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No matter how many times you repeat yourself you are overstating your case. One of the meanings is "accuse of wrongdoing", but a dictionary also provides as a first definition "to assert without proof". I'm not at home so I can't check the OED but allege sounds like the right verb for a rumor site.
Like the other iOS devices it isn't really feasible to just buy an iPad. Without a Mac or PC running iTunes you are in a very uncomfortable position. I suppose one could use a public PC to activate the iPad (assuming it had iTunes installed, etc) but it is almost certain there would also be a family computer present at home and one person would be the main user of the iPad. I've lent my iPad to my brother a few times but changing all the logins back is annoying. It really...
Bandwidth is not unlimited. The iDevices have hardware assist for decoding h.264 video format. There is about a 100:1 compression involved so uncompressed video would need about 100 times the bandwidth. One could try compressing to h.264 on the fly but there is not hardware support for compression, just decompression. Elgato does make a USB dongle that does hardware assisted h.264 compression but I don't know if even that is fast enough. Of course just about all technology...
Because voice is just an app, not an overpriced, monopolistic service that arose due to historical accident. The 3G iPod touch, if it is a reality, could be a crucial step toward more rationally priced voice service. More like $15 per month, free text messaging, innovative new communication options created by third parties with no long term commitment rather than $100 per month. Of course if you prefer to prop up anachronistic but politically connected companies, feel free.
I think the iPhone is transitional until the carriers' perverse dominance is diminished. This is the direction indicated by the iPad 3G which allows wifi to be augmented by 3G on a month to month basis and also by rumored FaceTime capability for iPod touch over wifi.
I don't think you understand the idea of the tablet as Apple has presented it. It could have a USB port, HDMI port, Athlon processor, access to the file system, full MS Office, Flash, etc. But rather than throw in the kitchen sink Apple chose to consign all that legacy to the dustbin of history and try a new approach to personal computing. The iPad is utterly cool and I mean that in the sense of its temperature. Before getting it I suspected it would get hot to the touch...
Who is being more stubborn here? Elgato has been offering EyeTV for many years which is a high quality, flexible DVR solution for the Mac. If Apple doesn't sell it, you won't buy it?
Enterprises who want to develop apps for their own use are supported by Apple:http://developer.apple.com/programs/iphone/enterprise/ Did you even bother googling before making your pronouncement?
Right, and what OS have they created? What silicon have they designed? They are the second largest computer assembler in the world. I imagine they make a lot of money but what have they created? Even their netbooks are actually manufactured by another company.
I don't believe that is entirely true. OK, I only bought albums but I thought "Money" was released as a single in order to promote the popularity of "Dark Side of the Moon".
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