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I'm sure you are right specifically about distribution of profit. I was pointing towards the scale of iOS sales and suggesting the likely correlation to profit as you did in your post. If I had clicked to see page 5 of replies before replying myself and seen your reply I would not have bothered adding my two cents.
Apple is a publicly traded company. By law they have to disclose their financials accurately or someone goes to jail. If you are so curious about the specific number (80%) you shouldn't have a hard time finding it with google yourself. In any case it follows quite easily from the fact that iOS devices are on a much larger scale than OS X devices. Why do you find the statement stupid?
Yes, I could have been clearer. That comment was meant to indicate that unlike earlier iPods, the iPod touch has internet connectivity. In fact, the name is arguably confusing since it is more like an IPhone than other iPods. It is essentially an iPhone without the legacy cellular radio. The iPod touch does have wifi and Bluetooth radios and I hope a new version will include a GPS radio.
 I think a little clarification would be helpful here. There is a tendency to refer to the iPod touch as an mp3 player. No, just no. It is an app machine. All those apps in Apple's App Store? Basically all of them install and run quite well on an iPod touch. A major difference is that you don't have to pay a monthly charge to run those apps on your device. It is also lighter and slimmer than iPhones of a similar vintage. If Apple does produce a worthy update of the iPod...
It depends on your use case. An iPod touch fits easily in your pocket and can be operated one handed unlike the iPad Mini (and current iPhones for that matter). You can also use wifi for internet access instead of devoting an ever increasing portion of your income to cellular carrier companies.
Isn't anyone going to mention how exciting this probably is for Gene Munster? Apple may finally treat television as something more than a hobby. Possibly not exactly how he (Gene) thought it would emerge, but a TV based device at the center! I will be happy of they manage to get a volume control working from the Apple Remote.
The Apple Stores were a brilliant strategic investment by Apple to bypass marginalization in a Windows world. But personally I am happy to purchase Apple hardware at a conveniently located Best Buy. The "purchasing experience" for me is exchanging money for a great gadget. I will be happy when the luxury market hype subsides and Apple discussions don't center on douchebags buying overpriced gold trinkets. The part that matters, which determines the success or failure of...
First, I have no intention of taking the sucker deal of "here's your free phone". Buying unlocked with maximum memory is the only option I would consider. Second, you may be right that Apple might slack off and fail to ramp up ApplePay as fast as possible. That would be fine if there were no competitors waiting for Apple to drop the ball. I certainly don't know if the Apple Watch will soar or flop. But depending on iPhone owners to spend $500 - $1,000+ to access a feature...
Seriously, no one wants ApplePay more than Apple. Releasing any i-device without ApplePay would be a bizarre move since inclusion promotes both the ApplePay service and the Apple Watch. I will definitely get a 4" iPhone if it is offered and probably take a pass otherwise. Releasing the larger sizes was a great business decision but dropping the true one-handed size makes iPhones just smaller iPads that make phone calls.
 Really, it's that simple? What would be the amount of money needed in 1975 to purchase a new MacBook? I was using a PDP 8 around that time and to observe it was barely even a related item (which cost incredibly more in those vaunted 1975 dollars) is beyond comical. You might also look into what fraction of a person's income needed to be spent on food compared to today. Those who yearn for the days of the gold standard can do so only by studiously avoiding the history of...
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