results in GSM-Arena tests than the iPhone 4. Without a performance metric that can actually be tested in the real world, such genaralised waffle is meaningless. It's reminiscent of the days when Apple and their fans used to declare Macs running on Power PC chips outperformed PC's running on Intel chips and that clock speeds and...
It was supposed to be a joke. Apple is currently the subject of a whole host of patent infringement law suits, all of which are brought before the seemingly litigant friendly court in Marshal Texas. There have been more than a few slight hints that the court in Marshal may be sympathetic to patent litigation because it is a good earner and good for the local economy. I was trying to infer that if the local economy of Marshal suddenly became beholding to Apple as a...
It seems to me that Apple and Samsung are sort of in lockstep with regards to hardware. Despite all the chest thumping that goes on about Apple's custom chip design capabilities and them consequently pulling ahead of the pack as a result, it just isn't going to happen. Samsung will always have at least equivalent or superior HW available for their own devices. The A4 is most likely a custom variant of Samsung's S5PC110A01 Hummingbird, since that design existed prior to...
Really? You are getting something for nothing, that's cool. Obviously negative entropy is alive and kicking down under.
No you aren't, only android users Kiwi's and Aussies can do that. Reporting on Gifford's recovery in terms of a product endorsement is crass and tasteless. AI is regurgitating someone else's verbal puke. It doesn't surprise me that the Apple piranha are attacking anyone who is questioning the propriety of this, they lost the ability for rational and critical thought where Apple is concerned in 2007.
I love irony.
To me, it isn't a matter of kicking him when he is down, it's calling a spade a spade. I deeply admire SJ in many ways and yet am appalled in others. I sincerely wish him all the best and hope he regains his health and lives long.
Take off the rose tinted glasses for a sec.
Probably his unfortunate daughter.
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