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  I don't think "Mapgate" was all that bad either, but it clearly was bad enough for TC to stand up and apologize.  It's possible that TC planned that all along, but I doubt it.  I think it was an unpleasant surprise for him.
  I read that Forstall's relationship with Jony Ive was terrible.  The rumor said Ive refused to attend any meeting that Forstall was at.  Seems likely to me that Forstall burned his bridges and Cook made his decision.
Possible, but I doubt it.  I think anywhere he goes will be a demotion.
  I agree.  We can only speculate as to whether he was fired or resigned, and also, if he was fired, if Maps was an issue.  It's easy to imagine that if Cook felt that Forstall was not being fully forthcoming about the quality of Maps at release time, that might have been one of the straws that broke the back.  And as far as being an asshole, just because SJ could get away with it doesn't mean that SF could! 
  I have some doubts about this assertion.  I'm willing to believe they want to sell as many phones as possible, but I'm not convinced they're setting their release schedule with an eye towards quarterly results.  Do you have any evidence to support this argument or is it mostly speculative?
  They're doing the best they can but they're definitely playing defense.  I think they're punch-drunk from what Apple/iPhone have done to them.
Many readers, including myself, care about the competitive field.  I'd feel ignorant if I didn't get a halfway decent look at the new Nokia product.
I stand correct and I appreciate being educated!!
  Very good analogy IMHO.  I wonder if anyone on top of Everest has looked up and seen any kind of bird?  I kind of doubt it.
  Thanks for doing that.  I think today's gain was close to 1.9%, so based on your numbers, I estimate that today's gain was in the top 12% or so.  I think cameronj was saying we have 2% gains in 1 out of every 5 days, i.e. in 20% of the days.  So it seems like he was exaggerating by a factor of 2, but not by an order of magnitude like I suspected.   Thanks again for that spreadsheet magic!
New Posts  All Forums: