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Let's see, Samsung make nearly all the mobile processors Apple uses and they make most of the processors used in their own phones, except those sold in the US.  Samsung sales of phones worldwide in 2013 are projected by Gartner to be 300M and yet we have these amazing graphs in this article suggesting Apple is making more revenue from phone processors than Samsung.   I don't believe it.  Although Samsung uses Qualcomm processors in some models, they may well be actually...
....according to a new study that shows the iPhone in the hands of more than half of American teens from high and and middle income families.  Piper Piper Jaffray didn't survey low income families because they couldn't care less about what they buy.    
I couldn't agree with you more about the importance of the photographer and artistic merit, but the issue in question was  of a technical nature so the artistic element isn't at issue. I can do non technical when the mood suits: 
Processing power is not a substitute for a larger sensor or better lens.  I don't agree with the rest either.
 You appear to recall inaccurately:  http://www.engadget.com/2013/09/17/iphone-5s-review/
Has to be Samsung behind this.
If Apple counsel or a consultant in their employ had related to to Apple confidential information they shouldn't have, no one would blame Apple - it would rightly be ascribed as the fault of the counsel/consultant.   This sounds like the fault lies with Teece.
Ignorant; inferior? What are your educational qualifications?
Wrong on every level.
Among those 'stupids' who buy Samsung products, you would have to put Apple at the very top of the list.
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