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The best new feature I can imagine for a revamped Apple wireless router would be to include an OpenVPN server. Of course Apple products all include VPN client software already but having a VPN server built into your home wireless router would make Apple's products less dependent on running a Mac or PC at home. Having a VPN server at your home means that whenever you are at a remote location you could use an encrypted tunnel to your home internet connection and all your...
Nonsense. You know that billion dollar data center Apple has been building? That is what they target for wifi sync. The Apple wifi sync will work even if you don't own a Mac or PC (for instance if you own multiple mobile devices like an iPod touch and iPad). Apple certainly had this planned before they started spending all that money building their first data center. The two products are vastly different. The similarities are all superficial. There is no legitimate case...
What most (all?) seem to be overlooking is that the Apple official app is fundamentally different from the student's app. The official app syncs with the owner's reference repository in Apple's cloud, not a repository on a local Mac or PC. The student's app couldn't do this because that infrastructure did not exist before iOS 5. If Apple had allowed the app it would have introduced significant confusion for customers who really don't want to think about and try to...
Hey, look! We have a new troll. Aren't filters wonderful?
"Every facet of its business." Free correction worth every penny charged.
Let's say a company bought 100 Macs and 2000 PCs in the previous year. If Mac sales increase 60% while PC sales increase 5%, then there were 60 more Macs and 100 more PC's sold in the current year. The percentage difference appears huge (60 >> 5) but 60 is less than 100. It is usually useful to look at percentages but let's not forget that the actual numbers tell an important story also.
Sure it could. Recall how the iPhone was released without any 3rd party apps, SDK's or demos. Apple would want to provide a clear direction with in house apps that set a standard for a new way to interact with a 'simple' TV remote. Training for a third interface paradigm (fourth if you include command line interface with mouse/keyboard, multitouch, and remote control or whatever the new one might be) could justify the added training time. Of course Microsoft has its media...
Try looking up 20th anniversary Mac on the Google. It was in recognition of Apple's 20th anniversary rather than the Mac's but it does exist.
What fantasy world do you currently live in? Nobody, and I mean nobody has a 20% price advantage on Apple in the iPad market. The only question currently is how hopelessly overpriced "competitive" devices are and how lame the software is. If a customer hates Apple I'm sure he will buy from a competitor just like there was a market for the Zune. How did that turn out for the true disbelievers?
Is the Nook (and Nook Color) really considered an Android tablet? Doesn't it have to be rooted in order to do much more than serve as a book reading device? I have seen some Kindles (also a tablet?) "in the wild" but Nooks I've only seen in B & N and Best Buy stores. Both have probably been sold in quantity but putting them in the same category as the iPad seems an unwarranted stretch.
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