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This is simple business. Apple competes with Samsung in some ways and has a mutually beneficial relationship in others. There's no reason to think any rivalry is personal (unlike Apple and Google). As shareholders, we absolutely do not want Apple to "cut off its nose to spite its face".
It warms the cockles of my black little heart to see such corporate desperation!
Uh, I don't know; looks like maybe I am. I'm not going into low-level details, but from the big picture I think two things are true and very important: 1. Apple re-invents user interfaces and the whole world follows. 2. Apple is more savvy about IP law than they used to be And the conclusion I draw from the above two premises are: APPL shareholders will make a boatload of $
Seems to me that Apple learned lessons from the Mac GUI back in the 1980s and therefore they are not doomed to see history repeat itself. They've once again re-invented the UI of a major electronic device, but this time Apple will be the ones to fully monetize this valuable innovation. So you got it right: Go Apple!
I agree with your first point, i.e. that lower P/E means investors collectively believe earnings (or at least growth) will decline, but with due respect you've lost me when you say a lower P/E means my future returns will be lower. My thinking goes like this: I know that I'm right some of the time and wrong some of the time. I believe the same is true of the market, i.e. your "collective investors". I happen to think that when the market gives APPL a lower P/E, the...
I think you raise good questions. I sure don't know what their future growth will look like, but as a stockholder I hope for the best. That said, Apple's market cap is so large that I believe their P/E ratio won't go back up to the 30s and 40s again, and that's okay by me. I like it when the E pushes the P up, rather than having huge expectations pull the P up. In my opinion, the lower P/E makes APPL a safer investment, but their healthy growth and business model still...
By golly but you make a lot of sense, Mr. Knightlie!
"He gets paid"? Are you sure of that? Microsoft pays him? Google pays him?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that outside of Apple and Google, there are very few companies with such large market capitalization as well as high P/Es. It's natural that things can't be so volatile and speculative as they get so big. As for me, with a large part of my net worth in Apple, I'm happy their P/E is declining while the E is steadily increasing; it makes my investment safer even if it isn't growing. I expect their P and their E to continue to...
Also not speaking for him, sometimes less is more. Specifically, when there are a bunch of features that I don't use, whether in an OS X laptop or M$ Word or a VCR, these extra features actually detract from the user experience and from those features that I do use. Apple helps people focus by leaving things out. Just as there are plenty of people who only use 10% of M$ Word, there are plenty of people who only use %10 of a laptop's capabilities. The iPad addresses...
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