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Who is being more stubborn here? Elgato has been offering EyeTV for many years which is a high quality, flexible DVR solution for the Mac. If Apple doesn't sell it, you won't buy it?
Enterprises who want to develop apps for their own use are supported by Apple:http://developer.apple.com/programs/iphone/enterprise/ Did you even bother googling before making your pronouncement?
Right, and what OS have they created? What silicon have they designed? They are the second largest computer assembler in the world. I imagine they make a lot of money but what have they created? Even their netbooks are actually manufactured by another company.
I don't believe that is entirely true. OK, I only bought albums but I thought "Money" was released as a single in order to promote the popularity of "Dark Side of the Moon".
This may be your belief and the PR was certainly handled poorly but it hasn't changed fundamental facts. The product launch has been huge. The reviews have been glowing, even from Consumer Reports, and the demand has been unquenchable even this long after launch. In a real disaster there would be stacks of unsold product. People with any amount of sophistication and experience know that bleeding edge products often have issues and the important factor is how they are...
OK buddy, pull over! That is two incorrect instances of using "loose" rather than the correct "lose" in one brief post: "losing money" and "lose 11k workers". I'll let you off with a warning this time but lose the loose unless it is appropriate.
How is this for a possible alternative? Inform us that you own or owned an iPhone4 and the antenna issue was a matter of actual concern to you. One thing I can't stand are all the individuals with strident opinions but no actual interest. You know, people who never have and never intend to purchase an Apple product but have an irrepressible need to pontificate. Jehovah Witnesses come to my door from time to time promoting their faith and frankly I am not interested in...
A developer is going to be interested in the installed base for the platform not just the most recent device in one (admittedly huge) niche. Include the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone 3gs to get a better idea and factor in the higher propensity to purchase apps for iOS devices. It is useful to developers and consumers that Android provides competition but so far that is all it is, competition.
At the risk of preaching Steve Jobs did milk the Mac for all he could before moving on to the next great thing. The milking phase was OS8 and OS9. The next great thing was OSX which was actually NextStep and really a complete break from the Mac legacy. The Macs you buy today are actually NextStep machines that are marketed as Macs. They seem to be Macs to most because Apple managed the transition so well in most cases. One case that did not go so well was Adobe which was...
Nonsense! Apple offers a broader range than any other company currently. There is the current cellphone for those who enjoy a monthly cellphone bill, an equivalent iPod for those who don't, and the incredibly successfully launched iPad. All three share the same OS and API's (if you can develop for one you can develop for all three). No one is currently competitive for developer mindshare in the mobile market. Whatever is revealed tomorrow will help determine if this...
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