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And so the patent ping-pong continues. Like a spoiled child, no doubt Apple will come rushing back with a new spurious patent infringement or two to put before the court. I wonder if judges are allowed to roll their eyes in dismay?
Yes so do I. It was just over a year ago. Wasn't that where you were totaly pwned by the Mod, Mr H, when he informed you his electrical engineering Phd topic was to do with audio amplifiers? So one year on, and having pointed lots of people to the compressed/uncompressed file, no one has been able to distinguish between the sections, even when those people tell me the difference even between 320 kbs mp3 and CD is night and day; chalk and cheese. For some strange reason,...
I don't watch much TV or movies and have never gone beyond 2.1 stereo so I have no idea what those are. I do have a nice 2.1 system though. However, if you don't believe me, I have done two experiments. In the first, I recorded the output - via a dock - of my ipod playing a rip of a CD track. I then recorded the output of my CD player playing the original track. I then spliced sections from both recordings into a seamless whole. When played back, no one has been able...
No I haven't. I conducted controlled tests which satisfied me that there was no audible difference between the output from my ipod and that from my CD player. Given the vastly greater convenience inherent in the former, using it was a no brainer. Not that I think much of any HiFi magazine, but Stereophile happen to have reviewed the same model of iPod I use: http://www.stereophile.com/budgetcom...934/index.html
+1 Anyone with a PC can conduct their very own double blind test of compressed vs uncompressed using a program called Foobar together with it's ABX module.http://www.foobar2000.org/
You are inferring that Neil Young has indeed educated himself so that he is now a qualified electrical engineer and that I therefore should give him credit for doing so. AFAIK, he hasn't, so I don't feel I have to give him credit for something he hasn't done.
I do and I do. Not this one.
So how was Neil going to do this. does he have an electrical engineering degree with expertise in signal processing? Haven't seen much of his efforts at producing a viable electric car. http://www.shortnews.com/start.cfm?id=71135 As for 24/192 files. If anyone knows of double blind listening tests that clearly show people can hear the difference between them and 16/44.1, please post a link. I am still waiting for someone to show they can hear the difference...
I can scarcely believe anyone would seriously give credence to this article.
You can talk - confusing expect for except.
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