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Then you should stick with traditional media. Nobody's arguing with you about your right to do that, I hope. As for me, I don't mind paying the same for digital as opposed to traditional. Sure, the publisher's printing costs and what have you have disappeared with digital, but from my perspective, my storage and schlepping costs have disappeared. I live in a small home with over-flowing bookshelves, so the digital format has an extra, tangible value to me.
On the one hand, I don't like paying more than I have to for the written word, on the other hand, I very much want great publishers and newspapers to thrive. For example: I've been reading the NY Times online for free now for a few years. (I paid them their online subscription fee for the brief period where they required that.) So I very much enjoy their product, and I also very much enjoy getting it for free. But I have to be honest with myself and admit that I'm...
I'm confused. I understand that to some people, Flash and multi-tasking and the ability to load any application you want are very important features. Apple thinks they're not so important for their mobile devices, and I agree. You guys are free to disagree as vehemently as you like, but I'm confused as to why you choose to spend so much of your time on Apple sites ranting about your frustrations, sharing your hostilities. Just go out, buy and enjoy the competing...
"Steve" says this kind of stuff? What Eric?
I agree. And since this is apparently the best Motorola can do, I say we wish them the best of luck with their campaign and tell them: "You go, girl!"
It really is okay to ignore him and not reply to his posts.
I agree with you that Gates is not all bad. But "classy"? I don't think I can go that far. Did you see the interview with Mossberg they're talking about? During that, Gates complained about the "I'm a Mac" campaign and how everybody hates the PC guy. Jobs and the journalist tried to comfort him that everybody loves the PC guy, and like a petulant child Gates said something like: "Maybe his mother loves him". I for one interpreted that as the richest man in the world...
I'm wondering if "assault" is the correct word? Since ATT/Apple have been steadily stealing Verizon's customers, I see this advertising campaign as pure self-defense. Verizon is the one who has been assaulted and they're fighting back as best they can.
Sorry, but I don't see it that way. The Mac platform is weak on games not because of Apple, but because of circumstances (namely minority market share) beyond their control. Game developers don't develop heavily for the Mac platform because it's not cost effective for them. In contrast, game developers do develop heavily for the iPod Touch platform because it is cost-effective for them. I can only speculate here, but I believe that if Steve Jobs could snap his fingers...
I don't really know anything about Carmack. You say he's mature and credible, but common sense and all the visible evidence says that Apple is plenty happy with their success with gamers. I for one would like to see more proof that he's believable. Show me some evidence from Apple itself that it's opposed to gaming.
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