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  No, I don't know what comes next.     I see no significant evidence that Cook can't execute.  It's a given that he's imperfect and it's a given that he's not Steve Jobs.  But I see no other candidate that's even close to Cook.  I see the criticism of Cook as a side-show that doesn't contribute to our understanding of Apple and the industry.     In the military when someone criticizes but has no alternative, they call them "ankle-biters".  These people whine that the...
  Who do you recommend?  Give us at least one name of who would be a better CEO than Tim Cook.
  Well enlighten us.  Why are iPad numbers down?
  I quite agree.  And frankly, I don't understand the impatience of some enthusiasts on this site.  It's a hell of a lot of work to create these amazing new products that are so close to flawless.  It's going to take Apple the time it takes to get it right.  So if they released something before it was ready, it'd be buggy, it would damage their reputation, and perhaps worst of all, it would make Apple more like Microsoft and Google!  I definitely want Apple to take their...
  They don't act like they're infallible and nobody's saying they are.  That's a false accusation you people make.  They're not infallible, they're just 10x better than the competition!
  This is poor reasoning.  In the short run the stock market resembles an overly emotional adolescent, not some genius, efficient price-calculating machine.  The same adolescent pushed the price to $700 then down to $400.  Apple and its management are rational and patient; the market is emotional and knee-jerk.
  I don't think you're naive.  I think you're hitting the nail on the head!!!
  With due respect, I don't see it that way.  I hold enough AAPL that it's a significant part of my net worth, so like others, I've lost quite a bit of wealth in the past few months.  Nevertheless, I'd be seriously disappointed in Tim Cook if he were to bow down before Wall Street.  Part of what makes Apple Apple is that it navigates by its own north star and it (mostly) ignores Wall Street.  I hope this doesn't change.   That said, I also hope for and expect a larger...
  I don't game but my 17 year old son is an avid gamer.  He tells me iPhones and iPads and iPod Touches won't work well as a traditional game controller, because the gamer wants to have his eyes on the big screen (presumably the HD TV set), while his hand are on the controller, doing things by feel.  This makes sense to me.  I've never seen a gamer constantly moving his attention back and forth from game to controller.     I hear that a new Nintendo system...
  Bingo!  Up until now, iOS games have been limited to casual gaming.  With a quality controller and AppleTV, iOS can compete directly with the consoles.  Very good news!
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