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Um... Mossberg writes for the WSJ, not the NYTimes, everybody.
Didn't Amazon actually sell more eBooks during the holiday season than they did in print? Pretty sure I heard that like on Marketplace. Also, more eBooks have been DLd to the iPhone and iPod Touch than to any other devices. I would suspect that at a starting price of $500, the iPad won't be a Kindle killer, but it will certainly eat into sales of the $490 DX version.
Came across this item from the BBC in Google News. Control-clicking the Flash presentation revealed a selection "BBC Media PLayer." Never saw that before, is this something new in the USA? Reason I ask is because usually Flash sucks on my old eMac, but this piece played flawlessly, even full screen it looked high-def. Now if only the Beeb would make iPlayer available here too!
@nondual: Glims is a great little utility for Safari that will allow you to search from the menubar. It also enables kiosk mode and a whole bunch of other nifty features. Also, I wouldn't be too concerned about inactive memory. Maybe someone here can correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding is that it is really more "free" than "used." Rather, it is memory that has been used, but continues to be reserved for active applications but may be taken by any application...
Anyone else notice how on the display in the picture "more" is cut off on the bottom? Can't imagine something as sloppy as that showing up on an Apple product, especially on a publicity photo. Just another example of MicroSoft's fine inattention to detail.
Really I think the upshot of these ads will be to get a lot of consumers who never before even considered purchasing a Mac to become curious about them. Thanks for the publicity M$!
I don't get it-- wasn't one of the purposes of using aluminum in the MacBooks to make them recyclable? Can't imagine it is too easy to recycle carbon fiber laminates! But in something small like an iPod/iPhone it could make sense, were the finished product to be more impact and scratch resistant.
Don't most historic preservation rules apply only to the exterior of buildings? In which case there would be little justification for preserving what really looks, from the outside, like a cheap motel. IMNSHO. Ironically, were Jobs allowed to replace that white elephant with the house of his dreams, Woodside would likely end up with an architectural/environmental marvel. But nooooo...
The other day I was in New York's Apple Store on west Fourteenth Street. Most of the Macs on display had had parental controls activated so that users could only access a limited group of web sites-- and apparently with the more popular models having greater restrictions. I inquired of the sales clerk who pounced on me if this was Apple's new policy. She said yes, to which I rudely replied, "New policy of treating their customers like children?" Of course she explained...
Goldman Sachs just lost two billion for the quarter.
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