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I am surprised he didn't see that coming.You would have thought with all the blather on AI recently about how awesome the Apple TV will be, that AI might have mentioned the 55" OLED TV's announced by Samsung and LG. Instead we get an irrelevant article about a very minor item of significance compared to other things revealed at CES
Apple TV eh? Poster seen outside CES: No doubt the un-inovative Samsung will have copied all of of Apple's high tech iP like the rectangle and the rounding of corners. PS: If the rumoured Apple TV turns out to use a Samsung OLED panel I will laugh so long and hard...
Sorry to interject facts into your attempted deflection but the patents being enumerated were just those awarded to Samsung Electronics - just one division. Most of Apple's iOS based products are full to the gills with Samsung invented and manufactured tech. Much of it based on patents they were granted for their non-innovativeness. Oh, the irony. Apple 'invent' a rectangle with rounded corners and a black rim around the display - just like the Photo display frame Samsung...
Not everything can be fixed in software, like flaws in antennae design.
He started it sir!
I hope you have bad luck all your life.
You are welcome.
I somehow doubt that. But here you go anyway:http://www.ificlaims.com/news/top-patents.html
That would be why worldwide, Samsung are second only to IBM for patents granted, with Apple way behind. You are jingoistic and arrogant.
There is an alternative explanation - perhaps I am not on here that much.
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