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Has anyone come across a nice wall mount for a 46" Flat Panel that would also have a small shelf or some way to mount the Apple TV (2) along with it? I don't want to mount it behind the TV since the IR Remote won't function and I don't want just to flat mount it to the wall, again, cause the IR remote won't have line of site. I don't mind using the iPhone/iPad remote app, but the wife hates it and refuses to use it, wants the five button silver remote. Don't ask, I...
I AGREE!!!!!! That is the ONLY thing that is holding off me purchasing one. I'm still holding on to my old 15" MBP until the Air gets backlit keyboards, then I'm all over the new laptop!
I'm happy, finally fixed the one major bug I was having. When using Outlook 2011 and hitting reply, it would not show the reply txt of the e-mail. Killed my ability to use my laptop for work at home. I have other machines, so not a big deal, but it's nice to have that fixed and now I'm happily chugging along on my MBP again. At first I hated the scrolling, but I seem to have adapted pretty well, with the wrong direction every once and a while now.
OK, I believe all of you saying this is a problem and you are pissed and Apple should recall or give you a refund. In the wake of them deciding what to do, please DM me with your contact info and I'll be happy to take your "Defective" phone off your hands, because I was one of the unlucky ones not able to get in on the Pre-Order due to AT&T's overworked servers. I am willing to take one for the team and buy your phone from you so I don't have to wait until the middle...
YUP, getting the exact same error.
My wife and I have quite an extensive iTunes library, with both music and purchased TV Shows / Movies. We have also moved almost to a complete mobile platform, I have a MBP and she has a MB. Problem is, our iTunes library is so huge it won't fit on each of our laptops (and I even upgrade my MBP to a 320GB drive). Seeing as iTunes wants to have the files local to sync with each of our iPhones, this poses a problem. I was wondering if there was any way with Leopard...
Does anyone know if the Led Zeppelin tunes are going to be in iTunes Plus? I don't so care about the DRM (I'm one of the few who don't), but I would love to get them at 256k! Thanks!
I love AI, read it almost daily, but a short time ago pop unders for Netflix and AE have started happening when visiting the site. I understand that the board is free and have no problems with the advertising at the top and on the side bars, but the pop unders REALLY annoy me. Again AI, you provide a GREAT service and I appreciate everything you offer for free and believe you should have advertising, but can you make it just a little less obnoxious? Pweease? \
@bikertwin MS for the Mac dead? That's why their revenue increased 72% for Mac Office compared to whatever it was, like 18% for the Windows platform. Not sure what business you are in, but when a unit of my business increases sales/revenue by 72%, I like it.
No they don't, and I hope they don't. I work in the corporate world and NO ONE is going to replace Office with iWork in the Corporate World. While us on the Mac's can read/write Office Docs no problem, the same can not be said in reverse about iWork and PeeCee's. If MS drops MS Office, then I loose my ability to use my MacBook Pro at work, which would make me ENTIRELY not happy. Yes, I still use Parallel's for my Outlook/Exchange connectivity, and yes, the current...
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