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Done!! 32g Space Gray Available to ship: 1 - 3 business days Delivers: Sep 30 - Oct 2 Right afterwards I went to gazelle and I am actually getting $15 more than what I just spent, even after taxes. LOVE gazelle. Not sure if it's allowed or not, but if you are thinking of doing the same, if you use this link it throws a few bucks my way too. http://gazelle.extole.com/a/clk/1J7HQM. Moderators, if this isn't allowed, just edit this out. I have to say, this is the FIRST...
  Because our jobs actually require us to txt a lot to people that are not family nor on AT&T.  I have to say though that since iMessage the # of actual SMS have dropped significantly, but not enough to switch to the lower 200 plan.  Her dad at $5 is just the average cost of his monthly txt, he's not actually on a plan, we just pay per txt for his phone.
Damn, still cut-off...   In short, current bill $284.97, with the 6GB plan $245, or the 10GB plan $260.  Plus the more devices the better the value gets.  At first glance the plan seemed ridiculous, but taking the time and really calculating it out, it makes sense, at least for us.
Bummer in cut off the bottom part....   Here...   Plan   Smart Cost Dumb Cost Tablet Cost SP DP Tab Total 6GB Plan 90 35 30 10 3 1 2 245 10GB Plan 120 30 30 10 3 1 2 260
Believe it or not, is will actually make sense for us to finally switch off of our Unlimited plans on our iPhones.  But as someone stated, you need to have a lot of devices, which we do.  In our family, we have two iPads, three iPhone 4s' and a dumb phone for dad.  Here is the spreadsheet on how I calculated it out.  I checked our data usage and the 6GB or 10GB will work for the family, and all of currently use iTunes Match to stream...
I'm searching to get a perfect 11" MacBook air case for me. What I am looking for is a case that is slim, but can also hold the power adaptor without adding too much bulk. Closer to a sleeve,the better and if I could slide an iPad in with it by the hair of its chinny chin chin, the better. Closest thing I have found so far is a timbuk2. Anyone found my perfect bag, case, sleeve yet?
Does anyone know if this G.SKILL memory is compatible with the 2011 iMac's? Model: F3-10666CL9D-8GBRL Link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820231311
I see the new 21.5" iMacs have the new Thunderbolt port, but can I get one of Apple's Mini-Display port to DVI adaptors and hook up a second monitor to the iMac? I'm struggling between a MacBook Air & an iMac for my next purchase, this might just be the deal breaker, I understand you can do this with the MBA, correct?
Just curious if there is any difference between the iBooks and Kindle version, such as color illustrations or what not? If not, I'll probably buy the Kindle version since I can read it on any device, even though I usually have my iPad with me most of the time.
I still love that program, but it's been deprecated. So, I just use Handbrake and use the Built-In Apple TV presets. But I use MDRP to rip everything and then do batch encoding's when ripping multiple features, as ripping then bulk encoding is easier (to me at least), than letting HB do both ripping and converting.
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