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  I think all your points are well-made.  And you're not the only person who, during the early days of the Internet, made assumptions about common standards of decency that later turned out to be naive.  As of today, I happen to trust Apple but not Amazon, Google, Microsoft or Facebook.     And yes, the 'vegemite' comment says more about the person who said it than anything else.
  Here's what Wikipedia says about the Mac Mini:       On January 10, 2005, the Mac Mini was announced alongside the iPod shuffle at the Macworld Conference & Expo and was described by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the time as the "most affordable Mac ever".[5] The Mac Mini is an entry-level computer intended for budget-minded customers.
  Doesn't the Mac Mini contradict this argument?  Relatively cheap and relatively low-powered compare to the other Macs.   Another important consideration I can imagine is production and supply. The answer to "how many has Apple sold" has frequently been "all of them", meaning they sold everything they made and for significant periods of time, demand exceeded supply.  I can see Apple forecasting sales of a gazillion iPad Minis this xmas season, and it could be their other...
  Retina is great and it's clearly here today at the high end.  But it's not written in stone, is it, that Apple can't offer a slightly more economical product with a bit less resolution?  I still use my iPhone 3GS and the screen still looks high quality to me, even though it's obviously a step down from Retina.  Mind you, I'm not saying for sure the iPad Mini will have this lower res screen, but it sounds plausible to me.  If Apple is serious about coming in at a...
  I agree with you that there are limits to Apple's supply chain efficiency.  However, I don't think too many people outside of Apple have an accurate idea of what these limits are.  Think back to when the first iPad was introduced.  I'm pretty sure more than 90% of the observers were astonished by the low price.  Something similar may happen again.  Apple's working from a position of tremendous strength and we shouldn't expect them to show any mercy to Google or Microsoft.
I think you're exactly right.  Apple has never offered anything that was in anyways shoddy, though they do try to be economical.  Nobody has any evidence that Apple will in any way change their business strategy.  So if the rumors are true and they offer a smaller iPad, it will be shocking if either the quality or the margins are significantly reduced.  We have to get our minds around the notion that Apple can compete with cheap Android tablets without any major...
  Are you sure?  I'm not trying to be argumentative, but my recollection is that Apple's lack of focus on patents was part of why Apple lost the desktop wars to M$.  I thought in the early days, Jobs wasn't interested in patents, he wanted to focus on other things.  I believe the original, revolutionary Mac UI had few accompanying patents and it was only protected by relatively weak copyrights.  So the unhappy results of that war is part of today's story, i.e. it's part...
  How much is a "smidge"?  By my reckoning, it's somewhat more than a billion US$, but less than a trillion 
  Many people believe this, but I think they're wrong.  While Apple's marketing is excellent, I think it's their product quality that most distinguishes them.  It's OK for you to have your own opinion, but you ought to state it as opinion.  I think you're in a minority on this site.
  What word would you use to describe a 27% drop in your salary?
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