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This sounds incredibly useful, the number of times I have needed to use another mac....oh wait, I haven't, that's why I bought a Powerbook that's portable....forget it - stupid idea.
I hate iPhoto. I'm an active photographer and this is an awful program. The sheer stupidity of an app that imports your photos into an internal database thereby doubling up on disc space usage and doubling file management duties - rather than just allowing you to tell it where you choose to keep your photos and to just live with your decision and go with it. They keep doing this sort of thing with iTunes. I remember one iteration that had a genre pane you could not...
I have never seen a Titanium nitride coating on a cutting tool turn black or corrode in any way.
Post of the year.
Apple has created the mystery by not stating what the centre is intended for when asked. If the intended use is mundane, then I doubt they would bother with the secrecy. Where Apple is concerned, they usually evoke secrecy to maintain the element of surprise when they introduce something new.If they were going to need data centres in Europe and Asia, I think they would have been building them in parallel with the one in the US, otherwise anything new that was introduced...
This whole idea of clouds and centralised storage seems totally bonkers to me. Apple's market is worldwide and it does a significant proportion of it's business beyond the shores of the US. The proposal that all European based users of Apple products will be happy to have all their data stored on US servers the other side of the Atlantic, just because Steve Jobs is philosophically opposed to moving parts, is seriously flawed. Not to mention the sheer cost and...
Grow up mate.
If you were responding to my post, I was actually agreeing with you.http://www.mindfully.org/Reform/Empe...ew-Clothes.htm
Some of them 'don't' know, as well.
Give up. The Emperor's clothes are always of the highest quality and taste on this forum. Sometimes the cloth used is so sheer and fine it almost doesn't seem to be there at all, but this is just another sign of the magnificence of the Emperor that he can afford such exquisite and expensive materials.
New Posts  All Forums: