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  Sure, we all need phones.  And I've enjoyed my iPhone for the last three years.  But now that replacement time is here, I'm sick of the monthly bill.  I won't get a new iPhone, but I'll get myself an ultra-cheap feature phone plus an iPad, though I haven't decided which one yet.  I'll confess to being pretty smug about owning a few thousand shares of AAPL, but I still don't want to pay either ATT's or Virgin Mobile's monthly fees!
  That's very interesting!  What city is your Craigslist in?  I just looked at Craigslist here in L.A. and the sellers are all asking more for their iPad Mini than the standard Apple price.  I'd like to buy one from the town you're in!
  I'm both a customer and a stockholder, and no way have I had enough.  Speak for yourself but not for the rest of us!
  I agree.  I think the article's point is that Apple is preparing to move the Arm into the Macs, which they will do if and only if it makes sense.  And as you say, they might surprise us the other way and move Intel into the iOS world, if and only if that makes sense.  But I think the take-home point is there are may different ways the technology may go in the next few years, and Apple does a pretty good job staying light on its feet unlike some of its competitors.
  I agree with you.  Forstall was a lieutenant with his own set of strengths and weaknesses, but Jobs was completely off-the-charts one-of-a-kind.   That said, Jobs wasn't 100% right 100% of the time.  The biography surprised me about how seriously wrong Jobs was about iTunes on Windows and how much effort it took for clearer heads to prevail.  With that in mind, it seems plausible that Jobs was also wrong about Forstall and Tim Cook has decided that now is the time.  As...
  Except that Steve Jobs actually created Apple and Scott Forstall didn't.  It's fair to assume that when Steve Jobs died, he was content with the fact that Tim Cook had the power to fire Scott Forstall.  It's fair to assume Steve Jobs had a tremendous amount of faith in Tim Cook.  And it's fair to assume that Tim Cook knows a lot more about Apple and Scott Forstall than we do.     The NY Times has reported that Forstall's peers are happier about his departure than they...
  I agree.  Do you think Cook looked at Forstall and said:  "I knew Steve Jobs.  Steve Jobs was a friend of mine.  You are no Steve Jobs!"
  I'm not sure what you mean.  I like Tim Cook quite a bit and I doubt that I'm the only one.  On top of that, I don't know that he's flip flopped over and over again.  
  Goog point; I totally agree!   Wall Street is like a tail and no way should we allow it to wag the dog.
I think you're right.  Tim Cook is a strong man.
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