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Actually the 3GS update is quite analogous to the iPad 2 update. The 3GS was the first to have a graphics coprocessor so 3D graphics was vastly improved. The iPad 2 does not introduce accelerated graphics but its graphics processor is supposed to be a huge improvement over what was shipping in iOS devices before. So we can expect games and graphics heavy apps to to markedly improve. It's OpenGL ES 2.0 for the win.
Here's the main problem in your plan of annoying people by being obnoxious and possibly half witted. Digital communication allows for easily created and modified filters. Plonk!
That is quite strident for someone without a record. Gruber is almost certainly eccentric but he has good sources and interesting speculation. Are you going to man up when the next iPad is released with iOS rather than OS X or just change your login name?
Congratulations, you may be beginning to understand an important part of Apple's animosity toward Flash and Adobe's handling of the product. While Adobe started as an important partner with Apple back in the 80's, things changed as the bean counters took over at Adobe and Apple grew weaker as a force in the market. Adobe did not deem the Mac to be important enough to invest enough engineering resources to make Flash work well with Mac OS. So Flash on the Mac is pathetic...
Why do you insist on prattling on with such nonsense? Most of the time the iPad suffices for tasks that otherwise requires a laptop. When significant amounts of keyboard input is needed any Bluetooth keyboard works quite well. The crucial fact is that developer innovation has been captivated by this emerging platform with it's new, more intuitive UI. I like my MBP but I carry my iPad on the go. So compiling code in Xcode occurs when I am at home. Meanwhile I have six GB of...
It will require courage since it will almost certainly be orphaned soon after introduction, like the Kin. When I saw the headline I was hoping it would be more like Microsoft's Courier concept video. No such luck. The Courier probably was no more than vapor. Too bad, it did look intriguing.
Really? You take their word as gospel when they claim a return rate of 2% without any clear specification of the denominator? Base on "sales" of two million or the much smaller number that consumers purchased? Right now their credibility is shot with anyone except true believers. If Apple were caught in a bald faced lie, I would be cautious about their subsequent claims.
Ha! It would probably be gratifying to show how completely out of touch with reality your views are but there is almost no chance you will be anywhere to be found. You will have moved on to a new identity and still spewing silly counter factual statistics (Galaxy Tab owns 1/5 of the market???? Please, show me even one in the wild. It is simply a lie.) There are Apple stockholders here who do care specifically how well Apple performs. However, my guess is that most people...
Let's not forget that Motorola designed and manufactured the 68000 CPU that powered the original Macs. So does that make them complicit in some evil mysterious plot that is depicted in the ad?
Wow! What a big steaming bowl of claim chowder this would be if anyone cared what nonsense you spew. Also, you will be nowhere to be found when reality becomes inescapable (i.e. When publicly traded companies are required to report numbers without "inadvertent" spin). Yes, I know how foolish it is to feed the trolls, but this stuff is just too choice. The thing about the Samsung tablet is how invisible it is. I've never seen one in public. It reminds me of Zune back when...
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