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Somebody around here has a few bats in the belfry.  I would suggest finding somewhere else to post comments and views.  Somewhere that is moderated properly.
  Oh I don't know, if you wanted to buy Samsung Electronics....
Greed is good.
I'm probably the only person who thinks this, but I don't want to control devices by talking to them and would find it a purchase impediment if it were a ubiquitous requirement.  
What sort of simplistic games does Newell think people want to play?   Will the Apple TV run Crysis 3 at high resolution?  
Not true at all.  If a patent has been challenged previously and been found valid, then such a defense wouldn't succeed.  Don't forget, what you see as a loophole might well be in Apple's interest if they are called out on infringing someone else's patent.
Foss patents and Lucy Koh obviously can and do.  http://www.fosspatents.com/   Willfulness presumes that the purported infringer accepts that a patent is valid.  It appears Samsung didn't believe the patents were valid, and subsequent developments have supported them.  Koh seems to feel that Samsung's belief in invalidity was a justifiable defense.
  I wouldn't think it should get pulled at all,  no more than I would think a Web browser should be.  From hearing users characterisations of the site, I very much doubt the images are either illegal or porn.  If you start bandying around silly words like 'indecent', much of art would be targetable.   Should Apple remove all e-book reading apps from the App Store as well, because they could be used with content such as Fifty Shades of Grey, The Story of O, etc,...
I didn't say anything about the Apple becoming Android.  Telling the complainers and critics of the banned app to go fly a kite because It's a photography App and Nudes as a theme in art is much older than Photography - would not have made them Android, it would have just been showing some backbone. . Lightening up and growing up, wouldn't make Apple Android, but it might slightly improve the walled garden reputation that is quite clearly affecting people's perceptions...
I think a hard rain is gonna fall for this one.  
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