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  It seems to me we're really in unchartered territory.  As much as I dislike advertising, I'm happy to see Facebook jump into the arena.  As others have pointed out, they have 1B users, and presumably some of them will like the idea of a FB phone.  I see it as threatening Google, since Google and FB compete so fiercely for eyeballs and advertising dollars.  But does it threaten Apple?  I don't see it.  I see it as just that much more fragmentation of Android which I...
  I thought I'd have a look at some of MacRulez' 2000+ posts and what I found surprised me.  I could find posts for the last three months, but prior to that, he's got a large number of deleted posts going all the way back to 2010.  As far as I can tell, every post of his from 2010, 2011, and most of 2012 has been deleted.  That looks suspicious to me, but it's definitely confusing.  Does anyone have a good explanation?  
  I don't think Tim Cook's days are numbered.  It was a mistake to hire Browett, but Cook corrected that mistake in a reasonable period of time.  He also fired Forstall which probably should have happened sooner.  But we might say Cook was cleaning up after Jobs' mistake in this case.   As far as the stock, yes, it's down, but that's the market's fault, not Apple's.  Apple has reasons to want the stock to go back higher, but they're not desperate about it the way some...
The asymco chart is nice enough, except that it shows no data from 2012 which is the most important data as far as what's being decided now. Doesn't AI have access to more current data?
  Right.  Microsoft was a competitor.  Some analysts used to think they were a significant player ;=)
  He's exaggerating.  Apple had a leadership position ten years ago in MP3 players and it was competing with plenty of heavyweights.  Apple's management is more experienced than Milunovich gives them credit for.
  Good point.  And is Google planning to change its business model?  It currently makes money selling desktop advertising quite successfully, and it tries to make money selling mobile advertising but not all that successfully.  Does it plan to sell advertising with its glasses?  Are they trying to put advertising as close to our brains as possible?  Or are they abandoning their only successful business model and trying to out-innovate Apple as a device maker?     None of...
  I think you're right.  I myself hold quite a bit of AAPL, and when it's going up I often pat myself on the back and reflect on how sensible the world is, how everything is in good order and how effin smart I am.  But then when the price is going down, I start whining about idiot, delusional Wall Street investors and illegal stock manipulation and how unfairly the world is treating me.   You don't think I have emotional issues, do you?
  I agree with you.  And Schmidt saying it's "curious" is really lame.  He needs to provide details as to why he thinks it's curious, or else keep his mouth shut and say nothing at all.  
  Sure, we all need phones.  And I've enjoyed my iPhone for the last three years.  But now that replacement time is here, I'm sick of the monthly bill.  I won't get a new iPhone, but I'll get myself an ultra-cheap feature phone plus an iPad, though I haven't decided which one yet.  I'll confess to being pretty smug about owning a few thousand shares of AAPL, but I still don't want to pay either ATT's or Virgin Mobile's monthly fees!
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