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Can you tell us what Gizmodo's motive was in your opinion? You don't think it was profit? Enlighten us as to why they'd spend $5-$10K. Do you think they sincerely believed the phone belonged to the seller and Apple had no interest in it? I believe if I buy something I know to be stolen, that's criminal right there. It makes matters even worse if my motive was profit. A commenter over on Roughly Drafted opined that Gizmodo's tone changed dramatically half-way through...
And I happen to think at least one of them now is a criminal a-hole. I think what the s/w engineer did was sloppy and regrettable. However, if it's really true that Gizmodo paid the finder $10K, I think they're both criminals and I hope the DA agrees. No fraud involved here. There was a buyer and seller in property that did not belong to them, and the motive was profit. I don't see any significant free speech issue. And I, for one, don't expect Apple to be shy about...
My Ignore List just got a new entry ...
That's right. And it's also why "no one goes to that club anymore; it's way too crowded!"
Okay; I removed my ad hominem. But I take offense when you say my head's probably exploding now. It's not. I don't know the precise details of why Apple didn't previously provide multi-tasking. I for one have never railed against it or said it was completely unnecessary. I don't think Apple has either. I've always accepted that it's not a black and white world. Through their actions, Apple has clearly said that in the iPhone's early phases, Apple didn't see...
You don't sound weird to me.
You're "horrified" by what might happen on laptops that don't yet exist? I think you could use a bit of perspective. You do know what's going to happen at the end of your life, right? I guarantee you, that is going to happen!
No need to name-call. Different people have different levels of sophistication in different areas of life. Cut him some slack and allow him to get educated.
This is simple business. Apple competes with Samsung in some ways and has a mutually beneficial relationship in others. There's no reason to think any rivalry is personal (unlike Apple and Google). As shareholders, we absolutely do not want Apple to "cut off its nose to spite its face".
It warms the cockles of my black little heart to see such corporate desperation!
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