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Be wary.  I recently bought a Nokia 720 - lovely looking phone - to use as a GPS device, and for that it is fantastic.  I think Nokia's Here maps is the best mobile GPS and maps solution available because it's data is very comprehensive and up to date and because it doesn't require a data connection - you can download the maps and associated data - points of interest etc - to the phone.  Much better than either Google or Apple's solutions.   Now I had thought to evaluate...
For a 50 IQ point increase, name the website you posted this on.
That is really creepy.
It's like looking at a bunch of fish on the deck of a trawler flapping around madly; all vehemently denying their situation is still rosy.   Shakespeare as usual nailed it "the lady doth protest too much, methinks".  There's another one about shooting messengers.   I personally don't think Apple is doomed, I think it has passed it's peak, though, unless Steve's hinted at solution to the living room TV 'problem' is actually still in the works.  In defence of Cook,...
  That's because your search was too imprecise.  I mentioned that Apple's desktop was an altered image of Andromeda.  Had you searched for Andromeda Galaxy you would have found multiple examples with similar colouration to Apple's desktop.   Just one example:
Of course not, they can develop their own complete phone OS - Bada - but they couldn't make an app. Makes sense.
Possibly because Visa, their ilk and the merchant infrastructure weren't ready?, I don't know, but Samsung were working with Visa on this in 2011 or earlier so it is a bit rich claiming wallet is a clone of Passbook when the evidence is clear Samsung have been on this road a lot longer than Apple.Samsung and Visa join forces to enable NFC mobile payment at 2012 OlympicsBy Richard Lai posted Apr 1st, 2011
What's to patent? The prior art is legion. Anyone would think Apple has invented something new here. Japan has had NFC electronic payments via phone for nearly a decade.http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/tech/wireless/phones/2004-07-22-wallet-phone_x.htmThat's 2004 people.Samsung have been at this a lot longer than Apple:That's only 8 years before Apple came up with Passbook.So who's the copycat?
Fill me in on the joke One is a photo of the Andromeda galaxy with a tardis superimposed on it while the Google doodle is a photo or painting of a completely different galaxy. Are you so besotted with Apple you think they should have exclusive use of images of galaxies just because they used an altered photo of one for a desktop?
Obama better veto it, now that he has set the precedent.
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