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It's possible that the decision to invest in the creation of the Apple Store was the most important decision that Jobs made. The bias of store clerks in big box stores was a continuing, almost implacable challenge for Apple until they opened their own stores. The irony is that changing the environment changed the sale of Apple products from a depressed ghetto off in a corner to the apex of the retail world. It shows the incompetence of the management of Best Buy and...
I bought it but I won't be buying it again at these prices. It is also very careless with the space available on a mobile platform. The purchase was more a matter of curiosity and nostalgia. I remember how much I enjoyed reading that premiere issue of Wired back in the spring of 1993. It seemed only fair to give the new format an initial look. A problem is that there are many tempting apps that compete for that $5 impulse purchase. At $1 or $2 it might slip through.
The entertaining part of this story is how starkly it contrasts with the triumphalism of many Android partisans (ie people who prefer the approach and goals of Android). You would think the iPhone platform was already eclipsed by Android and declining. It may some day but Apple stockholders have to be happy with the way things look currently.
This is just silly and rather glib. Microsoft was almost the only PC operating system at the time. They had something like 80% - 90% of the market. What percent of the smartphone market do you imagine the iPhone has? They aren't even the leading vendor. Monopolies, per se, are not illegal. But using a monopoly in one market to extend a monopoly to another market is illegal and Microsoft's position was found to be officially a monopoly position. I hope the arguments...
One area where Apple badly lags Microsoft (and IBM and probably more than a few other tech companies) is investment in basic research. For many years it probably made sense to run lean in order to insure that Apple had a future. But tech companies like Bell Labs and IBM made Nobel prize level contributions to society. Now that Apple has performed so well I hope they do more than just product development. When Jobs was recruiting Sculley he asked him if he wanted to spend...
The numbers I read in another article imply that is probably not the case. The estimate was that Apple is currently selling about 100,000 Macs per week and 200,000 iPads per week. The iPad is less expensive so in that regard it may not be surprising. But the implication drawn in the article is that this implies that just like the iPod there will soon be more iPads than Macs. So if this trend continues, and it seems almost certain as iPad ships to more foreign markets, the...
It's even better with plugins available for EyeTV that will edit out the commercials if you are willing to wait.
Your use of the word 'standard' leaves something to be desired. If you travel with a CDMA cellphone to almost anywhere else in the world and you will find it is incapable of making or receiving calls. Is there really anything more to say?
Surely you jest. Most of the world does not use the Roman alphabet. It is a very significant minority but it is dwarfed by the Asian and Indian languages. Part of the colonial heritage of the current world is that there are many who use a language with a Roman alphabet as a second (or third, etc) language. But that can change rather quickly.
Sure, but the significant value of a screen keyboard is the essentially frictionless ability to support alternate keyboards. The lack of a Dvorak keyboard alternative is an oversight that could be so easily corrected. Is there some obvious objection that everyone is missing?
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