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I can't argue with your arithmetic, but I enjoy the recollection that there was something of a Mexican standoff between Steve Balmer and Tim Cook.  Balmer said, "The iPad needs Office so we won't pay you the 30%.  You'll give us a better deal because we're special."  And Tim Cook responded with:  "Office needs the iPad and Microsoft is not special;  you're just another developer."  We didn't see Office on the iPad for a long time after that, but now Redmond blinked and...
Patience, grasshopper.  Good things come to those who wait.  Everybody else can buy Samsung ;=)
 I think there's an article in Apple Insider somewhere about a buzz that's growing in China about demand for larger-screened iPhones.  Doesn't that constitute "information" that Apple might be able to sell more iPhones if it offers a larger model?
Heard it 3rd party, eh?  I'm thinking the creator of that story has quite an imagination, albeit an unattractive imagination.
Steve Jobs was the same age as me.  I remember growing up here in California, and one of my rock music heroes (Frank Zappa) lectured us and said advertising was fundamentally evil.  He said they were tricking us into buying shit we absolutely did not need and would not make our lives better.  I don't know if Jobs was a Zappa fan, but I'm convinced Jobs sincerely believed his products would make people's lives better.   Ireland is right, they're all selling.  And I think...
 Did you watch the video with Allison Johnson?  Do you think Steve Jobs hated Allison Johnson?
 I agree.  Excel is like a truck and Excel experts are like truck drivers.  The world needs trucker drivers and Excel experts, but I'm glad I'm not one of them and I think Apple is perfectly OK with not catering to them ;=)
You confuse me.  You go on and on with all these negatives about AAPL, but then you call yourself a "long-term Apple shareholder".  If you really believe all the negative things you wrote, then you need to sell your AAPL immediately (and presumably buy GOOG with the proceeds).  But if, through your own free will, you decide to hold your AAPL, then you need to provide some balance in your posts and share with us the reasons WHY you choose to hold AAPL, despite your...
No, no consensus.  Some people thought it would be flying off the shelves, but plenty of us were skeptical.  Go back and double-check.
 Who says Apple has to re-prove anything?  Any investors who don't like what they see can sell.  Consumers all over the world are voting with their wallets.  Apple gets to continue to be Apple and the commentariat's going to continue to be emotional about it.  The world is as it should be and it's a great time to hold AAPL. Impatience?  Yeah, it's all over the place.  My opinion is that if you buy AAPL and you're impatient, that makes you a trader as opposed to an...
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