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What innovations? Apple don't develop basic technologies, they just purchase already developed tech from it's real developers and contract the manufacture of products incorporating it. The amount of ludicrous garbage that gets spouted on AI about Apple developing all these technologies is pitiful. Apples approach to tech and it's development can be summed up as -'why buy the cow when all you want is milk.'
How exactly does liquid metal makes sense?Its both very heavy and many times more costly than aluminium. Liquid metal makes sense for small highly stressed components like screen hinges.For shells, carbon fiber makes a lot more sense IMO.I think the screen on the MBP is piss-poor given what they cost. I wish Apple would offer the matte high res option screen on the i3" and not just the 15"I've got a far better screen on my phone than my MBP, which is a ridiculous state...
There are 'experts' on the internet? Do tell. Next you'll be telling me there are real girls too.
They already did they are now making the Galaxy 2:No other company eh? The idea of docking connectors has been around for decades.What is Apples raison d'ĂȘtre? Profit. How do they make so much profit? Huge margins. Why do Apple buy so much stuff from Samsung? They are the best at making the stuff with high quality and low cost. What happens when Apple goes elsewhere for their components? They cost more or are of lower quality. What then happens to Apples margins and...
Bollocks. You might also argue that Apple wouldn't jeopardise relations with their single biggest supplier because shitting in your own nest is never a good idea- er wait...By your reasoning, you would expect to be able to walk into a shop you frequent regularly, punch the owner in the face and then expect him to continue to sell stuff to you at a good price and act as if nothing had happened, just because you were a good customer.
So how many AI posters have gone into a shop, intending to buy an iPhone, and walked out with a Samsung Galaxy by mistake?Didn't think so, case dismissed.I don't think this is a very wise move on Apple's part. How are they going to win, if they win? How many Apple products don't contain Samsung parts? If Apple were to 'win' (lose) Samsung would just raise their prices to Apple, not lower them. Apple might go elsewhere, but they will end up paying more for the parts...
My son is in high school. I asked him. He has seen 3 iPhones amongst all years of the school population. Not one of them is an iP4. There are about 130 kids in his year. One has an iPhone. At least 30 have entry-level Androids. Most of the rest have feature phones. All depends on where you do your sampling. Liar; Damned liar; Statistician
Spot on. This is the same prat who did the biased hatchet job on the Nexus One saying it only had a 16 bit display, when in fact the tard was only measuring the bit density used by an App. Why AI continue to quote this boof heads inane ramblings is beyond me.
You have my deepest sympathies. There is no need for you apologise for anything. The poster with autism probably should, but probably wouldn't recognise the need to do so.
Porsche have used aluminium cylinder liners with a Nikasil surface coating.I suspect Apple should talk to Kyocera, I am sure they would have something to suit, however I suspect Apple are too stingy to pay for anything top notch, might impact their precious margins. They didn't use genuine Gorilla glass, for example, while other phone manufacturers do.
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