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What fantasy world do you currently live in? Nobody, and I mean nobody has a 20% price advantage on Apple in the iPad market. The only question currently is how hopelessly overpriced "competitive" devices are and how lame the software is. If a customer hates Apple I'm sure he will buy from a competitor just like there was a market for the Zune. How did that turn out for the true disbelievers?
Is the Nook (and Nook Color) really considered an Android tablet? Doesn't it have to be rooted in order to do much more than serve as a book reading device? I have seen some Kindles (also a tablet?) "in the wild" but Nooks I've only seen in B & N and Best Buy stores. Both have probably been sold in quantity but putting them in the same category as the iPad seems an unwarranted stretch.
No, it isn't. The aggregate of all phones running Android may outsell the current model iPhone (US, international?). But both Android and iOS are operating systems. Besides the iPhone there are millions of iPod touch, iPads, and AppleTV's that all also run iOS. Leaving them out of the totals is simply incompetent and/or disengenuous. This entire phase of enhanced capability of mobile OS's was jump started by Apple and iOS continues to grow explosively. Ignoring or denying...
I always interject when I hear nonsense being spewed. Yes, I am that guy. On the other hand I am seldom in Best Buy.
Only people who shouldn't comment probably know. I did buy my 3rd gen iPod touch from Costco and they did provide a good discount. I could imagine other third party retailers not being happy with that situation. When I got my 1st gen iPad from Best Buy on launch day there was no discount. As for Toys R Us, I think Apple is doing the right thing to sell consumer electronics devices like the iPad and iPods in as many locations as feasible and keep opening Apple Stores in...
How could they do that? Safari is only built as an iOS, Mac OS, and Windows browser. I haven't heard of a version built for Android OS.
Android is open and Apple is closed in simplest terms can be summarized as: anyone can download and compile the source code to Android OS, you cannot do that for any Apple OS. It quickly becomes more complicated if you examine what has happened in actual shipping products. Motorola and possibly others have locked down what OS can be written to their devices. You could edit and compile an Android OS variant and not be able to install it on the device you have...
No, he can't get off the hook that easily. Any top executive in a computer company so clueless he thinks an iPad connects to a mouse should be looking for a new job. It isn't a random technical detail, it is fundamental to why an iPad defines a new category. Just imagine what other inane ideas might lurk in his empty head.
The transition from Mac OS 9 to OS X involved the eventual demise of the original Mac OS. Specifically it was the OS from NeXT replacing the OS from Apple. Nothing like that is involved today. Both OS X and iOS are derived from the same Darwin core with AppKit and UIKit providing user interface by mouse/keyboard vs multitouch. All the other libraries are shared (that is admittedly a slight simplification). In fact, the pedigree of iOS is largely responsible for the success...
It's "LOSE" not "LOOSE"
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