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Phil didn't mention how much this new thinner iPad weighs. The first iPad Air was just about a pound, right? And what is the difference between the new [rear facing] camera on the iPad Air 2 and that of the iPhone 6?
Funny but just a few weeks ago I noticed something different about my iPad but couldn't put my finger on it right away. Finally It dawned on me that the status bar read LTE rather than 4G. There had been no prior announcement that LTE was coming to this hick town in upstate NY and to date the coverage map does not indicate that we have it. But even the two lousy bars of reception I get gives me download speeds of 24Mbps and uploads about half that, woohoo!
Anybody know whether Safari for iOS 7 will enable full screen on the iPad? Thanks.
Funny but I received the same notification on my iPad LTE from AT&T, but my Notification settings remain unchanged. Huh?
This movie will never be released, it will have to escape.
The really big snafu was that after updating the Evernote app from an iDevice and changing passwords, sign-in failed. The password change was effectively recorded though because the website would recognize it and allow sign-in, just the app gave an error notice. Deleting and re-installing the app fixed it, but some users reported data loss. I didn't lose any of mine, but then I had an earlier version of Evernote in my old iPad so maybe it just synced from there, dunno.
Funny but I tried this out on my 2005 PPC eMac and it did not write any data to disk, just consumed RAM.
"Available on OS X, Windows and Linux, the untethered hack allows users to jailbreak their devices without having to connect to a computer." Wrong again. The jailbreak itself requires connection to a computer. It is "untethered" in that a jail broken device need not be reconnected to a computer thereafter to reboot. I think everybody knows that.
She said on her iPad.
"It comes with its own app, which also allows users to dump content from an iPad or iPhone's internal storage directly to the drive. That's not going to work for content purchased through iTunes, but it will work for things like photos and videos taken with the device." According to one review on Amazon, getting content from iTunes to the Seagate is as simple as a drag and drop.
New Posts  All Forums: