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The new map app is already much better in my area. My street, and many others in my neighbourhood, is mislabeled on google maps and a search for the name places it 200 km away. I just wish Apple used used open street map data here, instead of tomtom, which seems less up to date.
Was that so hard?
or maybe he did?
Your whole life fits on a handful of colour tiles?
Just change the name. Not that big of deal.
Am I the only one that mourns the loss of the preferences sync in MobileMe? I remember just recently seeing a comoany wide q & a Steve Jobs did after apple's purchase of next, where he describes sitting down at any machine, logging in and have it be 'his' machine. The best part of .mac and later MobileMe was to sit down at someone's Mac, make a user account and within minutes have it behave like all my other macs. I think iCloud already syncs at least one folder in the...
you gotta give those 'clueless morons' credit for blackmailing the mighty google into paying 12 billion dollars for a mostly money losing company though. They might be inept at building tablets, but that was well played, don't you think?
That's as far as I got too, before i dismissed the rumour.
I hope you're joking. Adobe had since 2007 to read the writing on the wall. I'm just curious who explained it to them...
I think among the early 'prior art' you would find 'apple data detectors' built into system 8 (maybe even earlier - system 7.6 pro?) and probably the basis of this patent. Just because it's obvious now doesn't mean it wasn't an original concept at one point.
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