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 I am surprised you don't want to see them executed, which was your suggested punishment for whoever in China leaked some info which AI was happy to report on.  It is hard not to surmise that you are making some biased value judgement based on ethnicity or nationality.Yeah, the USA needs more people behind bars.  You better watch out, someone might pass a law making having a thoroughly obnoxious personality a crime and then you could be joining them.
Of course this would be to fix a problem that doesn't exist. Don't know why they bother, really.
Denying what I said by confirming it - lol!
Enjoy your $1100 toaster.  For making toast, I would rather something a bit cheaper.
It's fair enough to say there are plenty of potential users for whom this machine will have adequate specs, but it is also fair to say the price is too high for something with those specs.
Because they don't have the patents Samsung has.
That would seem to be because AI are being childish and don't like links to their competitors so messed with the link.
It's not surprising that Apple have a lot more sense than their so-called supporters who start frothing at the mouth every time the name Samsung is mentioned.
 Samsung, Toshiba and a host of Chinese and Taiwanese companies could easily fill the void.  You don't think the stuff bought from US tech companies is actually made there do you? The OS is a bigger issue, as it's the OSs, not the hardware, that is important here.  But once again, Samsung have Tizen and would absolutely love the EU market all to itself, as it and Bada are just about the only OSs I know of that didn't originate in the US. Of course this is all a...
Yes, I am totally for that.  Are US shareholders going to be pleased that Apple, Microsoft Google etc, might lose access to the EU market entirely?  It's a market of 500 million affluent people and is vastly more significant to US tech companies bottom lines than China.
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