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Didn't you know that using a device in a non-standard way, violates the first law of 'think different'?
'had to'? 'chosen to' would be more like it. Come on Android!, come on!
Anyone know if iStream is taken?
Try selling a product called cOCa cOla in the US and you could count the seconds until you would be sued into oblivion.
I don't quite get this part. The Hummingbird GPU - aka A4 - can do 90m triangles a second - I think - and the Xbox 360 GPU can do 500m a second.
Well as of a month ago they reportedly had sold 1.3 million such devices - the Wave and Galaxy S, after them being on the market for roughly six weeks for the wave and less for the Galaxy. They reportedly anticipate selling 10 m Waves this year. I would imagine they will be selling a lot of Galaxys as well. I bought one of those Waves and find it superb.
A rather twisted way of thinking. Samsung sold 65.3 m devices vs Apples 8.7 m in the same period.Then ask yourself, where does a large proportion of the components that make up those 8.7 m come from?Vertical integration - win, win.
Speaking of cloud services, part of me still thinks that the data centre Apple are constructing, may not be entirely intended for that supposed purpose, as everyone seems to assume. I wonder if it is actually going to be used as a basis for a search engine to rival Google. Steve Jobs' ultimate incarnation of the principle of - 'don't get mad, get even' - vis a vis Googles encroachment upon their turf with Android. The lack of obvious hiring of people with relevant...
I can't recall Flash crashing my browser at any time. I am always scratching my head - figuratively - at all the problems and hatred people on here seem to have with Flash as I don't experience any issues.
Bragging about your wealth is generally considered gauche.
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