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I own an iPad and iPod touch. That still doesn't solve the issue of being able to read iBooks on the Mac. Apple's failure to address this obvious omission is just embarrassing and an insult to Mac owners.
This may be crazy talk but I think it would be nice if Apple finally made it possible to read iBooks on the Mac. Amazon supports Kindle books on the Mac but Apple declines to support iBooks on the Mac. Go figure.
You have fallen victim to MacDonalds PR damage control. Try finding information about the whole issue of MacDonalds and coffee temperature that has not been spun by paid PR people. It is sad that paid liars tend to prevail because so much money is at their disposal.
Nonsense, of course the questions are relevant. The OP indicated he found Apple products lacking (iPhone and iPad) and suggested Apple should follow the lead of Samsung in choosing technology for future tablet products. Obviously there is nothing wrong with offering a suggestion but it is like suggesting to a race car driver that his engine is just rubbish and he should switch to one used by a competitor who is several laps behind. Eventually we expect a competitor's...
No, even with iOS 5.1 installed on my iPad I also get the infinite loop of authorization. It's a hack and it fails for many of us. Eventually I'll get an new iPad and I'll already have iPhoto purchased so it isn't a big deal (plus it is just $5).
It has a real Trompe-l'œil appearance to it. You know, like those scenes Wile E. Coyote would paint to fool the road runner but turned out to be real until Wile E. Coyote tried to follow. Pay no attention, I just biked too long today and am suffering from too much exertion.
Huh? That's the thing about nostalgia. It isn't what it used to be.
No, as irresponsible as lawmakers are they don't offer copyright on a four letter word. It is a trademark for a miserably failed product that has not been produced in about 10 years by a company that has failed and is bankrupt. On top of all that they sold the rights to their trademark and are only now whining that they wish they had charged a higher price because of the astounding success of a product that they, Proview, had nothing to do with its design or production. A...
Ha! Without incurring any wrath? I don't for a minute believe Apple would do anything so rash as pick up and move all production out of China. But Google did withdraw from China. If Apple took a hike (if it were even feasible), it seems like the fallout would be enormous. Frankly, the Apple shareholder lawsuits would be filed immediately and the arm twisting by politicians and trade officials would be extreme. It is already a very big deal that some production is on its...
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