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Nonsense, both the Apple Newton and the EO tablet came years before Microsoft lumbered into the tablet market.
Really, an experience center? Personally, I'm often amazed at how many purchases I see when I visit an Apple Store. Those stores are built to move product and from the anecdotal evidence that is what they do. For non-trivial purchases (hundreds of dollars) I don't see physical stores going extinct. Yes, I buy from Amazon sometimes (my first iPod touch 2G was a reconditioned unit from Amazon) but only because there was an Apple Store at a convenient distance for support.
Apple products can be purchased at more than 100,000 locations. The arrangement with Best Buy, Target, etc is the way Apple makes itself accessible more widely. The actual Apple Stores on the other hand appear to be about as successful as any retail operation has ever been. Messing with that formula would be risky and show ingratitude for the luck of apparently hitting on the magic formula the first time. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Please, it is ridiculous, not rediculous. I only bother because so many have this problem with ridiculous.
Ever since the $15/$30 per month 3G option for the iPad, I've thought a similar option for the iPod touch would be potentially more disruptive move than the original introduction of the iPhone. The low price mobile phone market dwarfs the segment of the market the iPhone competes in (see Asymco for the stats about China and other markets with huge potential).This is the sort of move that was out of reach when Apple first entered this market. They had a difficult enough...
Unbelievable, the iPhone owning users don't seem to know enough to give the iPod its proper respect. The main distinguishing characteristic of the iPhone and iPod touch is iOS and the wealth of apps that often, though not always, take advantage of an internet connection. The main characteristic that separates the iPhone and iPod touch is that the iPhone comes with a mandatory monthly bill of approximately $100 per month. I agree with the sentiment of this tweet from Tim...
This is beginning to sound like "What have the Romans done for us?" (see "Life of Brian"). Just for starters Microsoft makes massive profits every quarter and would make even more if they stopped burning money on losing products.
Well I haven't been ostracized recently so I'll take the risk here. This is quite unfair to Tallest Skil. First stuffe concluded his initial post with "Nope, I call BS." Hardly a modest question. ThirdPrize explained how the hack worked and stuffe claimed the explanation could not be correct. At that point Tallest Skil pointed to a plist that supported the explanation of ThirdPrize. Nothing more snark than "Guess you're wrong" It degenerated from there but all I read was a...
An important difference is one is an intel Mac running Mac OS X and the other is an iOS device running on an ARM processor. So, for instance, if you need to run a Windows program there is a solution for Mac Mini but not Apple TV. More generally any app that benefits from a mouse/keyboard interface fits on a Mac Mini but not so well on Apple TV.
The move from 3G to 3GS was huge from a hardware standpoint. The graphics chip in the 3GS enabled the use of OpenGL ES 2.0. That is crucial for 3D games and enables much better graphics performance in general. It is only missing in the original iPhone iPhone 3G and first generation iPod touch. That is largely why they aren't invited to the party. There seem to always be new and better sensors but other changes are incremental by comparison to that fundamental change in...
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