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It's OK if you want to limit your population to those who do spreadsheet and word processor work.  But the original study this article is about, plus most of the people discussing it, don't impose that limitation.  We're interested in the entire community of computer users, including gamers and web surfers and anybody else who spends time doing stuff on their computer (be it handheld or desktop). I myself used to do a lot of spreadsheet and word processing.  I thought it...
 OK.  But would you argue with the assertion that IOS is kind of on par with Windows, and 80's calculators are kind of not on par with Windows?
 I think I'll nit-pick this 'delreyjones' guy ...   Who cares if the internals are Unix or not?  (It's especially unimportant whether or not it's Certified Unix or Linux or QNX or whatever ...)  Microsoft's devices are definitely not *nix.  M$ grew their own with David Cutler, so it's all some kind of VMS progeny, but Windows is still completely usable  What's important is whether or not it's a viable, modern platform.  IOS, Android and Windows are all viable.  Maybe...
Does your calculator from the 80s run Unix?
And if I read this article correctly, it has nothing to do with market share and everything to do with intellectual property.  You're commenting on the wrong article.
 Good point; I'd never looked at it like that before.  Google stole from Apple and thereby enabled Samsung to make billions.  I'm no flag-waving, right-winger, but our economy is in decline and we don't need thieves like Google hurting us even more!
I think the company might be overly cautious and therefore over-capitalized, but I don't think it's even close to being a mismanaged company.  I think of them as being close to perfect, but it's still possible here and there for some fine-tuning.
I like the plan too and I also hold shares. I don't really understand the hostility on this site towards Icahn.  The difference between what he wants and what the board has already agreed to is just a matter of scale.  All he's doing is making the case that AAPL is a screaming buy, and he's also putting his money where his mouth is.  He may be going a bit too far but maybe not.  He sounds persuasive to me when he says the board is being overly cautious.   I haven't decided...
 With due respect, it's not a concern to me.  True, it looks like Apple's market share of tablets is decreasing from an iPod level up in the 90s down to something lower (50s?), but still higher than its iPhone market share.  Whatever its iPad market share ends up at, I'm not concerned that the iPad is going away.  It's a fantastic platform, rapidly growing user community, and progressively "stickier".  I guess some of you are concerned that the iPad will disappear, killed...
I like your analysis.  Seems spot on to me.
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