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"They" refers to a Plex app. Yes, there is a Plex app for the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone, but not on TV. There are some hacks for getting that app installed on TV but it is nontrivial. Of course one can use the AirPlay to toss the media over but it would be a much better experience if the app actually ran on TV. If Apple does open a TV app store the existing Plex app may port quickly to a running app with a slightly adjusted UI. However, I still find Air Video HD...
At this point I would appreciate an ATV that had a remote that allows me to adjust the volume rather than juggle two or more remotes.
I would put both behind the purchase of NeXT.
Year over year Apple has always sold more iPhones. I even think it was a very good business idea to make a larger iPhone for the people who clearly wanted one. What annoys me is that at the same time the 4 inch phone was dropped. I have no problem with folks who insist on an iPad mini with cellphone capability but I want a real iPhone. Until then the new iPod touch is a nice proxy for what I would otherwise buy.
But we remember a few unchanging facts. The 4 inch phone comfortably fits and can be operated by one hand. It also fits easily in more pockets.It is also worth recalling that users have not had the option to select a 4 inch versus a larger phone with equivalent technology to test popularity. Apple simply brought out the 6 and 6+ with no 4 inch equivalent option. We don't know the relative popularity. The low conversion rate might indicate Apple has left a lot of money on...
You really think an iPod touch is an mp3 player? (Or for that matter that an iPhone is primarily a phone?) For your edification, if you weren't simply trolling, both are primarily computers tailored to run the vast quantity of iOS apps. The iPhone is further designed to work with cellular providers like Verizon for a monthly subscription fee. The iPod touch only connects to the internet via wifi. If you are wedded to your cell phone service then that slight difference...
If you have not tried it yet, I would suggest Overcast to handle podcasts
If it were an online purchase then the iPod touch is connected online via wifi so requiring network is not an issue at all. Or am I missing something obvious?
Well that is one game but "plenty"? I have over 1,400 apps and some may be iPad only but I have not noticed any significant shortage of apps that run on the fifth generation iPod touch. On the other hand I have noticed a shortage of monthly bills that I have to pay in order to use my iPod touch. What I find puzzling is how many iPhone fans seem almost obsessed that Apple no longer update and sell mobile devices that don't require a monthly bill. If the new iPod touch is an...
I'm sure you are right specifically about distribution of profit. I was pointing towards the scale of iOS sales and suggesting the likely correlation to profit as you did in your post. If I had clicked to see page 5 of replies before replying myself and seen your reply I would not have bothered adding my two cents.
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