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Really?  How many world cities do they have street view images for so far?
So Apple have this great idea on how to better use a data set they don't have, while Google actually have a data set and ways of using it.  I thing Apple have overlooked one or two minor details, but that's pretty consistent with their whole Maps initiative.  
Government of the people, by the corporation, for the corporation...
In actually relevant news - Apple has been denied a trademark application for 'iPad mini' by the patent office.
Tim Cook should visit India and be accidentally photographed meeting with a few people while smiling profusely.  End of problems in China.  
  You are correct in what you say and I didn't say or imply that Samsung invented flexible displays or were the only manufacturer of such.  The Article specifically states AMOLED and my comment was in reference to this as Samsung is the only company I am aware of that has announced commercial availability of flexible AMOLED displays.  Samsung currently has about 97% marketshare for AMOLED devices.  At the moment, Samsung is the only company that could conceivably produce...
  There is an Optical Polymer called Trivex NXT, which has some amazing properties and I think would make for a very tough and transparent casing.  However, it wouldn't be as scratch resistant as Gorilla glass and it might need to be improved with something like a vapor deposited diamond coating. http://www.bigatmo.com/technology/nxt-lenses/ ?  I didn't mention Engadget in any way or refer a review of anything by them, nor did I say that the Eluga was like this concept...
More than a bit ironic since Samsung are the only company I know of that could make or supply the display that would be required to make this feasible. Not to mention the anti-OLED comments from Cook and a few people on here.   I think a slightly curved face bezelless screen phone is obvious.  I have been thinking about just such for a while, even before I saw the Panasonic Eluga, which is a thing of beauty.  
  I do not share your enthusiasm and belief in all this cloud hoopla.  I don't get it.  In my life high speed, ubiquitous and cheap access to the Web is still science fiction, not reality.  Local storage is many times cheaper, faster and more convenient than remote, so what use is the cloud?   I believe all of Apple's servers are located in the US.  The paradigm of all Apple users in Europe, having all their data stored in the US and dependent on that infrastructure...
I saw Dilger's name, scrolled down and looked at the length of the article, checked a few phrases and suspect it's one of his pieces where he attempts to create a logically consistent alternate realty where black is white and white is Azerbaijan and concluded my life's too short.   What's it about?
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