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Ooo, let me see, would I put my life in the hands of the mythbusters or qualified members of the IEEE.  Gee, that's a tough one.     http://spectrum.ieee.org/aerospace/aviation/unsafe-at-any-airspeed/0
The exploit is obviously reliant on characteristics of the hardware and the OS is actually near irrelevant.  I am impressed that Android's encryption is good enought to be such a serious obstacle to require such a HW level exploit.  
  Sorry, if you read the posts above, you will see why I am unable to respond.
  I don't want to lie and I didn't.  I could provide proof, but it wouldn't be worth the effort as you would just delete the post as per your SOP.
When they made the Wave S8500 - IMO   Aluminium, Gorilla Glass and a small amount of plastic.  The condition of the phone below is as it currently appears after 3 years of continual use.  
Because for many people, they were essential for proper functionality and were required to fix a design defect, so considering them an 'optional' case would be disingenuous.
Did the irony escape you?  
Just what the world wants, an OS made by Huwai with built-in back-doors for the intelligence arm of the People's Army to exploit.  I'm so excited, where can I join the queue?    What are the Chinese government going to do in practical terms?  Tell Google do what we tell you or get out of China?  If I was Google I would tell them to FOAD, there's plenty of scope for us in India.
Have you used one yet?
GSM arena are claiming the specs have been pretty much confirmed:       Looks like it uses ARMs Big Little tech with A15 and A7 cores.  It will be interesting to see if that really does translate to decent battery life.   I am curious as to whether they managed the reported hexagonal pixels to achieve such a high density.  The initial benchmarks put it at being somewhat quicker than the HTC One.  
New Posts  All Forums: