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I dunno -- I've heard bad things about the bridge market -- I think it's about to collapse.
Kentucky did that a couple of years ago, and on a larger scale. Catch up Iowa!   http://www.electronista.com/articles/11/07/27/owensboro.first.to.get.macbook.air.in.schools/
  but it's not taking video input and sending it along, it's appears to the system as a video card. It requires drivers, etc. and then has different capabilities than the system's other video card...i.e. even though you might have some serious 3d acceleration on your main video card, this USB attached device probably won't.    This is probably not what Apple is doing, it looks the same, but functionally it's quite different.    Pin count doesn't really limit bandwidth. I...
  No, it can't. That's a display link device.
The ship date was already 2-3 weeks when I tried to add it to my order at 3:14...so they sold out of them 'lightning fast'. I understand the phone selling out, but not the cable, seems like that should be pretty easy to make in large volume and could have been entered into manufacturing quite a bit before the phones and ipods...
1080p, no way I'd shell out for that crap, it'll need to have at least a 2K camera, and pref a 4K cam at least as good as a current RED. Probably they'll revive some NeXT (and porsche) names and produce the iPhone 4S Turbo, and there will be rumors of a Nitro.
Well, I dunno, I often have my phone plugged in in the car, so it could push updates when on an external power source...
Certainly lack of volume, too diverse a product line, lack of planning and innovation (and thus market component scrambling) drive down the potential revenue on systems for these other makers, but, especially given < $1K pricing and low single digit % profits, how much does the M$ tax hurt them?
no, no you are not.
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