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 It's probably best that you don't buy one; you stay on the sidelines.
I don't know, perhaps you're correct, but I think it's more likely they really are that ignorant.
You're right; I didn't need his editorial.  But I liked it; it made me feel good 
 I'll speculate and nit-pic:  If the raw data show that 51% of the activations were Apple, does this mean 51% of the sales were Apple?  I think not.  I think if I receive an Apple product as a gift, I get excited and activate it.  I think if I receive an Android gift, I have another glass of xmas wine and say "maybe tomorrow ... maybe next week."  I therefore think Apple had less than 51% of the sales.
Market cap does not mean capacity. It's capitalization!,
I predict the opposite of you, i.e. I predict the stock will continue to rise after the earnings report.  Why?  I actually don't expect the previous quarter's results to cause this rise, I predict that Apple's bullish projections for the current quarter will please Wall Street and we'll be above $100 tomorrow.  Obviously time will tell, but it's not long now!
Tim Cook and his gang of losers has not once cured cancer! Not even once!
Good work!  I'm glad we've got 'nerds' like you around 
I quite agree with you.  And I might go a step further, because it seems that 9 times out of 10, these theoretical vulnerabilities are found in an Apple platform and the tech press creates a bunch of sound and fury signifying nothing.  I'd be pleased to see Apple Insider document this phenomenon of theoretical threat versus in-the-wild reality.  Today's DED story is like the exception that proves the rule, because in general this phenomenon is used to create anti-Apple FUD.
No, the rumored iWatch does not feel PDA-ish to me.  Apple touted handwriting recognition on the Newton, but no one has heard what Apple will tout for the iWatch.  I speculate that the iWatch will be very Jobsian, meaning they're thinking about how it can enhance our lives by applying advanced electronics technology to human lives.  In contrast, the Newton always seemed geeky to me, engineer-driven with insufficient consideration of the humanities.  Newton seemed like...
New Posts  All Forums: