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Apple really shouldn't nickle and dime people like this, they do enough of that in other ways already.   I recently had cause to contact Apple support about my MBPR freezing on several occasions - needing a hard reboot.  They initially tried to fob me off by saying my product was out of warranty, which is ridiculous, because the 'fault' was caused recently by that buggy Mavericks - which is more like OSs that Microsoft used to make.  In other words, Apple broke my...
You seem to have 'values' and 'bigotry' confused.  Having glanced at some of your other posts, that would seem to be fairly typical.
Since Politics affects society fundamentally and a company like Apple and it's employees operate within society and form an intrinsic part of it, your wish is impractical at best. Could it be that  what you really meant, was that you would rather a company with the significant influence Apple obviously has, would not seek to oppose something you personally approve of? Just a theory, of course.
Take a long walk off a short pier.
I would happily buy a Samsung SSD, after all, Apple do.
 Before Samsung developed Tizen, they developed another phone OS called Bada.  I think most people on this forum would actually be astonished by how good it is.  It had multiple features which made it a better OS at the time it was introduced than I think iOS was in it's first iteration and had several features Which iOS didn't adopt for some time.  Samsung developed Bada with a small army of software engineers in India - more than 2000 of them, and that was back in 2010. ...
What an absurd amount to pay for an app.   More money than sense if you ask me.
Must be gold dust they are gathering then, judging by their earnings. Yet another 'park my intellect at the door, stick a tube up my nostril, suck out half my brain, replace it with koolaid then enter the sanctum to wave my pompoms and repeat trite falshoods.'
I wonder if Apple might be interested in this: http://www.siliconrepublic.com/innovation/item/35723-irish-researchers-breakthr
No    it     Doesnt. From the dictionary on my Macbook:  • monopoly  - a commodity or service in the exclusive control of a company or group. 80% isn't exclusivity.   Google offers a service that people can choose to use or not - in exactly the same way that Apple offers products that people can choose to buy or not.  The majority of people seem to think Google's product is superior, hence the market share, but there are very viable options available. What superior...
New Posts  All Forums: