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 iTunes in 1999?  AI must've gone back in time before the iTunes store was created...     
    Um, isn't that an example of a "survey"?
Saw on macrumors forum to check http proxy setting for the network in question and make sure it is set to "Auto". Mine was off when I checked after upgrading. Works fine now.
I would surmise they just haven't quite figured out how to optimize battery efficiency after including 4G cell radio.   I recall the Q&A with Steve Ballmer at D8, and someone asked about improving the battery on windows products (laptops), b/c the 10 hours on the iPad was a huge competitive advantage, and will those products come soon?  Ballmer was emphatic when he said "yes".  Can't release a product that calls out this exchange.     
(Juvenile, I know...)
Determining data usage for the top 5% is a dynamic and challenging problem. I surmise that all people's billing cycles are different, and that the volume of data usage changes over time (either in a pattern such as week vs. weekend and/or increasing as more people are using smartphones). My naivety is speaking here, but it seems that one could be in top 5% one minute and out the next. It would be interesting to see more details on how they do this, plus example...
Sorry. I must've missed the day they taught forum posting etiquette. <\\sarcasm> But honestly, I believe anyone who reads these boards is very well informed and would've taken the post as (an attempt) at humor
Did Apple partnered with Nokia?
It does sound big Brother-ish. And I think Apple actually feels the same way, given the application they just denied.http://news.cnet.com/8301-27076_3-20...?tag=cnetRiver
This is not iPad specific, but I wonder what the effect of a cloud-based MobileMe is going to have on these data caps and user's usage. I rarely go over 400MB per month, but with MM supposedly being our digital locker, these data caps will not suffice with the myriad of way to connect with my content. I surmise Apple and the telcos have discussed this, but I'm could be blissfully ignorant too.
New Posts  All Forums: