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I'm slightly surprised he didn't mention that Apple TV is also an iOS device which also numbers in the millions and with the lower price might eventually have even higher volume. My guess is that Apple is holding off until there is an app store for Apple TV.
An iPod touch (which is really an iPod in name only, it is actually an iPhone without the data plan tax) has almost all the capability of an iPhone without a recurring bill of $100/month. It is brilliant of Apple to see they could make so much money selling to people who are happy to pay so much for the privilege of carrying such a capable mobile computing device with 3G as well as wifi access to the internet. But an iPod is really a smaller wifi iPad. It is also an almost...
If nothing else is accomplished, please learn basic spelling. The word is "RIDICULOUS". There is no 'E' in the spelling of ridiculous. That is all.
You seem to be stubbornly refusing to see the significance of screen size. I have an iPod touch and iPad. The ultra portability of the iPod touch is useful but there is no question that there are many activities are much more feasible on an iPad rather than the iPod. Claiming there is no difference is simply disingenuous.
While I think that might be a desirable situation, I've seen no evidence that it might be accurate. Is there anything other than anecdotal evidence that cable access is less important than indoor plumbing to any segment of the population? I enjoy using a little Roku device because it connects to a (shudder, horrors) analogue TV. But the superior interface to Plex on my iPad suggests to me that I would significantly prefer an Apple TV box which I plan to purchase soon and...
Exactly what I was going to point out. I suspect most iPhone users (and analysts who use iPhones) have no clue that an iPod touch has essentially all the capabilities of an iPhone except for access to an overpriced 3G network. As a result it is often overlooked in these analyses. You need wifi access to connect with the Internet but that is not a rare commodity. You can even make phone calls without that punishing monthly bill. It is Apple's secret weapon in the mobile OS...
Jailbreakers have a lot in common with some of those hackers from the 70's. I remember two of them were called Woz and Jobs. I heard their exploits eventually resulted in some pretty cool stuff. For those confused about what jail breaking does, it just gives the owner of an iDevice the same control as Mac users have had on their Macs for the past 27 years. This ain't exactly Bonny and Clyde we're talking about.
As a technical matter, Apple would not be able to call it a TV if it does not include a terrestrial OTA tuner. This was the result of a battle that was waged about a decade ago over how these big screen devices could be labeled. Without a tuner it had to be called a monitor. [WiFi in the screen device and a HDHomeRun device would allow local stations to be viewed with coax cable connected to the HDHomeRun device rather than the screen but the screen would still be a...
I know there is humor intended, but does anyone expect an Apple TV screen to be touch sensitive? The screen jockeys on news programs have their hands all over those giant screens but they have lackeys available to keep them cleaned.
At the start of the 20th century Argentina was far from being a poor country. The mystery is why its growth did not keep up with North America and Europe. Especially considering Europe suffered devastation in two world wars. I suppose if the government was too corrupt or meddlesome that could be part of the problem. I've never heard a good explanation.
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