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Anybody know, is Flesky optimized for iPad as well or do you have to run it at 2x? And is the number row included or only available as an extension (in app purchase.) Love Swiftkey but it is kinda slow to invoke numbers. Thanks in advance.
"Google Maps is a good solution for many, their maps work very well, but it has looked the same and done the same for a long time." Um, no, and that's the problem with Google Maps: the interface keeps changing with such frequent updates, it's a real pain having to keep figuring out how it works.
That option only appears if the image in question acts as a link to a separate page, such as to view full size. If it's just a static image you don't get that.
Wow, it's been so long now, I can't remember there ever having been an option Copy Image Address in iOS. Always have to go to my Mac for that, a real PITA. Wish Apple would address this issue... sorry.
Well I'm on an iPad 3 and opted for an Otterbox Defender case rather than extended Apple Care. Plus my old Mac is no longer compatible with iOS so I can't back up and restore (not that I'd really want to bother with all that, especially as last time the process ultimately failed and I lost a lot of stuff.)Anyway, last night as I was watching a trailer for What We do in the Shadows on YouTube, Siri suddenly interrupted the action to say, "Sorry, I didn't quite get that."
Yeah, too bad there is no Portrait Mode orientation with the Brydge (because Instagram.) Logitech makes a pretty decent Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad Air. Not all the bells and whistles as the Brydge but does support Portrait and just over $50 after shipping.
I selected Male, the voice sounded more natural to me. For some reason the Female is still very synthetic in American English.
I thought Siri was much improved in iOS 8 but after the last update it's really FUBAR. No longer respends to "Hey Siri," and when I manually woke him up to ask "What are your new features?" the reply was "Here's what I can do now:" And that was it.
Same problem on my iPad 3, even after update. Guess this is what is being refered to as the "text selection bug."Overall responsiveness still terribly lacking.iOS 8 sucks donkey balls.
From this article, as has been mentioned previously: "GTAT was unable to create sapphire at the 262-kilogram boule size that it had originally agreed to produce." Sorry if this has been discussed before, I must have missed it. What would the dimensions be of such a boule? Can't help wondering how big a sheet of sapphire might be produced from one of these...
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