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Based on my own observations at my company, one possible bias is that most folk who have macs are far more savvy than my windows colleagues, even for the simpler things.  They know what they want out of a computer, and macs are their choice.   I happen to use both for work (90% MacBook Pro, 10% Lenovo).  And my experience mirrors what IBM is reporting...I have very little trouble with my buttery-smooth and stable mac, but the higher-end windows machine is a nightmare.
One more thing....   Samsung Music will be announced.
100 million is quite a lofty number.  I would guess that's a year-end goal.   I love Apple, but this would really have to differentiate in some way for me to sign up.   One thing that would get my money is if this streaming service included movies and/or shows.  Kind of a Spotify+Netflix combo.  Apple has the connections, so it seems reasonable.  Also, family accounts would be nice.    
 iTunes in 1999?  AI must've gone back in time before the iTunes store was created...     
    Um, isn't that an example of a "survey"?
Saw on macrumors forum to check http proxy setting for the network in question and make sure it is set to "Auto". Mine was off when I checked after upgrading. Works fine now.
I would surmise they just haven't quite figured out how to optimize battery efficiency after including 4G cell radio.   I recall the Q&A with Steve Ballmer at D8, and someone asked about improving the battery on windows products (laptops), b/c the 10 hours on the iPad was a huge competitive advantage, and will those products come soon?  Ballmer was emphatic when he said "yes".  Can't release a product that calls out this exchange.     
(Juvenile, I know...)
Determining data usage for the top 5% is a dynamic and challenging problem. I surmise that all people's billing cycles are different, and that the volume of data usage changes over time (either in a pattern such as week vs. weekend and/or increasing as more people are using smartphones). My naivety is speaking here, but it seems that one could be in top 5% one minute and out the next. It would be interesting to see more details on how they do this, plus example...
Sorry. I must've missed the day they taught forum posting etiquette. <\\sarcasm> But honestly, I believe anyone who reads these boards is very well informed and would've taken the post as (an attempt) at humor
New Posts  All Forums: