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You are being disingenuous - as is Mossberg.  By your reasoning, Bluetooth will never catch on or be useful because users will have to turn it on, pair devices and then select files to transfer or whatever.
iTunes is already an over bloated behemoth. I really hope they don't add more to it.  
Winning is everything.  To argue otherwise is just advertising denial.  I agree with your second sentence - the industry can clearly see Apple not really getting anywhere so can act accordingly
The guy is good - a previous render effort of his:     From 2 years ago.   http://www.flickr.com/photos/nepaltibet2005/4673739469/
You would be amazed how nice an image you can get of something if you wipe it well with a microfiber cloth before taking a photo and put it down, holding it in the cloth so your fingers don't touch it.
  It is a worth competitor.  Apple doesn't like that.
Apple is doing a fine job of alienating the courts.  They have already been upbraided for their shotgun tactics and overloading the Judges workloads.  I am sure this move is going to be looked on with great favour.  
If I had done that, the last thing I would have done is advertise the fact publicly.     If you were being sarcastic - kudos.
iTunes has become bloatware, even on a Mac.   iTunes ap:   ver     size 4.2     24.6 mb 4.9     32.8 7.3.1   98 8.2.1  140.1 9        150.3 9.2.1  176.6   I have given up upgrading it so no idea how bloated the current versions are.
  Most of the denigration that occurs in this forum is leveled at those who say anything that suggests Apple might not be perfect in action, thought or deed.
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