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They saw it coming.  They tried to succeed in mobile, but they ended up like a deer in the headlights.
DED's articles are kind of long.  Can you show me specifically where this article talks about it "all done on the device"?  I don't think you can, cause I don't think Apple or DED are claiming that.  Apple is indexing a lot of information, but they're not connecting this indexed information to specific users.
I don't see where the article says there's a lot of learning done in your iPhone.  I believe the learning is done by the app itself, plus Apple's servers, or the cloud.  Then later, all this learning and fancy indexing is made usefully available to your device, be it tablet or phone.
Right you are ... and "open source" is near the top of the list of nouns that should be verified :=)
 If Apple repeats the 100 million number today, then it's a meaningful goal worthy of analysis and discussion.  If Apple doesn't mention that number, then we should think of the number as a rumor with no connection to reality.
Being able to replace the internals of a $349 watch isn't so important.  But it's a different story when the watch costs north of $10,000.  Isn't that obvious?
 It's probably best that you don't buy one; you stay on the sidelines.
I don't know, perhaps you're correct, but I think it's more likely they really are that ignorant.
You're right; I didn't need his editorial.  But I liked it; it made me feel good 
 I'll speculate and nit-pic:  If the raw data show that 51% of the activations were Apple, does this mean 51% of the sales were Apple?  I think not.  I think if I receive an Apple product as a gift, I get excited and activate it.  I think if I receive an Android gift, I have another glass of xmas wine and say "maybe tomorrow ... maybe next week."  I therefore think Apple had less than 51% of the sales.
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