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Yep, that ignore list is fantastic. What surprises me is how utterly useless the comments are of some trolls. It isn't like there are not critical observations that many could find helpful. We just need a better class of critics.
Obviously Google which has a market cap that is larger than Apple's cash pile and larger than Apple's market cap. With the imminent arrival of the next mobile OS from Redmond there will be an even larger potential adversary.
Apple was allied with Microsoft against IBM when the Mac was first introduced. That is partially why apps like Excel appeared first on the Mac. Before that Microsoft made the Basic interpreter for the Apple ][.
This sort of statement causes considerable skepticism for many of us. I don't know what system is being used for the conversion but if there is a recurring cost per copy then someone should be fired. As someone else has noted several of these so-called costs are actually performed by $8 to $12 per hour employees. The numbers as they are presented are either poorly explained or just dishonest. Many of us don't have a background in publishing but we do know something about...
This takes the thesis to an absurd limit. All technology is a placeholder for future technology. The issue here seems to be the business model (rather than a technology issue) that all video is to be streamed without an option to purchase the content in disk format. Regardless of what Apple does or does not support there will be massive amounts of BluRay content produced just like there was for the previous DVD, Laserdisc, and VHS formats. Disabling access to this content...
Get EyeTV from Elgato for about $150. Their iPhone app will almost certainly be adapted for the iPad. There is no monthly charge and you can watch all the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS) in HD both live and recorded. It depends on being in a large city in most cases (to have all the networks on local stations) and a decent roof mounted TV. The best characteristic is that you have no monthly bill.
Bingo! You've nailed it! It wasn't an oversight or accident. It is the sort of bold move that it seems only Apple is willing to make, like they did with the original Mac and the iPhone. The only question is if the third time is even more of a charm or is it mighty Casey striking out? Based on the iPhone experience I think they will shock and mortify their geek detractors. My only concern about the device is how hot it might be to hold. You could fry an egg on the bottom of...
Hence the (alleged) complaint by Steve Jobs that Adobe engineers have been lazy. There is no legitimate reason Flash is such a pig except that they have not made the effort to improve their code. Other video formats perform well on Macs since QuickTime was introduced about 20 years ago. For example many movies and TV shows you watch are edited on Macs. For that matter the original professional video editing program was introduced on the Mac by Adobe: Adobe Premier.
Take a step back, a deep breath and consider the possibility that Apple is selling the device that they want to sell. It is possible that they feel that allowing for unrestricted multitasking leads to an inferior user experience (obviously I'm just guessing). If multitasking is a deciding issue for you then it is possible (likely?) that the iPhone is not the device for you. Confusion is a major issue for many people who can be smarter than either you or me but utterly...
I hate to do this but for the sake of propriety that should be: "Me too! Me too! Me too!"
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