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While its strength to weight would allow it to be used to make something as strong, but lighter, it would cost more as well. I think Apples main interest is in using it for small complicated parts that are very highly stressed, like hinges. This rather 'awkward' video attempts to demonstrate differences between thin sheet liquidmetal and thin sheet anodised aluminium: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Kczwxy3_TM While the liquidmetal is clearly superior, it just desn't seem...
I like carbon fiber. I don't see the batteries as being a surmountable problem. They are already based on lithium, the lightest metal. Speaking of which, I wonder why Apple don't look at applying the unibody idea to magnesium instead of Aluminium. There is a glut at the moment and it's cheap. It's Lighter than Al and stiff. I know it is reactive as all hell, but maybe they could coat it with Titanium nitride or some other surface treatment to get round the problem.
No, we have already debunked that piece of nonsense in previous threads, both in terms of extremely high cost and it being a heavy material. As for this ridiculous patent application. If the patent office are silly enough to grant it, it would get rolled in a court challenge due to prior art. Boat building springs immediately to mind where cloth is wrapped over a PU foam form to make a skin and stiffening member a contiguous structure. Pretty sure it has been done in...
If you really want to get technical. At the most basic level, the universe appears to be digital due to being comprised of discrete quanta. Digital electronics, however, are actually a convenient myth. There is no 'digital', it's all actually analogue, being used in a way that simulates digital. So, what we though was an analogue universe is really digital at it's most basic level and the electronics we think of as digital are really analogue at their most basic...
It is very hard to study any claims made by or involving 'philes', particularly those of the audio variety. They tend to run a mile from any attempt to put their assertions to a real world test. In the late 80's or early 90' there was a TV program in Australia called 'Beyond 2000', it reported on technology. In one show, they assembled a panel of listeners in their studio which included a professor of music - to prove they were not all tone deaf I suppose. They had a...
Ive got it! Steve Jobs is going to raise John Lennon and George Harrison from the dead!
I can't tell you how comforting that is to hear. Hark! is that Johnny Nash singing "I can see clearly now" I hear? Damn it was just another commercial offering cut price one-way air fares.
Actually, I would rate the US the worlds number one problem followed by radical Islamic fundamentalism followed by China.
Time to switch all manufacturing of all Apple products to India I think. Surely Apple has enough money to build the requisite factories.
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