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Sure, but the significant value of a screen keyboard is the essentially frictionless ability to support alternate keyboards. The lack of a Dvorak keyboard alternative is an oversight that could be so easily corrected. Is there some obvious objection that everyone is missing?
Just as likely that he is trying to honor confidentiality agreements. If he provided independent verification that would be a serious faux pas. But just citing reports that are publicly known keeps him on good terms with his (possible) business partners. I think Apple will release a Verizon iPhone (which will be slightly less capable because of Verizon's limitations) in order to prevent Google phones from benefiting too much from an uncontested network.
That is just nonsense though it is not surprising one might reach that conclusion. According to contract law a EULA can masquerade as a contract and people can claim a EULA is a contract but that does not make it so. It will probably always be possible for a plaintiff to find a judge who slept through his course in Contracts but when you go far enough up the food chain the stark failure of EULA's will remain unless there is a rather fundamental change in contract law....
The only security issue connected to jailbreaking that I've read about occurs only if the user leaves the password for ssh access at its default value. Change it from its factory default setting and you are as secure as anyone else (assuming a nontrivial password is chosen). Incidentally this is probably the number one sin against secure operation in general: leaving a password at factory default value.
It is quotes like this that leave me completely puzzled. Have you heard of the weekly magazine The New Yorker? Are you aware that several cover pictures for it have been created on the iPhone with an app from the App Store? The issue has already been settled before the iPad has even shipped. The main point is that non-practitioners are poor judges of what can be done with a particular tool. So I don't accept Pogue's opinion that the iPad will not be good for production,...
Yep, that ignore list is fantastic. What surprises me is how utterly useless the comments are of some trolls. It isn't like there are not critical observations that many could find helpful. We just need a better class of critics.
Obviously Google which has a market cap that is larger than Apple's cash pile and larger than Apple's market cap. With the imminent arrival of the next mobile OS from Redmond there will be an even larger potential adversary.
Apple was allied with Microsoft against IBM when the Mac was first introduced. That is partially why apps like Excel appeared first on the Mac. Before that Microsoft made the Basic interpreter for the Apple ][.
This sort of statement causes considerable skepticism for many of us. I don't know what system is being used for the conversion but if there is a recurring cost per copy then someone should be fired. As someone else has noted several of these so-called costs are actually performed by $8 to $12 per hour employees. The numbers as they are presented are either poorly explained or just dishonest. Many of us don't have a background in publishing but we do know something about...
This takes the thesis to an absurd limit. All technology is a placeholder for future technology. The issue here seems to be the business model (rather than a technology issue) that all video is to be streamed without an option to purchase the content in disk format. Regardless of what Apple does or does not support there will be massive amounts of BluRay content produced just like there was for the previous DVD, Laserdisc, and VHS formats. Disabling access to this content...
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