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Samsung now copying Dick Tracy, tsk, tsk.
Gender identification fail.  Try again.
You fixed nothing, though your ego is obviously telling you you did.  The OP referenced 8 cores, I referenced 8 cores.  I left out the quad core for a reason - it wasn't the model under discussion.
  The processor Samsung is using incorporates ARM's  big.LITTLE tech, in that it has four A15 cores and four A7 cores.  Does this mean you don't think ARM are correct in the power saving potential they claim?
You comprehensively fail to understand.  You can not measure or infer a person's intelligence by what phone they chose to buy.  I know intelligent people who don't care whether they have the latest, greatest or technically best if what they have fulfills their needs.
You might find this surprising, but you can't determine a person's intelligence by the phone they choose to buy.
I challenge your observation.  I think they will sell a lot of them.
I wonder does the display have the hexagonal pixels that Samsung were rumoured to be trying in order to achieve such a high pixel density?
  Probably the most intelligent and profound comment uttered on AI in several years.
No CEO of Apple, except Steve, has ever demonstrated having what it takes to make Apple grow and progress.  A three year old child could have done as well as Cook.  Apple is like a bulk ore carrier that has so much momentum that if you turned the engines off, it would sail on for 40 kilometers before it coasted to a stop.
New Posts  All Forums: