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Samsung were making phones long before Apple. If anything, It's Apple that couldn't resist the appeal of the mobile market.
So really not the slightest proof Apple intends to 'switch from Samsung'. Given Cook's past supply chain genius tactics, is it any wonder TSMC wouldn't have a bar of commiting to Apple? Fool me once...
I have a patent on eye rolling - see you in court.
http://www.anandtech.com/show/3774/welcome-to-valhalla-inside-the-new-250gb-xbox-360-slim/3   XBox slim: Less than half the noise of the original XBox and less than half the power cosumption.  A measured 87W watts to play Halo 3.  Pretty good value cost wise, I'd say.  The failure rate is around 10-15 %.   I still have one of the ultra noisy, power hungry Xbox 360s from 2007.  The failure rate was terrible.  It failed within 12 months, was repaired under warranty,...
Well in the case of Australia, they have a long history of retrospective tax legislation.  If they feel companies have been exploiting loopholes in artificially contrived ways to 'legitimately' evade tax, they have been known to to close the loophole and charge tax retrospectively.  I don't agree with the practice, but you did ask.
There is no point arguing with a raving fanatic, whatever the cause they espouse.
I would say the EU works, it's the Euro that doesn't.  
The EU and the Euro are not mutually inclusive.  Joining the Euro was never a condition of remaining a member of the EU.  Some countries joined the Euro, and some didn't.
Please explain what it was I said that leads you to think I singled Apple out.  Was it the mention of cars as a corollary?   And as it so happens, the UK legislation does take into account the cost of an item as a factor in determining a reasonable expectation of service life.    
It's not about being good for business, but about being good for consumers.  You speak as if this is some unique piece of legislation that is singling out poor persecuted Apple and no one else.  It isn't.   As for a sense of entitlement - you jest?  I recently paid a small fortune for a 15" MBPR.  I seriously think that it should last a good bit longer than 12 months without malfunctioning or hidden defects or deficiencies developing.  Would you buy a car that only...
New Posts  All Forums: