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They are no worse than a TFT LCD screen in direct sunlight. I have a Samsung phone with an OLED screen and just last week I was skiing in direct sunlight using it to take videos and I could see the image on the screen to compose the shots - while moving rapidly - with no problem.It isn't. I have had TFT LCD screen phones that were much worse.Wide viewing angle, vivid colours and deep blacks are other advantages. An OLED screen is like a KURO Plasma.The video was...
I can - Apple sued Microsoft over the use of a GUI for an OS:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_C...ft_CorporationTry Googling this search term: "apple sues"You get 57,000 hits Just a couple: "Apple Sues School For Using The Same Fruit In a Logo""Apple filed a lawsuit against Media Solutions Holdings for selling replacement power adapters that infringe on its patent."and so on...Apple fan-bois who think Nokia are the bad guys over wanting to charge Apple a different rate...
Claims the iSlate will use Verizon:
Why? Would you rather it was more than $1000 instead of "less than."Correct. The real reason the iPhone was announced so early was to give people time to save up for the ludicrously expensive thing. You are extrapolating your preferences to everyone else. A logical jump that is logically invalid. I don't know anyone who prefers reading from a screen in preference to paper, apart from yourself of course. The ephemeral and brief nature of the content of newspapers and...
You 'receive' an education, it is not something you are taught. Taught would be applicable to a component of an education like a particular subject, or group thereof.
I do welcome your posts. They have a tendancy to make the apparent intelligence of every other poster appear to be 20 IQ points or so greater than would otherwise be the case.
They are not on the way out. Many people, for the last three years, have predicted the demise of hard drives in iPods because it was obvious flash would soon fall in price making them obsolete. In case you haven't noticed, that hasn't happened nor is their any sign flash will ever be able to compete with or replace HDs. So tell us, what is the current cost per GB of SD cards vs optical media?
Because the original statement I referenced made the claim that the entire medium of optical discs would soon be supplanted by downloads. Not just for computers - all uses! A blue ray disc has a capacity of 25 gb. To download that much data at 2.4 mbps dsl would take 23 hours, 8 minutes and 53 seconds. There are blu-ray developments in the pipeline where 200 gb per disc may be possible, that's 7 days, 17 hours, 11 minutes and 6 seconds to download. Now do you see my point?
Not until you have fiber to the door throughout the world. I see no sign of that happening anytime soon.
Let me see if I have got this right: People will actually pay you money for saying a company did well this year and you therefore expect they might do even better the following year? Where can I get some of this action?
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