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With due respect, I want to complain about AI's headline. It's true, the video shows the panel being destroyed by a car (or heavy truck), but that's only AFTER the video shows the panel surviving quite a number of dramatic tests. I think the video shows us that almost nothing can break the sapphire panel, but AI's headline tells us that the panel is breakable, and it falsely implies that the panel might be not that hard to break.
 Really?  I haven't seen this guarantee.  As a shareholder I certainly hope you're right, but I don't remember anyone giving me any kind of guarantee!
Gosh, I don't see it that way.  I happen to be an American, and in all the interactions I've had with Mr. Cook () I feel like he's treated me respectfully.  In contrast, in most of the encounters I've observed between Mr. Cook and Android, Cook seems to be, figuratively speaking of course, spitting on them!   
 My apologies, because I obviously didn't make myself clear in my earlier post.  I never meant to imply that working at a big company makes you perfect.  What I meant was being an executive at Apple makes you very elite and very smart about Apple's business. Despite how smart these executives are, they definitely still make mistakes.  No argument there.   Where I disagreed with your original post was that you implied that Tim Cook hadn't even considered the possibility...
 It's a legitimate question:  Is it better to stay above the fray or engage and criticize your competitor.  I wonder if Tim Cook and his staff in Cupertino are sophisticated enough to address this question?  I wonder if those guys, who are executives of the most valuable company in America today, are smart enough to wisely consider the issue?  I wonder if they're any smarter than us, we with strong opinions who post in the comment section of Apple Insider?   Curious thing.
 What you're saying about thinking the company would be further ahead makes sense.  It's very hard for those of us outside the company to understand appreciate what enormous accomplishments they make inside the company.  Enormous accomplishments that take time.  I am super pleased that Apple doesn't release products prematurely.  Sometimes the market seems like impatient six year old who haven't learned how to wait.   As far as sustainable strategy, with due respect, I...
 I sure hope you're wrong about that 
I agree with you.  It seems to me that you really have to be able to "think different" to appreciate this deal.  Apple did it first, some of these analysts came along 2nd, and eventually there might even be a consensus amongst the AI commenters.  OK OK, maybe it was the drugs talking about that last one, but two out of three aint bad!   
Maybe you're right.  As a proud AAPL owner myself, I'm pleased that Apple wants the business of old people and the business of young people.  Is that OK with you?
You have seen the video of Steve and Dr. Dre chatting, right?  I see a lot of mutual respect and a deep understanding of issues outside Jobs' main field:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaxZ8XsN0xo
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